November 10th, 2012 at 8:39 PM ^

Just a quick note to the mods about the Northwestern game's Liveblog today. First of all, thanks for all the hard work you put in. We all know that you give up a lot on gameday in order to make it good for us. Second, IMHO, it is easily forgiveable that amid the chaos, you accidentally let slip by two homophobic and racist comments. I know we can all agree that it the slip was inadvertent. The Wolverine fan-base is a relatively progressive one, and I can tell you that down here (Louisiana), use of epithets is rampant and rarely causes blowback on the person using it, and I'm proud that us Michigan fans immediately turn against bigotry appearing on our site. Third, as a loyal Liveblog user, I want to add my two cents about how to improve it. Right now, there are huge mood swings in those posting that shows up in unnecessarily harsh criticism of the team/coaches. Does every "fire Borges" whine have to be approved? At the same time, there isn't much decent commentary about what is happening on the field. I'd like to know more than what the TV heads say. Are there any freshmen getting subbed in? Personnel changes that are interesting? Goofy offensive/defensive sets? If I were ruler of the world, I'd have the Liveblog mods approve about 1/3 of the comments they currently approve, with focus on only the most insightful stuff that adds to the TV-watching experience. That being said, the mods have a tough task, and I think generally do a great job, and their effort is appreciated. As a longer-term suggestion, I wish we could highlight some of the MGoCommunity as possible online-radio broadcasters during the game. Some sort of decent alternative to listen to Spielman's PBP.