One Frame At A Time: Fire Hoke

Submitted by Ace on September 29th, 2014 at 1:33 PM

These are actual quotes from Brady Hoke's presser this afternoon. I could not make them up if I tried, because they are appalling. Click the stills to open each GIF in a lightbox.

“I know there’s been a lot of talk, speculation, innuendos, whatever.” — Brady Hoke.

"We would never, ever, put a guy on the field when there's a possibility of head trauma." — Brady Hoke.




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He did a lot of things that drove me nuts while I was a student during his last years on campus, but dear lord how I miss that dour bastard on the sidelines now.   Any chance he could come back in as an interim coach to steady the ship while they find a replacement?


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Sarcastic? I hope so. To me it's pretty clear that the crown of Cochran's helmet hits Morris right on the chin. If his head wasn't hit, I wouldn't think Morris' head would have gone flying back; it would have gone forward first as his chest would have been flung back.  Instead, Morris' head is leading the way on the backward's motion.  Also probably wouldn't have instinctively grabbed for his head after the hit if it was his chest hurting the most.


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You'll have to excuse my sarcasm detector, and I don't mean to come off snarky and rude myself, but.....truthfully, not sure if serious.  The very still of the second GIF has Cockran's helmet well above Morris's jersey collar and right underneath his jaw.  There's even a part of his maroon helmet which isn't visible because Morris's jaw is hiding it.  I cannot fathom how that is anything but a hit to the head and neck.


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And nobody seems to give a damn about his welfare.  Did he undergo a concussion exam, if not, why not?  And why hasn't anybody even brought the subject up given their righteous indignation about the Morris thing?  Do you think it's a black and white issue?


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but I also remember the offense from the game immediately preceding that one--Ohio State--when we lost 14-3 and put up 91 (yes 91) total yards of total offense--and punted inside OSU's 40 yardline.  I also remember RichRod walking around the field during the Florida game--perhaps not a coincidence that the offense opened up.

snarling wolverine

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We were totally banged up for that OSU game, with Henne, Hart and I think Long all far less than 100%.

As for your second suggestion, it'd be awfully surprising given that Carr and RichRod weren't supposed to have gotten along once he arrived.



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It doesn't matter how much time was on the playclock, Gardner had to leave the field for 1 play after losing his helmet.  Leaving the field for 1 play can be avoided by calling a timeout.


Lots of reasons to dislike Hoke and his QB management, time left on the clock to get Gardner back in is not one of them.

Ali G Bomaye

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I think the point is that putting Morris back in the game wasn't a panic move because time was running out.  There was plenty of time to see if Bellomy could find his helmet, think of alternatives, or even to decide that taking the timeout was the proper course of action.  There was no need to rush Morris back onto the field or to make a hasty decision.


September 29th, 2014 at 2:10 PM ^

I may have misinterpretted the intent of the point, which I thought was, "why would you need a timeout?"


Personally, when I saw Bellomy scrambling, I started calling for a wildcat formation, or a direct snap to Norfleet.