One Frame At A Time: Notre Dame Past Comment Count

Ace September 7th, 2013 at 3:41 PM

Hey, Butch Woolfolk, are you excited for the game tonight?

Agreed, Butch. How do you feel about it being the last Michigan-Notre Dame home game for the foreseeable future?

We're on the same wavelength, Butch.

[If you're wondering "why?" those are from the intros to the '81 ND game. For many more GIFs from Notre Dame games of the past, hit THE JUMP.]

As always, click the stills to open each GIF in a lightbox.


Anthony Carter's pair of touchdown catches spearheaded a 25-7 victory over then-#1 Notre Dame. The Irish would go on to finish 5-6, their first losing season since 1963.



They went for it all...

Michigan 24, Notre Dame 14, Desmond Howard's Heisman Campaign +∞


Remy Hamilton's game-winning kick gave Michigan a 26-24 triumph at Notre Dame Stadium. Yes, Michigan fans rushed the field despite there being time on the clock and it being the other team's stadium, which... well done, guys. Before Remy's kick, however, Michigan needed a miracle pass from Todd Collins—in the process of being sacked—to Seth Smith, who dove out of bounds to stop the clock with :07 left and set up the field goal.

Hamilton's kick gets not one, but two angles.


He knew he struck it true.


Despite losing three fourth-quarter fumbles in their own territory, Michigan eked out a 21-14 win in large part due to this Tommy Hendricks interceptions of Ron Powlus in the end zone.

Ron Powlus did not win two Heismans. Nor did he win one.


Michigan put on an absolute clinic in their 38-0 beatdown of Notre Dame, to the point where most of the "highlights" are short Chris Perry touchdown runs. Those make for rather boring GIFs, so I give you Lee Corso's Gameday prediction and, well, attempt at striking the pose.

His form improved slightly in 2011. Slightly.


Michigan destroyed Brady Quinn's Heisman hopes, starting with Prescoss Burgess's pick-six to open the scoring...

...continuing with Mario Manningham's three first-half touchdown catches...

...and capped off by LaMarr Woodley returning Quinn's Yakety Sax moment for a touchdown:

The natives were not pleased.

Your final: Michigan 47, Notre Dame 21.


This was Notre Dame's version of Michigan's 2008 season. True freshman Jimmy Clausen did not have a good day in a 38-0 loss, coughing up this fumble twice, essentially...

...and later getting sacked by all four of Michigan's defensive linemen. At once.

Notre Dame's line that year was atrocious, obviously. I'd feel sorry for Jimmy Clausen if he was anybody but Jimmy Clausen.


Tate Forcier's fourth-down keeper against Cover 0 was perhaps his greatest moment as a Wolverine.

If that wasn't it, then his game-winner to Greg Mathews is probably at the top of the list.

Michigan won a dramatic 38-34 game. Miss you big guy xoxo.


"Shoelaces flopping in the wind."

Denard's late touchdown run would give Michigan another insane last-minute win, this one by a 28-24 margin.


"Oh, wide open."

That set up this gorgeous game-winner to Roy Roundtree.

Yes, Don Criqui, he was in.

Also from this game: Denard turns tragedy into triumph, fade to Gallon, broadcast angle of Robinson-to-Roundtree, PET VIKING ON THE LOOSE.

Last year? Never happened. Enjoy the game, everyone.



July 7th, 2016 at 11:13 PM ^

Love it. To hell with ND.

I remember the '94 game. I watched from a hotel room after dad had a major heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic that week. He awoke from ICU in time to know that they had won. Win-win for me.

He put forth a faint chorus of "The Victors" from his hospital bed. The nurses didn't get it, but I'll never forget.