Michigan Offers Daelin Hayes

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Daelin Hayes (2)

Name: Daelin Hayes
Position: Outside Linebacker
Ht/Wt: 6'3" / 225 lbs.
Location: St. Mary’s Preparatory – Orchard Lake, MI (2016)
Offers: Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee
Rating: N/A
Ranking: N/A

The Michigan coaching staff decided to offer 2016 LB prospect Daelin Hayes over the weekend while he was in town for a photo shoot and an unofficial visit. At 6’3” and 225 lbs. Daelin passes the eyeball test with flying colors and while most recruiting sites list him vaguely as an athlete or a LB/RB combo, the Wolverine coaches see him purely as an athletic outside linebacker. Daelin is the younger cousin of current Wolverine, Justice Hayes, and that proved to be advantageous while Daelin was in Ann Arbor. I asked Daelin about that connection to the program, the overall feel of the weekend, and the moment he was offered.

I got there around 9 am for Tom Lemming’s magazine photo shoot which was in Michigan Stadium. So then after that we just went straight to the scrimmage, a few of us, Mike Weber and Tyriq Thompson. We went to the Michigan practice and Coach Jackson actually called me over when they were practicing and he told me to stay after practice, like stay for the entire time because Coach Hoke wanted to speak with me. So practice ended and Coach Hoke calls me over onto the field with Coach Mattison and said, “We want you to play linebacker for the University of Michigan.” I really just thought that this was them saying that they were interested, like they just say that and then an offer might come later or whatever. Then Coach Hoke was like, “You know what that means right? You have an offer from the University of Michigan” I just came in, gave him a huge hug, gave all the coaches hugs. It was just a great day. My mom was very excited, she was tearing up a little bit. Then I was at Michigan all day on Saturday, I was able to stay with Justice. I hung around the other players and stuff. I was able to spend a lot of time with the team, in the players lounge. Justice was telling me a lot about what it’s like. He also just told me to take my time and make sure I make the right decision. He told me that offers are going to come so just be patient and take my time.

Michigan has joined the Spartans and the Volunteers as the only schools to offer Daelin thus far, a list that is surely going to grow, but now Daelin is focusing on other potential visits in the future.

I will definitely be up at Michigan again soon. I’m going to be at State sometime possibly this week and I will be at Penn State’s spring game.

With three solid offers already on the table I asked Daelin to disclose what other schools he might be interested in hearing from on a more official basis and he singled out Notre Dame, UCLA, and Penn State. Those three schools along with the offers from Michigan, Michigan State, and Tennessee round out his current top six with all of them providing something special.

I like certain things about each school. With Michigan State, my relationship with Coach Dantonio and Coach Salem that I’ve had since I was in the 9th grade. That was my first unofficial visit and I’ve been up there maybe six times so it’s familiar.

Going down to Tennessee, being in SEC country, football is like a religion down south. They took everything very seriously. They were the only school that actually went over what they would do with me on defense. They were trying to quiz me on what I would call if I was on the field. It was very hands on and they got to the point very quickly.

Then something like the degree from Michigan. It’s such a prestigious school, on the field and off the field. The degree to fall back on if football doesn’t work out is unbelievable. Every player wants to play in the NFL but we all know that’s not the reality. Being able to do both, being able to be a great student in the classroom and a great player on the field at a place like Michigan is special.

Hayes understands that he’s just a sophomore and that his offer list will continue to expand so right now he’s just enjoying the process and letting it all sink in. He is working out and training very hard, along with participating in track to stay in shape and improve his speed.


Hayes and I spoke for a few minutes off the record and let’s just say he really likes Michigan. He’s definitely not in a hurry to commit, but Michigan will absolutely be in it for him until he makes his decision. He speaks with Coach Singletary once or twice a week and will continue to do so throughout his process. Having an older cousin on the team isn’t hurting either.


0 - Passing interest or none
1 - Let's see if he visits before we talk
2 - Among large (8-15) group under consideration
3 - Contender in a top 3-7
4 - Tentative lead or solidly in a top 2-3
5 – Trending Blue

If Daelin was closer to a decision date I think he could be a 5 on The Vibe scale. He won’t commit for a while and because of that I expect a lot of big time players to get involved in his recruitment. That being said, I still believe Michigan will remain at or near the top of his list.



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He's from Saugatuck

Graduated from Ferris State, spent most of his coaching years at Central Michigan.  He's probably got a lot of contacts with high school coaches all over the Midwest, but especially in MI.

He'll be a pain in the ass for a few years, selling that SEC angle.  But more likly taking the second tier kids in MI and OH (unless they start winning, where he'll become a bigger problem).

Brandon Brown

March 25th, 2014 at 10:32 AM ^

Butch Jones was born and raised in Michigan and played and graduated from Ferris. He also coached at Ferris State and CMU from 1995-2009 with a 1 year stint at WVU in 05-06 so he is very rooted in Michigan.

I know he's only been at Tennessee for a couple of seasons but that explains it at least in recent years.

Assocaiate Head Coach/D Line coach also coached at CMU and other midwest universities.

Offensive Coordinator and QB coach Bajakian was a GA at Michigan and also an assistant at CMU.

The list goes on and on. Basically Tennessee's entire staff had stints at some school in Michigan during their coaching careers. Pretty interesting actually to look it all up.



The Geek

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The degree to fall back on if football doesn’t work out is unbelievable. Every player wants to play in the NFL but we all know that’s not the reality. Being able to do both, being able to be a great student in the classroom and a great player on the field at a place like Michigan is special.

Buckle Up!


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seem to feature a lot of him at RB.  I watched two of them, but is there any with him more at LB featured?  Seems like the school or coaches are pushing the RB stuff...

Brandon Brown

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He said right now that's his only film. He actually said he can't believe the leap of faith Michigan, MSU, and Tennessee have taken in him to play LB because there's not much out there on him. He told me he is falling in love with the LB position and knows for sure that he will there in college so his final 2 years of high school should do a great deal in showcasing his skills at that position.

Decatur Jack

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Excellent article. I really like the addition of "The Vibe" as a way for us fans to gauge an idea of where the recruit is in relation to interest in Michigan.

HOWEVA, IMO, I feel like many of the options are very similar to each other. 0 and 1 could basically be considered the same thing. How can we really know a difference between 2 and 3 unless the recruit specifically lays out a top ten? Would McDowell be considered a 4? I think most of us would cringe at the "tentative leader" part in that case.

Here's what I would suggest you use instead, although you can disregard if you are so inclined:

5: Michigan leads
4: Michigan in top 2 or 3
3: Seriously Considering (i.e. Top 5 or Top 10)
2: Some Interest (i.e. Strongly Wants to Visit)
1: Mild Interest, Recruitment an Uphill Battle
0: Not Looking at Michigan, or Committed Elsewhere

This way you can give us a more precise gauge of where the recruit's interest lies, and most of these options can be based off the prospect's quotes.

Just trying to make things easier.


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Credit to Justice, too, who hasn't seen the field much and I heard chatter of him transferring... he couldve been a baby about it.....

and I digress....   I wondered why Justice hasn't seen the field more because I really like his slashing quickness.... am hoping the slot really works out for him because I'd like to see the ball in his hands alot more.


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Justice Hayes just isn't all that fast, and he struggles to break tackles. He reminds me a little bit of someone like Clarence Williams, a guy who was a decent player but probably wouldn't have played much if Michigan had better options. That just happened to be the rare year that Michigan didn't have a stud tailback like a Wheatley, Powers, Biakabutuka, Thomas, Perry, Hart, etc.