One Frame At A Time: Maryland Comment Count

Ace November 15th, 2017 at 12:39 PM


[Hit THE JUMP for a casual punt block, a ball with eyes, the Don Brown Shruggie, and much more.]


Is here.


Long PBU.
Impressive Walker run.
Harbaugh peeved.
Hurst TFL & half-hearted belly rub.
McKeon wide open waggle TD.
Screen murder.
Poggi TD wsg MEAT.

10. Disputing Very Critical Call

Note the time. Greg Frey is fitting in quite well, it appears.

9. Ow

I don't think Ryan Brand was tall enough to get on that ride.

8. Chris Evans, Power Back


7. Euro-Step Punt Block

Perfectly descriptive GIF title blatantly ripped from this guy.

6. Straightforward Interception Return/Not-So-Straightforward Interception Return

First of all, this is an absolutely gorgeous play from David Long to drop off his man directly into the throwing window. Then he shows off some wheels (with a bonus open-field pancake from Aubrey Solomon):

Khaleke Hudson, meanwhile, took a more "TOUCHDOWN OR DEATH" approach to his interception return:

He'd still be running if nobody had blown a whistle.

5. Holy Roller

Splitting the wickets twice in that situation is remarkably improbable.

4. Gruff Shruggie

Honestly, this should win.

3. Another Good Call, Pep

The pre-snap motion here is just evil (play is slightly sped up so the pre-snap stuff would fit):

Harbaugh, once again, approves of Pep Hamilton's work:

2. Something Out Of Nothing

Full play:

Replay with Higdon focus:

(Wipes away tear.) That's my quarterback:


R2, triangle.

Just the triangle:


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I've noticed a few comments about the low quality of some gifs when you download from the gfycat page. I found a workaround.

1. If you click any of the honorable mention links, you'll go right to the page you need. If you click on the gfycat embeds, they take you to a slightly different page, so you'll need to change the URL from[gif name] to[gif name].

2. Click on the settings button in the lower right corner to bring up a number of options. This lets you set the quality of the gfycat, toy with the playback speed (highly recommended), play it in reverse, and download GIF versions. You'll want to hit "open large GIF format" because the small ones are of essentially unusable quality.

3. I haven't figured out a rhyme or reason to this, but sometimes that's all you need to do and sometimes that link just takes you back to the original gfycat. If the "open large GIF format" URL is[gif name]-max-14mb.gif, you're good to go.

4. The URL may just be[gif name], however. If that's the case, simply copy and paste the gif name (the random three-word combination in the URL) and use the correct URL ([gif name]-max-14mb.gif) instead. Now you should be able to load the GIF, right-click, and save.



November 15th, 2017 at 12:49 PM ^

Why do Michigan players, I mean seemingly ALL Michigan players (with the exception of Sir Charles) always, always, ALWAYS fall down immediately after getting a loose ball?  Since I was a wee little lad I noticed that other teams would pick up fumbles, blocked kicks, what-have-you and run like hell with the ball.  Michigan?  Never- immediately dive to the turf.

Look at the punt block and explain to me why he goes down.  Running fine - ball bounces straight up to him and because it's a block there's no danger of loss of possession if he doesnt field it cleanly but instead of running it into the endzone we go into the immediate fetal position on the ground.

Drives me nuts.


November 15th, 2017 at 1:42 PM ^

Falling on the ball is the quickest, surest way to get it.  Trying to scoop and run has a greater reward but a greater risk as well, as you might miss or fumble the pickup and the other team might get it.  I was always drilled, in middle and high school, to just fall on the ball.


You're right that in the particular case of a blocked punt, there's much less risk because even if the punting team recovers it you still get the ball.  But it's hard to go against what you've been drilled to do.


November 15th, 2017 at 3:49 PM ^

I've been watching Michigan football almost as long as you . . . and you're not wrong.

I've noticed this with Michigan teams going back 50 yrs and have only 1 half-assed explanation.

First, just falling on the football is the safest, surest way to successfully recover a fumble.  It's football fundamentals 101 and most Michigan teams have not only usually been well coached fundamentally, but have been coached conservatiely.  
This Team philosophy doesn't reward showboating (as Bo would have seen it) and traditionally Michigan has never had many of the elite playmakers that could get away with trying to scoop & score without getting their asses chewed out on the sidelines.



November 15th, 2017 at 12:53 PM ^

you sure browns shrug to the heavens isnt the tail end of a call - i thought ive seen him signal in similar stuff before.  still hilarious, either way


November 15th, 2017 at 12:54 PM ^

Watching it live, during the replays, and now in gif, I still don't understand why Long cut back into the field during his interception return. He had a blocker with room between him and the sideline. 


November 15th, 2017 at 2:22 PM ^

This scramble and check down to the RB is such a great play. It seems so easy and it is so hard to stop. In many cases, it is the difference between keeping a drive alive and getting points compared to punting or worse (INT on ill-advised throw). We've been waiting all year for these bail-out throws to RBs and Speight and (insert name of inept QB I already forgot name of) seemed to never find them even though you could see them there waiting for the ball on so many pressured dropbacks. Little things like this have made Peters seem better even if other things like downfield throws or working through progressions are not much better (yet). 

El Jeffe

November 15th, 2017 at 2:38 PM ^

Not to inject any Debbie Downerism into the proceedings, but did anyone else think we should have been called for an illegal shift in the evil pre-snap motion TD to Gentry? It looks to me like McKeon starts his motion before Poggi is set, and then McKeon never sets after that.

Any MGoRuleExperts wish to comment?


November 15th, 2017 at 2:44 PM ^

Could have been called for illegal shift, yes. McKeon initially began to motion, but then realized he had to wait until Bunting was set. He kind of waits while at an angle, then begins to motion. If he wasn't set for a full second before his motion, then yea could have been called. Looks worse sped up like this, too.