On Notice: Week 3

Submitted by Brian on September 18th, 2008 at 1:57 PM



  • My father didn't wear the shirt to the Miami game.
  • The sun got the message and went away like whoah
  • Antonio Bass' traitorous knee doesn't seem like quite so enormous a deal after Dual Threet looked like an actual quarterback Saturday.
  • Eagles Fans in Maize get off the board but project to return after Wisconsin.
  • West Virginia has finally come around on Bill Stewart.


  • Me, for completely forgetting this feature last week. If I do it again I'll have to be dead to me, which will be interesting.
  • Ball oilers of South Bend. Hur hur hur. Actually, no: seriously, what's with the oily ball, South Bend?
  • Incredibly Surprising Quarterback Draws. I'm done with these until Carlos Brown can run more than one play here. Also: Threet.
  • Carson Butler. Line of the week came from commenter tbliggins in reference to the St. Patrick's Day Nerd Massacre: "Maybe Butler finally found the correct guy that asked to use his iron." +1. As for Carson: don't hit people, yo.
  • The lack of sun. Dude, sun, you just don't do shades of gray on gameday, do you?


  • The general bloodymindedness of the universe. *#@$ me, universe. Seriously? Are we seriously about to throw down?
  • The 4-3 against a spread. Still not a fan, but probably will be against the Illini.
  • Spain.