One Frame At A Time: Minnesota & Northwestern

Submitted by Ace on January 8th, 2014 at 2:17 PM

In the late stages of last week's narrow victory over Minnesota, John Beilein drew up a beautiful post-timeout play that culminated with Jon Horford dunking over three Gophers (capital 'G', of course, or that's a far less impressive feat):

Pretty cool dunk, right? After the jump, check out several more enjoyable GIFs from the last two game--WAIT, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE.

[/types furiously]


That white-haired Minnesota fan has seen kingdoms rise and fall, winters that lasted a generation, and the White Walkers descend upon Westeros Minneapolis, but this she cannot bear to witness. Winter is coming—nay, winter has arrived—and this lady knows it.

Don't ever say a Spartan never did anything for you.

[After THE JUMP, Mitch McGary stays fresh to death, Richard Pitino is a strange fellow, Zak Irvin catches fire, Northwestern plays "defense," and dunks on dunks on dunks.]

As usual, click the still frames to open each GIF in a lightbox, and don't forget to vote for your favorite at the end of the post.

10. Come at me, Gophs.

Minnesota guards challenged Glenn Robinson III at the rim four times before he left early in the second half with an ankle injury. That injury occurred after his fourth block in as many attempts. PROTIP: If you're substantially shorter and less athletic than GRIII—this goes for, oh, pretty much every guard in the country—do not try to prove your manhood against him.

9. Richard Pitino I don't even know.

Is he chewing cud? Did he just cough up a hairball? Is a small mammal on the loose inside of his mouth? These are questions for the ages.


Gorgeous entry pass by Caris LeVert, another ho-hum two-handed slam with extra-flair dismount by Nik Stauskas.


When there's a more optimal play to make than passing to a 6'10" guy in the post against Dave Sobolewski, the team playing defense should probably forfeit the season on the spot.

6. Well, at least Drew Crawford tried.

Kinda pissed that the BTN cut off the full Stauskas rim-hang on both of their replays of this dunk.

5. Fire at will, young Irvin.

Total coincidence that I placed this at #5, but I'm satisfied with how that turned out anyway.

4. Ankle's fine, everyone.

Despite the scoring outburst in the previous game, Zak Irvin still knows his role.

3. Mitch McGary, Dapper Gent

The peek up to the jumbotron at the very end just kills me, for some reason. Stay fly, Mitch. [HT: Andrew Beilein]

2. poO-yellA

Plays like this shouldn't be nearly as routine as GRIII makes them look.

FRAMES OF THE GAMES: Double Facepalm Lady.

Head south before it's too late, Minnesotans.


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January 8th, 2014 at 3:09 PM ^

When my family watched the game it took us a minute to realize that GRob had thrown down the dunk behind his head. It was so freaking smooth - like it totally did not matter to him whether he was dunking it forwards or backwards. Unbelievable athlete. I really hope he stays healthy - what a treat to watch and how crucial to Michigan's season.



January 8th, 2014 at 4:41 PM ^

#5 the Minny defenders sure do like to keep their arm raised after Irvin splashes them down. Makes them look/feel like the awesome shooter? I don't know.