Patrice Rene Checks Out Michigan

Submitted by Brandon Brown on June 14th, 2014 at 9:14 PM

Haitian-born and Canadian-raised 2016 CB/S Patrice Rene (Peterborough, ON/St. Peter's) has taken an unconventioanl route to becoming a coveted football prospect, but now that he's been identified, he's camping and peforming like everyone else to earn offers. He participated in the Sound Mind Sound Body camp in Detroit over the weekend and checked out Michigan's campus once it was over. Rene had great things to say about his trip to Ann Arbor.

It went really well! I enjoyed every second of it. I saw the whole campus, all of the facilities, and even The Big House. It was an overall great experience. I was able to speak with Coach Hoke, Coach Mallory, and Coach Manning. They are all very impressed with me and are willing to offer, but they want to see a bit more film now since they are looking at me as a corner or possibly a safety. I think personally, I'd like to play corner at the next level. 

Rene's recruitment has been made difficult by the fact that he plays north of the border, but that will change in August, as he's moving into the US for a chance at more exposure.

It has been a little tough getting recruited being in Canada, but this season I will be attending Episcopal High School in Virginia to better my recruitment and help me develop for the next level. My parents, coach, and I evaluated the option and it was the best fit. Episcopal has great academics and a decent football program. Also, a lot of schools that are recruiting me know that school already.

The schools that Rene referred to are familiar foes who will be competing with Michigan for his services. One being Ohio State who offered Rene over the weekend.

Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan State are all familiar with that area and I thought that would be good for me. Ohio State just offered and that is a big offer! I've been talking to them for a while now. I've built a solid relationship with the coaches so I've been blessed to be offered by them. 

Rene mentioned that the Michigan coaches have already talked to him about a potential offer and it too would be a big one for his personal list.

An offer from Michigan would also mean a lot. I've been a Michigan fan for a long time. For right now though I honestly don't have any favorites. I'm open to any school willing to recruit me but Michigan would definitely be a school that I'd strongly consider. I'm very confident that I will be offered by them, I'm not worried. They'll be at my games and recruiting me hard they said, so yeah, I think it's coming.

I couldn't help but take note of Rene's one-of-a-kind upbringing that likely will have him playing football somewhere in the Big Ten so I asked him if it was realistic that he could travel from Haiti, to Canada, to Virginia, to Michigan, and he answered with a laugh, "That is a strong possibility."

Obviously Rene will have to be offered by the Wolverine staff before that can become a real possibility, but based on everything he told me and the way his visit went I think it's only a matter of time before that happens. At 6'2" and 190 lbs. Rene has the exact build that the Michigan coaches love in the secondary, whether it's at corner or safety. It sounds like the coaches are just waiting to see which spot they'd prefer him at before an offer materializes.



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I saw he was from Peterborough I immediately thought of the arborough games. Hopefully those are still going on and he has wanted to come to Ann Arbor for a long time. Always helps when the kid is a mich can as well.


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You guys should a make a section for posts like this. I'm sure a lot of people are into it, but when the front page consistently has posts about guys that have "interest" but are so far out in the recruiting process, it kind of takes away the point of the front page, for me anyway. At this point these guys are total crapshoots and I'm usually looking for more substantiated stuff on the front page since I'm not on the site 24/7... maybe that's just me though. 


June 15th, 2014 at 5:39 PM ^

I hate when that happens.


Right now we have a Block M flag being at a soccer match, a commit from a former verbal commit to a soon to be former rival, a World Cup thread, a father's day posbang thread, a transfer of a quarterback to a new B1G team which is terrible, a thread about Chuck Noll passing away (sad but not pertaining to Michigan), another World Cup thread, a Mega Millions thread. There are actuallly a few threads that actually pertain to Michigan. Yet you think an actual recruiting story should be segregated from the board on a recruiting blog.


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The kid lives about 20 mins from me. I've seen him numerous times in person play. Sometimes it's hard to see exactly how good a kid is here in Canada due to competition, but this kid is the real deal. Would love to see an offer extended his way.