Nonconference Tempo-Free Takeaways

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Quality looks. Photos via Dustin Johnson and UMHoops.

(Stats via Kenpom($).)

With a 90-80 win against Oakland on Saturday, Michigan has completed the competitive section of their nonconference schedule with the exception of their annual inexplicable nonconference opponent stashed in the heart of the Big Ten schedule. This year's: @ Arkansas on January 21st. Why does Michigan do it? I have no idea. It's a persistent mystery.

Anyway, we won't learn much of anything about the team we don't already know as they take on Arkansas Pine Bluff, Alabama A&M, and Bradley. The former two are ranked 300+ by Kenpom; Bradley is 209 and has a loss to Wofford on their resume. We have 95% of the data we'll have by the time Penn State rolls into down on the 29th. So what have we learned?

The Big Ten is insane. Michigan checks in at #39 in the Kenpom ratings, which is good enough for a projected conference record of… 8-10. Glurp. That's because there are five teams in the league currently ranked in the top 15: #1 Wisconsin, #3 OSU, #12 Michigan State, #13 Indiana, and #14 Purdue. Michigan is currently leading a second tier from 39 to 52 with Illinois, Minnesota, and Northwestern. Nebraska's by itself in the 70s; Penn State and Iowa are horrible.

The Big Ten has a monster lead on the #2 Big Twelve for the title of best tempo-free conference in the country. It is a brutal league. Without a hugely disappointing tourney, it will be a runaway winner in the KenPom rankings for the second straight year.

Michigan is not in the top tier because of their defense. Their offense is 21st nationally (about which more later); their defense is 80th. The league has four defenses allowing less than 90 points per 100 possessions*; Wisconsin and OSU are 1-2 nationally at 81 and 83.5. Michigan's giving up 95, which is good for ninth. They beat out only Northwestern, Iowa, and Penn State.

That's a disappointing backslide for a team that you'd expect to be better on D. Darius Morris was the only loss and Michigan went from one of the youngest teams in the country to middle of the pack, but Michigan was 34th last year. Small sample size caveats apply; IIRC last year at this time Michigan's defense was just as shaky and they pulled it together in the Big Ten.

*[adjusted for schedule strength]

They are #1 in the country at something. Go ahead, guess. You'll never get it. No, none of those things: Michigan is #1 nationally in making two pointers. I should have told you to sit down. I cannot be held responsible for people falling over at this news.

Now that you've recovered, it makes some sense, doesn't it? I mean, Jordan Morgan missed a bunny against Oakland and Greg Kelser joked about how that will cripple his 77% shooting, and you were like "whoah." There is one guy on the team with enough minutes to register in the stats who's shooting under 55% percent, that Jon Horford at a horrendous awful terrible 53%. Michigan's four highest-volume two point shooters are at 76% (Morgan), 58% (Smotrycz), 56% (Hardaway) and 55% (Burke).

This is partially an effect of the schedule. The defenses they've gone up against have not generally been high quality. It was somewhat ugly against Virginia, possessor of the one elite defense they've faced so far. Michigan went 12 of 28 from two and only stayed in the game with blistering three point shooting—they actually shot better from 3 in that game than 2, 46%-42%.

That's an abnormally good defense, sure, but half of Michigan's Big Ten games are going to be against Virginia-quality Ds. This is a three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust conference. That second half against Duke, when they tore up ALL OF THE PLUMLEES, is encouraging. They're #1 for some reason, it's not all schedule.

The rest of their offensive stats are basically in line with expectations. They shoot a ton of threes (20th), are only decent at making them (86th), rarely turn the ball over, rarely grab offensive rebounds, and rarely get to the line. POT, now and forever.

That's not a revelation. That's just how Beilein plays the game. We should be looking at these items in relation to last year. The four factors:

  • SHOOTING. Massively improved thanks to the aforementioned two-point fiesta. Third nationally.
  • TURNOVERS. Poor relative to last year. There is no easy finger to point: everyone's TO rates are up. Burke does have an alarmingly high 22.6; raise your hand if "freshman PG's most obvious flaw is an excessive quantity of turnovers" surprises you. Right, that's Josh Pastner and no one else.
  • OFFENSIVE REBOUNDING. Less putrescent than usual! Last year they were the Maryland-Baltimore County of offensive rebounding. This year they're Marist. This gives you no context at all. They're up three percent, good for a significant leap.
  • FREE THROW RATE. Also less putrescent than usual; they've gone from the Towson of free throw rate to… well, not good but also not terrible.

Smotrycz needs to stay on the floor. Smotrycz has improved massively in just about any category you care to name save one: fouls per 40 minutes. He's at 5.9 this year and was at 6.4 before staying out of foul trouble against Oakland. Minutes that do not go to Smotrycz go to Stu Douglass and Matt Vogrich, statistically inferior players in almost literally all possible ways. And those stats don't even account for the defensive problems Michigan has when Smotrycz is on the bench. Michigan will get significantly better if Smotrycz can get his minutes percentage from the 50s into the 70-75 range.

The same assertion goes for Morgan but at least he has a positional analogue on the roster. Michigan's backup 4 is 6'4" Zack Novak.

Defensive issues. The main one: too many quality three-point looks from opponents. They have not been burned by it yet but Oakland missed an array of wincingly wide-open three pointers, as did Virginia. Duke… did not miss, nor did they shoot a lot of quality threes. But the overall point is this: Michigan is facing almost as many threes as they jack themselves. If they're still near 300th in threes faced at the end of the season opponents will have made it rain and Michigan will be staring at a disappointing tourney seed.

The other stuff is the usual: they're mediocre at defending twos, rarely get turnovers, and foul too much. They're kind of short, kind of young, and not that athletic, so none of these things are surprises, but, like, Wisconsin. Michigan can be better defensively—they were better last year—and getting that leap from mediocre to quality will be the difference between a season spent idling near the bubble and waiting for Stauskas/GRIII/McGary and a decent shot at a Sweet 16.

Novak usage. Zack Novak's shooting 64% from two, 44% from three, and has a TO rate under ten. His offensive rating is off the charts… and his usage is in the "limited roles" range. While you can't really run an offense through him, if Michigan could focus a little more on getting him shots it seems like he would reward that effort. That pump-and-step-in jumper he's developed is money.


Some Oakland-specific things? Sure.

Trey Burke! That is all.

Trey Burke! No it's not. How crazy would it be if he was backing Morris and eating up half of the minutes currently being forked over to Douglass and Vogrich? Ah, hell. That crossover-in-a-phone-booth that led to a wide open Hardaway three was fantastic, as were many other things. He just needs to get an increment better here (TO rate) and there (three point shooting) to be a bonafide collegiate superstar.

NBA: you hate 5'11" point guards. Leave him to us for now.

Laval Lucas-Perry. The festival of charges and other ill-advised decisions combined with defensive lapses to paint a picture of why LLP and Beilein had a falling out that led to his transfer. I was going to point out that he would still be welcome on a team with zero bench but I looked him up and he's shooting 26% from three and 48% from two. Michigan's getting that out of Douglas.

He does get to the line a lot, FWIW.

Tim Hardaway, come out and play. In the second half it seems like Michigan tries to run its offense through Hardaway for three or four possessions in a row, which is because he has two shots and two points in the first 20 minutes. He refuses to force the issue, which is why his turnover rate remains abnormally low for a guy with high usage. I'd still like to see Michigan force Hardaway into the game earlier; once he starts shooting regularly other opportunities open up.

Brundidge: there is no Brundidge. They have already burned Brundidge's redshirt unless they're going to Devin Gardner him an injury, so insert usual concern about Eso Akunne getting the backup point minutes, such as they are. Akunne looks about as comfortable at the point as I would and the offense gets extraordinarily ponderous when he's in the game.

He hasn't missed a shot yet, though. Let's give him time at the two. I'm not sure if I'm serious here. Vogrich is one for a billion from three, so Akunne may actually provide more value at the moment.



December 12th, 2011 at 12:38 PM ^

The interesting thing about Evan is that he is still arcing upward.

Stu has been a great contributor on the team, but I think we've seen the apex of his career arc.  The points about Evan learning how to stay out of foul trouble are spot-on.  If he can continue to progress, he will be important even with all the talent coming in.

Kilgore Trout

December 12th, 2011 at 12:43 PM ^

There was a tweet during the Oakland game about Beilein yelling to Douglass and Akune that Stu was the one and Eso was the two during that really uncomfortable stretch with Burke out at the end of the game.  Douglass obviously has his limitations, but he has to be the backup one on this team.  Douglass is a good perimiter defender and is sneakily secure with the ball.  He's not going to break anyone down, but he's not going to get is pocket picked often. 

I'd like to see Christian maybe get 5-10 minutes as a backup four.  I think he can provide a bit of a spark and seems to be able to hit the opportune open jumper.

His Dudeness

December 12th, 2011 at 12:43 PM ^

It was hilarious watching Akunne in the game Saturday.

He came in, turned it over quite easily then we stole it back and Lobster was forced to pass it back to Akunne who quickly turned it over again and then was not passed to again and was taken out.

My brother says "Hell, he looks like me out there."

I say "That's accurate."


December 12th, 2011 at 12:47 PM ^

Can someone who followed Brundidge in high school comment? How is it possible that he's behind a guy who looks like a guy who should be playing intramurals? Not to mention being behind Vogrich who also has no business being on the floor for a tournament team. I know recruiting rankings are not a science but Burke v Brundidge, what were people watching?


December 12th, 2011 at 1:52 PM ^

True, I'd assume he's just taking a little more time to get acclimated. 

Brundidge was a major star both in high school and in AAU, so unless he just forgot how to play basketball, the talent is there.  Give him a minute to learn the system and he'll be a constant contributor, probably by the end of this year.

Blue boy johnson

December 12th, 2011 at 3:32 PM ^

Brundidge is going to be fine, just going to take some time to get adjusted.

Belien has said, 'Brundidge isn't a point guard and he is behind 2 senior off guards'. We should see more of Brundidge in the next couple games, and eventually he will get Akunne's minutes. Play against Zack and Stu everyday is going to get him game ready.


December 12th, 2011 at 12:55 PM ^

are coming from point blank range (except Novak). 

What about free throw %?   We must be near the bottom in that catagory, since we don't seem to have anybody who excells at it and many are awful.

Maybe the remaining easy games will afford the opportunity to get more playing time for Brundidge, Vogrich and Horford.  I think that we will be needing all 3  come B10 time.


December 12th, 2011 at 1:19 PM ^

He hasn't missed a shot yet, though.

Akunne missed his only shot during the Oakland game, so he's now 5-for-6 on the year. McLimans, however, remains a perfect 3-for-3.


December 12th, 2011 at 1:44 PM ^

First, Ken Pomeroy himself would tell you that using his rankings as a predictive tool is folly, so I wouldn't put that much int he ranking.

That said, the stats are the stats, and Michigan's defense has been poor.

Also - is Brundidge's RS actually burnt? Guys can play some of the pre-seasons and keep it. Both McLimans and Ben Cronin did this.


December 12th, 2011 at 2:29 PM ^

Someone tell Ken that the Big Ten schedule is 17 games this season (unless his system predicts and accounts for a one-and-done performance in the B1G tourney?) At any rate, I'd be thrilled with 10-7.




December 12th, 2011 at 2:42 PM ^

The Big Ten schedule is 18 games. Perhaps you got the idea that Michigan was playing only 17 Big Ten games from the schedule at ESPN? That schedule fails to list the home game against Purdue in February, and I think the reason is becuase it hasn't been decided yet whether the game will be played on the 25th or 26th. See the schedule here.