Preview: Spring Game

Submitted by Brian on April 16th, 2010 at 11:06 AM

michigan-logoThe Essentials

WHAT Michigan v. Michigan
WHERE Michigan Stadium
WHEN 1 PM, April 16th 2010
THE LINE Fun –7!
TELEVISION BTN live stream (2.99) or
BTN tape delay @ 8 PM
WEATHER 40 degrees at 8 AM warming to about 47 by game time. Windy, slight chance of rain.
Michigan has a dossier of information here. The important stuff:
  • Michigan's lots are open and free to the public, but the golf course is closed and Pioneer is charging thirty bucks.
  • Stadium gates at 10 AM.

With the weather looking slightly nasty, parking probably won't be a problem.

Assorted Activities

Locker Room Tours: Friday 6:30-8 PM and Saturday 7-9:30 AM.

Alumni Flag Football Game: 11 AM start at Michigan Stadium

Softball vs Northwestern: 6 PM @ Alumni Field, also 3 PM Sunday.

Men's Lacrosse v. Purdue: 7 PM @ Oosterbaan Fieldhouse.

Men's Tennis vs Notre Dame: Noon Sunday.

Michigan Run Defense vs. Michigan

Uh… how about…

A General Philosophy For Watching This Thing

Other than "have a good time with the closest thing to football you'll see in months": paradoxically, you'll probably learn the most by observing the players you've already seen a lot of, because those players will be going up against other Michigan players you don't know anything about and you'll have a baseline to compare them against. Unfortunately, there aren't a whole lot of one-on-one matchups that promise to put an experienced player up against a noob, especially if they don't run ones versus ones. If and when they do:

  • Taylor Lewan is likely to be blocking a blitzing Craig Roh, Ryan Van Bergen, or Greg Banks.
  • Troy Woolfolk will probably be locked up on an inexperienced wide receiver much of the time he's out there (if he's out there much at all).
  • Will Campbell will contend with a couple of guards who we've seen play.
  • Experienced tight ends will be going up against Michigan's new spurs and recently deployed linebacker Craig Roh.

Other than that, I'll be doing what most people will: anxiously attempting to see Denard Robinson's rumored improvement, trying to figure out what's up with Justin Turner, doing a hype check on everyone named Gordon, and hoping like hell the first defense seems tough to run against and not particularly prone to giving up the big play. Seeing the 3-3-5 in extended action will be interesting, as well. Also there's that Devin Gardner guy and the tailback war.

There's plenty to check out this year, which will be fun tomorrow and paralyzingly fear-inducing for UConn. A roundup and impressions post of epic length will naturally appear in this space on Monday.



April 16th, 2010 at 4:46 PM ^

Did they give you one of those stupidass MOXI boxes? If so, you can probably give them a call and get a different box. I know this because when I first moved in, they gave me one of those too, and I called up and bitched them out and they told me I could go to the nearest branch and they'd give me a Motorola box (which I did, and it's much better).

So basically they're trying to dump those shitty MOXI boxes on people and hope they don't complain. You stay classy, Charter. Anybody who complains about Comcast (which sucks too, don't get me wrong) should know that it gets much, MUCH worse.


April 16th, 2010 at 2:22 PM ^

I too have charter as my only choice and although I do get the BTN, I am also promised that twice a month all the channels will freeze on a still frame for about 12 hours. I missed the osu vs LSU NC game because of that piss poor monopoly of a cable provider. They also are refusing to pick up the NFL network, which is free on most other cable providers.


April 16th, 2010 at 3:37 PM ^

trying to get a group of guys to come out to the game, but so far everyone seems to be backin out. Might just have to watch it on the BTN...


How are you getting ready to beat tOolSU?