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I'm not sure what value all this has since none of it is anything more than fourth-hand whispers that happen to end up on a verified twitter account or—ugh—random sports talk radio, but the thing to do at the moment appears to be "collect and relate various Harbaugh related items," so here are various Harbaugh-related items.

We have the wobbly Schefter report and the all but certainly worthless Big Lead post already mentioned. Also:

Positive: NFL Network reporter (and OSU alum who irritatingly uses "the") Albert Breer has a couple tweets indicating the supposed Ballke hire would be bad for the 49ers in their pursuit of Harbaugh:

Hearing front-office structure/GM is vital to landing Jim Harbaugh for NFL teams. And that could put Baalke's candidacy in peril with 49ers. Basically, if the Niners really want Harbaugh, might have to pass on Baalke. We'll see. Either way, who the GM is, is very important to JH.

All that said, Michigan's still a very viable option for Harbaugh. I don't think there are many NFL jobs better than that one.

Negative: Schefter tweets

Worth noting: Jim Harbaugh does not have blind loyalty to Michigan. He still remembers being bypassed for Mich QB coaching job in 2002.

…wait, what? Because Lloyd Carr didn't hire Harbaugh in 2002 he wouldn't be the head coach, thereby getting the ultimate-I'm-nailing-your-ex revenge on Carr? There was a different AD, different coaching staff, and now the current guy is a former teammate of his who escorted Carr out the door earlier this year. If Brandon asks, the fact that someone else didn't want him to be QB coach doesn't seem like it would play a factor.


Schefter also expanded on that NFL feeling from the twitters on the four letter, and it was transcribed by the News:

"Now, there is a real feeling around the league he would prefer be in the NFL, but it will have to be a situation and an organization that is aligned in a way Jim Harbaugh wants it to be, and if that's the case then maybe he makes the jump to go to San Francisco, but Michigan is clearly interested and is making his decision difficult."

Schefter believes Harbaugh's decision could come as early as the middle of the week. Stanford is scheduled to return to Palo Alto, Calif., by 8 p.m. Detroit time on Tuesday.

"I would say sometime 24 hours after that we should be able to get a decision on whether Jim Harbaugh will be leaving Stanford to go to the NFL or whether Jim Harbaugh will be going to Michigan," Schefter said. "All along, we've said Michigan is in play and it would be up to an NFL team to convince him not to go to Ann Arbor and make it worth his while to prevent him from going to the college ranks, and that's exactly what's going to happen.

"If there's an NFL team out there, a la, the 49ers that can come with a compelling enough offer and make it worth his while, then he's going to the NFL."

Kirk Herbstreit said the opposite as the college and NFL guys displayed their biases. A "feeling around the league" is about as worthwhile as a feeling from Ann Arbor, because NFL guys can't think of anything else they'd rather do up to and including see their children.

Positive: On 97.1 this afternoon, Doug Karsch asserted that "two very connected sources" within the athletic department said that if offered the job, Harbaugh would come and that if he doesn't it's because Michigan didn't offer the job, something no one believes will happen. This is the Ann Arbor version of "feeling around the league."



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I wasn't here at this time last year or the previous year, and I know some people wanted harbaugh at those times, but it wasn't this crazy was it? It never blew up THIS much did it? This is taking "CC" to a whole new level isn't it?


January 3rd, 2011 at 7:11 PM ^

There was no CC talk a year ago.  We knew RR would be the coach in 2010.  The difference now is that our AD clearly left the door open after the OSU game, when he refused to endorse RR.  This isn't fan-driven.  Fans are simply taking note of the fact that the AD is very likely to make a change.


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got a shout out from Doug Karash today at 4:13pm on WKRK 97.1FM Detroit.  He quoted from the original post here and mentioned "MGoBlog" by name. 

Mike Vellenti was reading word for word some of the original and replys.  Terry Foster quoted from a different thread. 

This is a testament to the Ops here and the members who follow and post on MGoBlog.


January 3rd, 2011 at 9:03 PM ^

Can someone please do an analysis of recent Mgoblog activity and get us some nifty bell charts, graphs and spreadsheets that tell us the following:

* At what time of the day do we normally have CC outbreaks?

* When do they peak in terms of crazed content?

* When does the outbreak typically subside?

I think if we all had this information (in typical over-the-top MGoblog Diary form), then we would all be much more productive at work and know when to block out times in our calendars to focus on Michigan (and not our jobs).  

As Michigan Alums, we know that we are vital to the US economy.  With that in mind, I am posting this open request to our MGo-Brothers and Sisters to step up and give us the information we need to help drive the economy while obsessing over the real issue at hand - our new head coach.