Not Just a Shooter 1.2: Just Call Them The Brons Comment Count

Seth April 27th, 2018 at 8:41 AM

1 hour and 42 minutes

Not Just a Shooter 1.2

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TORONTO-WASHINGTON (starts at 1:55): Wizards fought back on the strength of Wall and Beal, but Toronto has the 3-2 series edge and a much better supporting cast for their star backcourt.

CLEVELAND-INDIANA (at 11:41): LeBron and the Yobs, yet that’s good enough to probably make the second round because LeBron.

PHILLY-MIAMI (at 17:56): The Sixers let Dwyane Wade have what may have been his final big moment in Miami before easily dispatching them. Philly looks like the team to beat in the East.

BOSTON-MILWAUKEE (at 22:48): Going to seven games because [checks notes] Joe Prunty finally discovered that Thon Maker can play basketball quite well. Winner of this is going to have a very tough time with the Sixers.


NICKNAMES (at 30:12): Ace tries to get revenge on Alex, fails to remember that Alex has deep Thunder knowledge.

HOUSTON-MINNESOTA (at 37:35): Houston went supernova and remains Ace’s pick to win it all. Minnesota’s defense got hamblasted.

OKLAHOMA CITY-UTAH (at 44:58): The Thunder needed an epic comeback to avoid elimination and we’re both skeptical they can avoid it for much longer. Russ is great, but Melo is washed, and Utah is the better-coached, more complete team.

NEW ORLEANS-PORTLAND/GOLDEN STATE-SAN ANTONIO (at 1:01:41): Both series are over, so this became a NOLA/GSW preview. Anthony Davis unleashed at center. Jrue Holiday is pretty darn good, too, but probably not as good as he was in this series. Next round should go GSW’s way unless Steph’s injury lingers longer than expected.


starts at 1:16:31

PORTLAND: Can they move CJ McCollum? If not, cap-strapped into being good but not great.

SAN ANTONIO: If they can’t patch things up with Kawhi, it could be an ugly end to an incredible run.

MINNESOTA: Promising young team but one of those youngsters already has an albatross contract.

MIAMI: Blow it all up in two years.



  • “Game Theory”—The Roots
  • “Shoo Fly Marches On”—Dr. John
  • “A Nickel and a Nail”—O.V. Wright (East Conf series interludes)
  • “Fiery Crash”—Andrew Bird (West Conf series interludes)
  • “Across 110th Street”


I do think Derrick Walton has more rebounding tenacity than Hassan Whiteside so if you put him in there who knows what would happen.