One Frame At A Time: Ohio State, Part One

Submitted by Ace on February 8th, 2013 at 1:28 PM

So, Tuesday's classic Ohio State game produced 28 gifs. Those who watched the game should not be surprised by this fact. They'll be split up into two posts today, and starting today there's going to be a new feature: gif rankings. The gifs from each game will be ranked in a completely arbitrary order of greatness by my choosing. There will also be a reader poll pitting the winner against the winner of the previous game's post to determine the reigning gif champ. Without further ado, here's this week's number one, and oh my goodness it is amazing:



Obviously, the guy who thanks the heavens is the star attraction, but this isn't a one-man show. There's the guy just above Rapture Guy getting nearly as emotional. There's overalls girl unleashing a primal wolf-howl. There's the girl in front wearing a "Even LeBron Hates Ohio" shirt—though, unfortunately, not the MGoApproved version.

But really, it's all about Rapture Guy. Nik Stauskas has just hit a go-ahead three late in regulation, and this makes him happier than I've ever been in my entire life. That is not a sad statement, because he has reached the pinnacle of happiness. You can actually witness the exact moment when every bad feeling he's ever had in his entire life is expelled towards the heavens, leaving only pure joy and a deep, deep love for Michigan basketball. I envy this man, and I salute him.

[After THE JUMP, the rest of the game's top ten gifs, and your chance to vote on a winner so obvious that this better be unanimous.]

Okay, so the formatting is a little funky since we want the best gif up top, but are now putting the rest of the list in reverse order. Whatever. As always, click the still to open the animated gif in a lightbox. Also, I couldn't pick just ten. I would be a terrible Bleacher Report writer.


While his level of play may indicate otherwise, Mitch McGary: still very much a freshman.

OBLIGATORY BIG PUPPY COMMENT: His ears totally perked up. He is still a giant puppy.

10. The Eventual Game-Winner

Game-winning shots lose a little of their drama when they come with over four minutes left, but that's a mighty impressive shot nonetheless.

9. Just Another Burke-To-GRIII Alley-Oop

This is routine, which is why this is the most enjoyable team to watch in the country.

8. Fighting Through Contact

Yeah, that shouldn't be possible, and Deshaun Thomas knows it.

7. Five The Hardaway

Hardaway's ridiculous second-half barrage in one handy gif.

6. Stepback SWAG

Sure, the shot is great, but turning 270 degrees to troll the Ohio State bench? Incredible. That's next-level awareness, guys.

5. Craft Denied, Part One

Who's the defensive specialist now? Oh, wait, still Craft, because Trey Burke is good at offense.

4. Craft Denied, Part Two

Was it a foul? Maybe. After OSU was gifted five free points and Craft got away with a clear flagrant, do I give any of the naughty words? No. No I don't.

3. Sad Craft

Schadenfreude: still delicious.

2. Denard/Kovacs Maize Rage Spectacularrr

Everything about this is great, and then you see what Jordan Kovacs is wearing—a winged construction helmet, football gloves, AND A "CRONIN'S CRONIES" T-SHIRT, which, like, my god. It's beautiful:

Never leave. Both of you.

1. Rapture Guy

You've seen the original at the top of the post. It is an unquestioned number one. Unless...

Ye gods, he's right:


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February 8th, 2013 at 4:23 PM ^

I think it's awesome how after Burke sends in the alley-oop in #9, he jumps again when GRIII goes to slam it down, kind of like he subconsciously trying to help it in or something like that. Not that Light Rob needed the help.


February 8th, 2013 at 4:31 PM ^

One more great thing about rapture GIF is the guy right behind Rapture Guy who looks normal until he makes a last second turn of his head to reveal he's got half of his face painted blue.


February 8th, 2013 at 4:32 PM ^

Side note about Denard and Kovacs.  From what I saw, it originally looked like they were going to sit in the section where they (and other football players like Lewan and Ryan) sit during the game, which is behind the basket, like section 132 or something like that.  But then Hoke (who was at the game as well) started yelling at them to go stand with the students.  So they went to the studnet section instead.

El Jeffe

February 8th, 2013 at 4:56 PM ^

I also like that Rapture Guy has a semi-doppelganger--in the upper left corner with the "Hail" shirt and white mock turtleneck. They sound their barbaric yawps in exactly the same way about a second before the gif recycles.

Just great stuff.


February 9th, 2013 at 3:52 AM ^

I voted "Other", for THJ's swatting of Craft's desperation drive, because I'm a fool but more so because I love to have the proof THAT IT WASN'T A FOUL.  SRSLY, where is the foul? Body? Nope, Craft if anything goes under THJ as THJ's body comes "around" Craft.  Arm contact?  Nope.  Craft delivered to ball pretty much directly to THJ's forearm and if THJ got any part of Craft's hand, which maybe, it was minor and was after the fact that the ball was stolen away.  Also, the way the .gif is frozen on my screen (before I click on it to play it), the screenshot perfectly shows that THJ pretty much got all ball, again as Craft brought the ball up into THJ's "grasp"/forearm.