One Frame At A Time: Nebraska & Penn State

Submitted by Ace on January 17th, 2014 at 1:45 PM

Derrick Walton's halfcourt buzzer-beater provided one of those GIFs that's impressive at first glance and even better upon multiple viewings. Walton's one-footed leaping release, perfect shot, and understated fist-pump celebration are all visually appealing. The real gold is in the stands, however, with the synchronized exasperated head-clutching by seemingly the entire section to the right and then, well, this:

A few things:

  1. Hello, Broncos jersey guy. While your reaction is stellar, I have some questions. Why are you wearing a Trindon Holliday jersey at a Nebraska basketball game that you seemingly care a great deal about? Do you not own Nebraska gear? Why do you care this much about Nebraska basketball in the first place? This seems unhealthy.
  2. A couple rows above Broncos Guy are two Michigan fans wearing gray who seemingly knew the whole damn time this shot was going in. While the one on the left lets his emotions get the best of him, throwing a Jersey-worthy fist pump, the dude on the right holds the pose perfectly. Nailed it, man.
  3. Just above the fist-pumper is a Nebraska fan staring at the aisle, planning his exit, and is blissfully unaware of everything that happens.
  4. The entire Nebraska bench, as well as the section in the corner, has zero reaction whatsoever. They've seen a lot of Huskers basketball. They are immune to pain.
  5. There are approximately 17 other hidden gems in here, including girl in blue jacket just sippin' her water, guy in button-up throwing his hands up and possibly doing a pit-check, lady whose prayers go unanswered, and the two stoic bros behind Broncos Guy.
  6. Late addition, pointed out by MGoCommenter Bengalfang: right as the shot goes in, you can see a kid behind the Nebraska bench throw an impressively aerodynamic paper airplane for... reasons, I guess.

Given Michigan won by one, this shot turned out to be rather important.

[Hit THE JUMP for a halfcourt alley-oop, Nik Stauskas trick shot magic, Tim Miles unveiling a... toilet, Spike Albrecht giving Andrew Dakich a hearty tweak (trust me, there's no way to describe the GIF that doesn't sound weird), and much more.]

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Remarkably, this is only the second-best Michigan shot that didn't end up counting. Remarkably, this is only the second-best GIF of Tim Miles from this game. Sick Stauskas baseline hesitation move. GRIII goes coast to coast, is pleased with himself. Jordan Morgan baby hook sighting. GRIII steals and slams while taking a blatant, uncalled foul. Jon Horford, Dreidel. LeVert and-one.

10. Nik Stauskas pick-and-roll wizardry

Penn State puts Geno Thorpe, 6'3" freshman guard, on Nik Stauskas. This goes as you'd imagine.

9. Alley-Oooaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Call me crazy, but I think GRIII enjoys dunking. Just a hunch.

8. The snarling gentleman believes he was fouled

The snarling gentleman has a case, methinks.

7. A Punchup At A Wedding, starring John Beilein

I don't know what's better: Beilein's patronizing outburst or the bench's utter lack of reaction to it.

6. Flush twice

Tim Miles doing his best Vanna White, a flatscreen TV, and... is that an airplane toilet? OH, WHO FORGOT THE COURTESY FLUSH? TOTAL AMATEUR HOUR.

5. Walton's winner

I love this replay angle. You can't see the ball go in or the ref's call; everything you need to know, however, is told through the reactions of the players.

4. Didn't count, don't care



So nice you should watch it twice; on the broadcast angle, make sure to check out the Michigan bench, featuring a giddy Zak Irvin anticipating the throwdown:

Michigan basketball: still pretty, pretty fun to watch.

2. Walton's heave

Just about any other week, this would finish first without a second thought. HOWEVER...

FRAMES OF THE GAME: Spike seizes an opportunity

YUP. (Also... what have I done with my life?)

I'm entirely incapable of watching this without giggling like an idiot. The still frame is almost as good as the GIF, too—Spike's got quite a handful there.


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January 18th, 2014 at 2:48 AM ^

My favorite part of the fan reaction is the bizaare way half the people reach up for the back of their heads including Bronco guy.  LIke literally 30 people all appearing to start the wave together at the same time.  Human nature is weird.

ND Sux

January 17th, 2014 at 2:30 PM ^

at the end of the bench.  When the ball goes in he just turns on his heel and heads for the locker room like "okay,well that just happened."