One Frame At A Time: Hawaii

Submitted by Ace on September 6th, 2016 at 4:10 PM

I see you, Bleacher Report. I see you.

[Hit THE JUMP for much more of THAT and the rest of the GIFs from the Hawaii game.]

Before I even list the honorable mentions, I should note that this was one of the most difficult games from which to choose a top ten in recent memory. Sixty-point wins will do that, I guess. For example, this didn't make the cut:

Neither did several touchdowns.

As always, click the stills/links to open each GIF in a lightbox, and don't forget to vote for your favorite at the end of the post.


Butt pylon dive.
Darboh sets critical block for a screen to... Darboh.
Chris Evans touchdown the first.
Gedeon sack.
Literal jumpman jumpman.
Peppers TFL on Hawaii's first play.
Speight's pinpoint throw to Chesson.
Speight to Perry for the touchdown.
Bredeson/Cole combo opens a huge hole for Evans.
Glasgow runs the QB right into McCray.
Devin Asiasi defeats attempted jam with authoritay.
McCray strip-sack while Rashan Gary COVERS A DAMN WHEEL ROUTE.
Evans spins nothing into something.
Harbaugh digs in.
Harbaugh approves of Chris Evans.
Khalid Hill's TD run.
McDooooom end-around with mean-ass stiff-arm.
Morris throws an absolute laser to Kekoa Crawford.
Stribling's pick-six.
Thank goodness the refs didn't call a run play.

10. McDoom Defeats Hold, Makes Catch

The refs may not have seen it, but Harbaugh sure wanted a hold.

Well, it's either that, or he's way ahead of me on the hot new dance craze. You never know.

9. Hybrid Space Murderer

There are not one, but two pulling linemen in perfect position to block anyone but Jabrill Peppers. Unfortunately for them, they had to block Jabrill Peppers.

8. Follow The Eyes

I love this replay angle; it captures how well Delano Hill read the quarterback's eyes and broke on the ball before it was even thrown.

7. Yip To The Victors

Hail to the yiptors valiant.

6. Room To Run

The blocking on this is exquisite. The defending is... not that. And Chris Evans is quite fast.


This started out at #10. Then I took another look at the hat. Then someone in the mgo slack chat pointed out the Prince chain. Then I watched it several dozen more times. I highly recommend doing the same.

4. Strong First Impression

There's at least one player who will have a hard time forgetting Devin Bush Jr.'s first ever collegiate play.

3. In A Phonebooth

I cannot blame Ben Bredeson one bit for turning and watching the carnage.

2. Harbaugh Hype Beating, Season Two

A wily veteran move by Speight to put his helmet on before Harbaugh got to the head-slapping portion.


Going up.

Everyone needs a friend who's as happy to see them as Jourdan Lewis is to see Jabrill Peppers after that return.


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September 6th, 2016 at 5:45 PM ^

I kind of agree, but for a different reason. it was cool to see Jabrill leap a tall building, but he landed out of bounds. it was a display of athleticism that ended up being pointless (even more so by the penalty) so I don't really "get it"


September 6th, 2016 at 4:23 PM ^

Holy crap.  Earlier today I read the front page on Kick out Blocks.  Then I came back later and watch #9 Hybrid Space Murderer.   Jabrill single handedly beat 2 blockers and took down the ball carrier for a loss.  That was amazing.


September 6th, 2016 at 4:25 PM ^

That poor damn corner on the Darboh screen. Gets thrown down by Darboh, gets knocked back down trying to get up from Perry, and then gets up just to get rolled up by Newsome. I'd pretty much quit after that.


September 6th, 2016 at 4:30 PM ^

I was gonna vote for Yip Yip alien. Loved seeing them on the broadcast, costume game is strong. I hope they're there all year. 

Then I got to the WOOOOOOOO guy. A+++ would revote for him.

Harbaugh hype beating gif will be with us forever, but for this week, that guy rules.

Clarence Boddicker

September 6th, 2016 at 7:21 PM ^

That Chris Davis play that looked like a loss--then magically turned into a 3 yard gain! So much greatness on display. The play where Peppers shot through 2 olineman to pick up a tfl. McCray playing like a guided missile. The play of all the qbs. Watching that game, my thought was "We look like a playoff team." I didn't see anything that looked like a busted assignment on either side of the ball, which would've been expected given that it was the first game of the year. We looked like a well-oiled machine playing at mid-season. And we played with speed, strength, power, and ruthlessness. 


September 6th, 2016 at 5:25 PM ^

Re: #8, I had noticed that on replay when watching, how well Hill tracked the QB's eyes and read the play

Re: #2, I saw that video a billion times on game day, and just for the first time noticed Speight putting his helmet on halfway through.  That really puts this hype pummeling over the top to me.  


Also, there are few things in this world I find funnier than Harbaugh freaking out on the refs when we're up a million.