November 2nd, 2013 at 6:22 PM ^

This is the epitome of stubborn, willful and obstinate refusal to play with what you've got. Toussaint can't block a rusher, so why not call the same bullshit play 4 times in a row?!? Fuck.

And why not throw a quick slant in there or something? Argh. Respond and take advantage of the situation. Please fire that man.


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I've never been anti-Borges until now. It's not about his experience or his past accolades, it's about the here and now. My girl friend knows shit about football but even she knew they were going to exploit the middle of our o-line. Borges did not have one answer to that pressure. Believe me I was never a fan of RR but if you sold out on the blitz he made you pay. We did not run a single play into the blitzers space...3 yd passes to TE's when all that's left is safeties can turn into big gainers. He did none of that, maybe twice.  My question is, does he understand our deficiencies. Where we lack quality/experience what ever you want to call it he seems to press the issue.  It's simply frustrating and it's time to start asking, is he the problem?  I know  lack of experience blah blah blah but that doesn't excuse the lack of adjustments. It doesn't excuse the lack of preparation. He had to see that coming and we were unprepared. 

Ohio son michi…

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Iam new family but we will be ok I know I sound crazy but the worst thing to happen to us was rich rod them years are coming back to bite us that's what we seeing we got remember these players are young they will make up our team for years to come for right now we just have to look at thing like a glass half full