Michigan Reveals Current Depth Chart Comment Count

Ace August 25th, 2014 at 11:18 AM

Dance if you're the starting slot receiver.

Michigan released their game notes for Appalachian State, and they contain the depth chart as it stands right now. Keep in mind that OL Graham Glasgow (suspension), TE Jake Butt (knee), and S Delano Hill (jaw) are omitted—Hill is the only one of the three who could potentially be cleared for action by Saturday.

Pos First Second Third
QB D. Gardner S. Morris  
RB D. Green D. Smith D. Johnson OR
J. Hayes
FB J. Kerridge S. Houma  
WR D. Funchess A. Darboh  
WR J. Chesson F. Canteen  
Slot D. Norfleet B. Dever  
TE A.J. Williams K. Hill  
LT M. Cole E. Magnuson  
LG E. Magnuson K. Bosch  
C J. Miller P. Kugler  
RG J. Burzynski OR
K. Bosch
K. Kalis  
RT B. Braden L. Tuley-Tillman  
Pos First Second Third
SDE B. Beyer T. Charlton  
NT R. Glasgow B. Mone OR
O. Pipkins
DT W. Henry M. Godin  
WDE F. Clark M. Ojemudia  
MLB J. Ryan OR
D. Morgan
M. McCray  
WLB J. Bolden OR
D. Morgan
B. Gedeon  
SLB R. Jenkins-Stone OR
J. Ross
A. Gant  
FS J. Wilson A. J. Pearson  
SS J. Clark D. Thomas  
CB B. Countess T. Richardson OR
C. Stribling
CB R. Taylor OR
J. Lewis
Nickel J. Peppers D. HOLLOWELL  
Pos First Second Third
P W. Hagerup M. Wile  
K M. Wile K. Allen  
PR J. Peppers D. Norfleet  
KR D. Norfleet J. Hayes  
LS S. Sypniewski A. Robinson  
H K. Allen S. Morris  

[Overanalysis section, after the jump]

Before delving into analysis of the enormous ramifications of this depth chart, a reminder: Michigan listed Devin Funchess as the #4 TE on the depth chart for much of his freshman year, and heading into the 2012 opener Ricky Barnum and Elliott Mealer swapped spots on the starting O-line seemingly hours before kickoff. These things tend to be fluid.

That said, let the breathless overanalysis begin:

  • DeVeon Smith Derrick Green (I can totally read, guys) has emerged from the pile of running back to stand atop the depth chart.
  • Jehu Chesson currently holds a starting spot over Amara Darboh across from Devin Funchess. All of us may look pretty stupid.
  • Dennis Norfleet is your starting slot, while the coaches are listing Freddy Canteen as a backup outside receiver for the moment.
  • The O-line is as expected except for right guard, where Joey Burzynski and Kyle Bosch are competing for Graham Glasgow's spot in the opening day lineup. Guessing Kyle Kalis' back is still bothering him, but not enough to keep him from donning a uniform.
  • Ryan Glasgow ahead of Bryan Mone and Ondre Pipkins at the nose may have been foretold in the open scrimmage, but it's still one of the more surprising selections on the two-deep. Regardless, that spot gets a lot of rotation.
  • Another D-line surprise: Matt Godin ahead of Chris Wormley to back up Willie Henry at 3-tech, and no Maurice Hurst Jr. on the list at all.
  • Every single linebacker spot has an 'OR' at starter. I'd take that more seriously at the two outside spots—and note that RJS is listed above Ross at SLB—and safely assume that Desmond Morgan is going to get his fair share of playing time. Brian might still eat a lemon, though, as a loss by technicality is still a loss.
  • The returning starters at corner hold onto their spots for now, though Jourdan Lewis has already moved into co-starter territory.
  • Jabrill Peppers is not just the starting nickel, but also the #1 punt returner.
  • The only true freshmen on the two-deep are Mason Cole, Canteen, Mone, and Peppers. This is major progress from the last few seasons.



Pelini's Cat

August 25th, 2014 at 11:32 AM ^

I don't think that anything on this depth chart really worried me. Way I see it, with all of the talent at every position, whoever comes out as the starter must be good. As far as the offensive line, Glasgow will give us a boost in week two and I actually saw some improvement in the scrimmage where the advantage was clearly with the defense.


August 25th, 2014 at 2:21 PM ^

I feel like Glasgow starting is one of those Hoke starters that didnt have the talent but out-effort everyone...until we get into league play and the talent difference becomes too great not to notice.

Certainly not being a downer on Glasgow, I love Kovacs and RVB-types, just can't wait for our prized recruits to grow a little more and start taking the spots they were supposed to take (general roster analysis of youth).


August 25th, 2014 at 4:00 PM ^

No, I definitely meant talent level (but yes, they were all gritty white guys...). Good point with RVB, I included him in there as I didn't pay much attention to him until his big senior year when Hoke and Mattison came in.

Point to you sir!

You can sub any other, ie. Burzynski, Brink...etc along the lines and as gritty white guys. :)


August 25th, 2014 at 1:54 PM ^

I just meant that we have a number of guys who have see a college field before, and Canteen has not. Experienced, in this context, just means "has experience" as opposed to "has none." My point is, it's not like Canteen got beat out by another rookie, he is only sitting behind one guy, and that guy has caught a touchdown in a college football game. In terms of "experience," Chesson sure has a edge over Canteen, wouldn't you say?


August 25th, 2014 at 2:25 PM ^

You have a very low bar for "experienced". Chesson had 15 catches and Norfleet had 6, everyone else zero (or damn close to it.)  I'd call our DE, LBs, and CBs experienced but WR is probably the least experienced position group on this team - yes, even compared to OL.  At least on OL there are some people who have started games at their positions.

I'm far more confident in the WR, due to talent and what they've shown at other positions, but experience is the big thing the unit lacks. It's why so many of us thought/think Canteen can make an immediate impact even as a (more) raw freshman.

Chesson is also more experienced than Darboh, but nobody is making a big deal out of these technicalities because he is still very inexperienced.


August 25th, 2014 at 3:56 PM ^

Chesson played important snaps in every game, and a 3rd receiver with a secure spot is basically a starter in modern football. the fact that he was less productive than Gallon and Funchess doesnt make him inexperienced. especially since he has shown such an affinity for the less glamorous parts of the position.


August 25th, 2014 at 4:49 PM ^

The fact that this is even being arrgued is maybe the most telling thing thing about the inexperience of the unit.

Funchess was a TE, so the most experienced WR who has played WR on the roster has FIFTEEN career receptions, has only played one year, and was behind Gallon, Reynolds, and Jackson on the depth chart for the bulk of that one year.

Ben Gedeon (more meaningful snaps?) and Terry Richardson (more practices) might be more experienced than Chesson.


August 25th, 2014 at 7:22 PM ^

Look, I told you what I meant by "experienced" and that is 'has experience."  If you want to use it in a different context and have a conversation with yourself, go for it.  

It's not terribly uncommon for the opening week depth chart to have the returning player who played last year to be above the guy who didn't.  Are there exceptions?  Of course.  Might that change over the course of the season?  You bet. 

But it doesn't say anything bad about Canteen because he's #2 behind a guy who played a lot last year and looked good doing it.


August 25th, 2014 at 11:21 PM ^

but your argument is weak

"we have some good, experienced receivers" does not equal "Chesson has played more snaps, technically, than Canteen who is a freshman". You're either trying back out of what you said or what you said was the most banal thing ever: you can't be inexperienced relative to a true freshman.


August 25th, 2014 at 12:18 PM ^

I've said it before, but not knowing where to line up, or being sure of the playbook (especially hot adjustments) but still doing well because you are just that physically gifted flies in practices and scrimmages, but it doesn't fly in games. He was still kind of iffy looking in the sUTL as far as really understanding his role in the offense. A wrong read or adjustment in a game could be disasterous (i.e. pick six).

I expect him to up his playing time as the season goes on and he gets more comfortable in Nuss's system.


August 25th, 2014 at 12:26 PM ^

I think the consensus is more that he'll play this season, and even factor, than start the first game.  As a freshman who didn't play many games in HS he's got a LOT to pick up, but if he's up to the task he may be in and out of the rotation by B1G play.  I reaaally doubt they'll redshirt him.

Danny Bonaduce

August 25th, 2014 at 11:44 AM ^

I mentioned this in the first depth chart thread but he is a very large human (6'4", 296) that is reportedly one of the strongest players on the entire team.  If he does end up starting and playing a lot, I view that as a positive.  He came in as a walk-on and beat out several higher rated scholarship players.  It could be Hokespeak but I think he is going to be heavily involved in our defense this year.


August 25th, 2014 at 12:08 PM ^

Yeah - college football fans have a tendency to do this. Every year people insisted that Kovacs wasn't going to start because one of our scholarship safeties was sure to pass him. Last year people were more worried about Glasgow starting than Kalis, even though he consistently outplayed him and is older.

I hope Ryan Glasgow turns out to be a super star. He has more eligibility left than Pipkins anyway.


August 25th, 2014 at 12:33 PM ^

tackles on the interior is the greatest measurement of how well someone's playing there. Playing sound technique, occupying OLs who might otherwise release, keeping LBs clean, helping to collapse pocket, penetrating a gap, and so forth may be more important. Obviously tackles are nice, but seems like someone who could consistently do the above would still be a good player, particularly if you have solid LBs behind.  Not saying that Glasgow is that guy but speaking generally about interior DL.  

Would be interested to hear from a coach on what a staff would look at when grading out a 1 tech.