One Frame At A Time: Minnesota Past Comment Count

Ace October 4th, 2013 at 2:58 PM

When we last met, Jeremy Gallon had rocket boots...

...and Devin Gardner made that "run around forever until somebody gets open" thing work out pretty, pretty well:

Also, Jake Ryan single-handedly destroyed a reverse. Get well soon, please.

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Dear god, Desmond Howard:

Michigan wins 35-18; the Magic Man takes the Heisman the next year.


This is one of the first games I attended at the Big House, and my most indelible memory is opening the free program, seeing that Minnesota's coach was named 'Jim Wacker', and laughing my ass off. I was six.

Those of you not getting an early start on immaturity probably best remember the game for this remarkable Walter Smith touchdown:

Final score: Michigan 38, Minnesota 22.


PROTIP: If Charles Woodson is on the field on offense, you should probably guard him with all available personnel, including backups, coaches, trainers, and ball boys:

The eventual national champs dispatched the Gophers by a score of 24-3; if that sounds at all merciful, then you've forgotten this Sam Sword sack:

Yes, having a tight end named Butt is pretty great, but I miss the days of front seven defenders named Sword, Steele, Irons, and Gold.


Michigan fell behind one of Minnesota's best teams in recent memory 28-7; at that point, it appeared that one of the most entertaining trick plays in school history would go for naught. In the Metrodome, the buffalo roamed:

The Wolverines mounted a historic fourth-quarter comeback, however, highlighted by Jacob Stewart's pick-six of Asad Adbul-Khaliq:

Though Adbul-Khaliq would bounce back on the next possession, running 52 yards untouched up the middle to extend Minnesota's lead back to 14, the Wolverines would tie the game on touchdowns by Braylon Edwards and Chris Perry before winning 38-35 on a short Garrett Rivas field goal with under a minute remaining.


The very next year, Michigan once again needed a late comeback to beat a talented Glen Mason team. This time tight end Tyler Ecker provided the heroics, taking a Chad Henne pass in the flat and eluding two tackes en route to the end zone:

Okay, "tackles" may have been too strong a word. "Pathetic flailings in the general direction of the ballcarrier" is more apt, though less economical.


Nick Sheridan's moment in the sun—er, Metrodome spotlight—included this highlight-reel catch by Greg Mathews:

Michigan cruised to a 29-6 victory in their only road win of a dreadful season.



October 4th, 2013 at 3:23 PM ^

That Jake Ryan play is exhibit A of why I don't want him to rush back into action.  I would much rather have a 100% Jake Ryan next year rather than bringing him back at less than 100% for the end of this season.  I am probably in the minority about this though.

Maize.Blue Wagner

October 4th, 2013 at 3:28 PM ^

Love seeing Walter Smith before, I believe, he got injured. Also, your comment about the names on the defense in the mid-90s reminded me anew of how ridiculous they were. All I can think is that Moeller went through some list of recruits and purposefully picked out those names. I think Law and even Noble shold be included in that discussion as well. 

I wish there was a close up of Navarre at the end of his run when he sticks the ball in the air for a split second. I think it would make a great GIF. It reminds me of someone who is trying to ride a bike without using their hands and pulls them off for just a split second. It's like he wants to celebrate the TD, but is still so worried about about getting stripped that all he can manage is the briefest celebration.