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Seth June 13th, 2012 at 9:04 AM


HT to MFanNE for putting this in a thread: ESPN has begun culling the latest data submitted by member institutions to NCAA on how much money their athletic departments are actually raking and spending. Since ESPN in a fit of awesomeness decided to leave their database for 2008-'11 just lying there for the Excel-ing, I figured I might grab the data and shoot the sheet.

The universities gather these data for their Title IX reports, therefore I am almost positive they reflect the budgets for entire athletic departments, not just football. But football being football you can expect most of the swings were football. Totals from those four years are what is presented and sorted by below.

Note that private schools and public schools in Pennsylvania don't have to report, therefore they haven't on many of these. This applies to BC, Duke, Miami (YTM), Wake Forest, Pitt, Cuse, Northwestern, Penn State, Baylor, Rice, SMU, Tulane, Tulsa, Navy, BYU, Notre Dame, Temple, TCU, Stanford, USC, and Vanderbilt. This will screw with conference overall data.

Tickets Sales:

# University Conf 2011 Ticket Sales '08-11
1 Texas Big XII $61,196,689 $218,023,679
2 Ohio State Big Ten $50,009,395 $168,909,180
3 Michigan Big Ten $41,668,589 $161,183,642
4 Oklahoma Big XII $35,856,411 $140,522,879
5 Tennessee SEC $36,109,495 $133,344,917
6 Louisiana State SEC $35,079,579 $130,770,048
7 Arkansas SEC $35,931,551 $129,398,009
8 Nebraska MWC $31,716,096 $127,763,729
9 Texas A&M Big XII $32,771,997 $125,721,452
10 Alabama SEC $31,712,455 $118,408,270

The ticket sales thing is going to be a bit janky since I don't know where the donations to get tickets count. Minus Penn State and Northwestern, but including Nebraska, the Big Ten is the only conference averaging over $25k/year per school.

Student Fees:

# University Conf Student Fees '08-'11
1 Central Florida C-USA $66,507,930
2 Akron MAC $62,782,188
3 Florida International Sun Belt $60,801,888
4 Miami (NNTM) MAC $54,917,961
5 South Florida Big East $52,288,800
6 Virginia ACC $48,126,961
7 Kent State MAC $42,176,390
8 East Carolina C-USA $41,732,142
9 Toledo MAC $38,813,408
10 Bowling Green MAC $38,370,444

With the exception of Virginia, these schools are drawing from the students way more than they can get from contributions.

University Subsidies:

# University Conf University subsidy '08-'11
1 Rutgers Big East $70,998,359
2 Central Michigan MAC $62,051,172
3 Houston C-USA $56,954,372
4 Western Michigan MAC $55,279,664
5 Eastern Michigan MAC $54,250,931

Two schools trying to build a case to be in BCS conferences, and the directional Michigan schools. When you vote for David Brandon, you vote to end this shameless expenditure on MAC-letics. #BrandonforMichigan2014

More after the jump.

$cratch from Playing in Away Games:

314 Seth's river house

# University Conf $ from playing in away games '08-'11
1 Ohio State Big Ten $14,979,075
2 Army Independent $13,905,320
3 UCLA Pac12 $10,821,525
4 Louisiana-Monroe Sun Belt $10,395,500
5 Arkansas State Sun Belt $8,761,400
6 Troy Sun Belt $8,562,000
7 Oregon State Pac12 $8,253,395
8 Florida International Sun Belt $7,704,500
9 North Carolina ACC $7,377,017
10 Washington State Pac12 $7,213,733
... ... ... ...
90 Michigan Big Ten $958,257

That's the Ohio the State, not OHIO. Only 99 teams reported so Michigan is near the end. The rest of the bottom 10 after us goes Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, A&M, Arkansas, Tennessee, Auburn, and Bama. Non-conference road games for Ohio State in that time: USC and Miami (YTM). For UCLA: BYU, Tennessee, Kansas State, Texas, and Houston. For Michigan: Notre Dame twice. Army and the Sun Belt teams whored themselves around the country in one-offs. I don't get why Ohio State is up there.

Payments to Coaches & Staff from a 3rd Party:

# University Conf 4-year
1 South Carolina SEC $11,503,020
2 Mississippi State SEC $8,328,661
3 Mississippi SEC $8,061,707
4 Alabama SEC $6,663,374
5 Rutgers Big East $5,986,631
6 Georgia SEC $5,292,907
7 Arkansas SEC $3,877,233
8 Louisiana State SEC $3,542,056

This I believe. S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C! Schiano Stay! S-E-C!

(Michigan pays none).

Money from Conference (read: TV deal):

# University Conf NCAA, conferences
1 Indiana Big Ten $97,560,466
2 Michigan State Big Ten $90,524,327
3 Iowa Big Ten $89,396,081
4 Illinois Big Ten $88,494,971
5 Purdue Big Ten $87,677,914
6 Wisconsin Big Ten $87,317,931
7 Michigan Big Ten $84,633,227
8 Minnesota Big Ten $83,365,973
9 Florida SEC $71,189,237
10 Kentucky SEC $68,921,867
11 Arkansas SEC $68,717,859
12 Louisiana State SEC $68,092,454
13 Auburn SEC $66,301,139
14 Georgia SEC $66,033,303
15 South Carolina SEC $64,259,921
16 Mississippi SEC $63,945,414
17 Ohio State Big Ten $62,639,774
18 Mississippi State SEC $62,590,190
19 Tennessee SEC $60,140,691
20 Oklahoma Big XII $59,230,874

That's where Ohio State's money went. I think they counted the payments from their Big Ten home games.

Contributions & Donations:

# University Conf 2011 4-Year
1 Florida SEC $41,995,792 $164,705,155
2 Oklahoma State Big XII $26,978,331 $163,050,172
3 Texas Big XII $37,337,126 $146,796,209
4 Oregon Pac12 $33,214,707 $143,280,885
5 Auburn SEC $32,849,477 $129,559,076
6 Louisiana State SEC $31,927,029 $124,608,744
7 Alabama SEC $30,082,101 $123,541,957
8 Georgia SEC $28,639,938 $114,824,505
9 Virginia ACC $34,503,066 $108,965,772
10 Tennessee SEC $27,936,952 $105,957,898
11 Texas A&M Big XII $18,059,015 $99,857,296
12 Ohio State Big Ten $17,636,938 $99,841,831
13 Kansas Big XII $18,770,322 $99,385,281
14 Iowa Big Ten $26,622,140 $96,352,289
15 Florida State ACC $19,302,120 $93,310,856
16 South Carolina SEC $23,987,283 $90,551,581
17 Oklahoma Big XII $28,671,113 $82,694,630
18 Michigan State Big Ten $18,025,593 $78,197,749
19 Texas Tech Big XII $18,704,918 $76,975,859
20 Michigan Big Ten $27,961,623 $75,149,049

Frankly I expected Michigan to be at the top of this list. Maybe the down years suppressed this a bit but had we averaged the $28 million (which I believe includes things like the minimum donations to get your season tickets) we're still behind the SEC schools. Okie State and Oregon received major single donations from their sugar daddies, others are expanding stadiums. Kansas? Iowa? MSU? When Michigan can call a guy and say "look, we need $400k to send the band to Texas; you good for it?" on a whim?

Media Rights:

This isn't the games they're broadcasting, else it would be conference dollars.

# University Conf Media rights
1 North Carolina ACC $42,810,783
2 Ohio State Big Ten $37,119,194
3 Alabama SEC $34,677,469
4 Kentucky SEC $30,727,702
5 Louisiana State SEC $27,948,121
... ... ... ...
40 Michigan Big Ten $2,025,000

Mostly I just posted it in hopes someone out there can explain this one.


# University Conf Licensing, royalties, ads, sponsorships
1 Texas Big XII $79,709,831
2 Michigan Big Ten $65,510,076
3 Florida State ACC $47,496,494
4 Oklahoma Big XII $43,994,606
5 Nebraska Big Ten $40,451,305
6 Connecticut Big East $39,729,797
7 Texas A&M Big XII $38,893,297
8 Ohio State Big Ten $37,947,229
9 Florida SEC $37,434,725
10 UCLA Pac12 $35,052,273

The Adidas deal, Europeans' weird fetish for Michigan apparel, set against Texas owning the most obnoxious state in the union and Walmart shoppers' weird fetish for Florida State apparel. UConn got cool among northeast hipster communities for a time in 2009 as an accessory to Snooki Halloween costumes. I am making this up.

Profit and Loss Statement, a Top 25:

Sorted by gross.

# University Conf Revenues Expenses Profit (4-yr)
1 Texas Big XII $552,598,799 $502,771,142 $49,827,657
2 Alabama SEC $502,580,451 $450,769,374 $51,811,077
3 Ohio State Big Ten $490,438,600 $479,151,079 $11,287,521
4 Florida SEC $444,040,798 $413,840,568 $30,200,230
5 Tennessee SEC $436,061,102 $429,821,124 $6,239,978
6 Michigan Big Ten $423,833,218 $371,016,549 $52,816,669
7 Penn State Big Ten $410,281,226 $320,534,287 $89,746,939
8 LSU SEC $404,186,985 $369,726,214 $34,460,771
9 Wisconsin Big Ten $379,251,362 $370,533,869 $8,717,493
10 Auburn SEC $372,907,236 $346,728,229 $26,179,007
11 Oklahoma Big XII $361,436,974 $340,393,000 $21,043,974
12 Texas A&M Big XII $360,668,222 $309,491,231 $51,176,991
13 Georgia SEC $351,139,192 $308,577,380 $42,561,812
14 Notre Dame Independent $349,835,780 $276,109,188 $73,726,592
15 Okie State Big XII $343,821,532 $316,468,972 $27,352,560
16 Iowa Big Ten $343,575,662 $305,215,187 $38,360,475
17 Mich State Big Ten $328,791,110 $327,015,503 $1,775,607
18 Oregon Pac12 $323,887,328 $270,639,043 $53,248,285
19 Stanford Pac12 $314,202,587 $312,668,353 $1,534,234
20 Kentucky SEC $308,364,164 $301,551,655 $6,812,509
21 USC Pac12 $308,017,139 $308,017,139 $0
22 Nebraska Big Ten $307,537,756 $299,179,167 $8,358,589
23 S Carolina SEC $302,421,479 $296,704,309 $5,717,170
24 Arkansas SEC $301,851,426 $280,437,125 $21,414,301
25 Florida State ACC $300,853,875 $306,270,241 ($5,416,366)

Everybody reported this at least so I can give you the conference averages over the same four-year period:

Conf Revenues Expenses Profit
Big Ten $331,938,422 $309,921,928 $22,016,494
SEC $329,625,421 $308,939,850 $20,685,572
Big XII $299,825,261 $276,917,712 $22,907,550
ACC $245,736,878 $240,195,775 $5,541,103
Pac12 $240,005,201 $233,704,294 $6,300,907
Big East $209,392,616 $206,716,254 $2,676,362
Independent $183,765,046 $156,322,503 $27,442,543
MWC $144,562,111 $143,661,416 $900,695
C-USA $116,679,131 $115,628,339 $1,050,792
WAC $91,400,988 $91,793,266 $(392,279)
MAC $91,288,773 $89,333,984 $1,954,789
Sun Belt $62,916,666 $65,759,477 $(2,842,811)

Notre Dame is still the top earner in Indiana. Though not by much.

Pieces of expenditure bullets.

  • Stanford, Michigan, and Notre Dame pay out the most in tuition aid, because our schools are the most expensive. The service academies pay nothing; the three non-Baton Rouge schools in Louisiana are bunched at the bottom, putting about $2 to $3 million per year back into the school to cover financial aid.
  • OSU, Indiana, UCLA and Michigan State paid the most to visiting teams (we were 33rd).
  • In total coaches salaries, M is 7th behind Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Alabama, with LSU right behind. Football, man.
  • Michigan was 8th in recruiting budget, with Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and the big SEC schools on top. We were 6th in team travel, with Wisconsin oddly on top.
  • Texas spent $77 million, more than the next highest two combined, on "Game day expenses." Of the few stadiums on that list I've been to I think we're looking at the largest tailgates. Michigan is 25th, mostly post-MSU pumpkin cleanup.



June 13th, 2012 at 9:26 AM ^

One thing re: high travel costs - Wisco has been to Pasedena a few times. And IIRC they also play at UNLV every so often to appease a very big donor, so that might have something to do with their travel costs.


June 13th, 2012 at 9:37 AM ^

Can you do a sort of the Revenue/Expense/Profit table by profit instead of revenue? Be interesting to see where we fall there.


June 13th, 2012 at 9:53 AM ^

Man, I wish you'd come up with a different title for this than "Michigan Museday."  I realize you're desperately trying to follow in Brian's "Unverified Voracity" footsteps, but the title is just horrific.  I enjoy reading this every Monday, but cringe every week when I read the title again.


June 13th, 2012 at 11:18 AM ^

I'm all for changing the name. Afterall this isn't my column, it's MICHIGAN's column /Mattison.

If you've got a clever name change for the series, I'd love to have it. I want there to be a name because it differentiates my articles from Brian's, thus avoiding confusion over who wrote it.

I was thinking of something having to do with pointing. Pointing Session? Hokepoints? Pointing at ______?

The idea is it's supposed to be a discussion on whatever the fanbase is obsessing over that week/month. 


June 13th, 2012 at 11:53 AM ^

The obvious choices are "Finger points" or "Seth Points out the obvious". Or something like (as you might have titled todays) "Seth Fingers College Football's money hole".  Wait.... uh...

However, you might want something a little more timeless. Try "Burying Woody Hayes" , "With Might and Main", or something that recalls UM past... just a thought.


June 13th, 2012 at 12:40 PM ^

I second the idea to replace "Muesday".  I have no idea why, but it just doesn't appeal to me either (sorry nothing personal).

How about "Point of Information:" / "Point of Order:"?  (As in parlimentary procedure w/ a Hoke reference).

Content of the posts is great though.  Keep up the good work Seth.

Feat of Clay

June 13th, 2012 at 10:02 AM ^

What makes Nebraska's high rank on licensing awesome is the fact that Nebraska's appeal is largely contained within the state, and Nebraska ranks 38th by population. 

So that number reflects the reality that the average Nebraskan owns something like 17 pieces of logo apparel, and has at least one Husker-related something plastered on their truck.


June 13th, 2012 at 10:30 AM ^

i suppose this has to do with things like radio broadcasting fees, stadium naming rights, coach's show sponsorships, advertising in programs and in the stadium, fees to allow something be "the official something of something." i can surmise that the UNC, UK and OSU stuff might have something to do with those programs also having wildly successful basketball programs. i am not sure how 'bama would work into that.


June 13th, 2012 at 10:42 AM ^

after firing Craig James into the sun is make a rule that every school that didn't break even over a five year period would either have to show that thet were close to being able to do that or go down to FCS. The obscene student fees some schools are forced to pay is despicable. 


June 13th, 2012 at 11:18 AM ^

Especially since it seems like these schools could simply eliminate thier football team and invest heavily in Basketball, where it is much easier to become good. Take BGSU, my hometown team-- they already have a pretty nice new gym. Add a sweet training facility, pay for better coaching, and rebrand away from orange and brown (or at least go back to their 1960's style unis) and I garuntee that they would be much more efficient in getting BGSU on TV than they ever would having a terrible football team. 


June 13th, 2012 at 11:40 AM ^


For powerhouses, yes it helps a lot. Private schools like University of Miami and Notre Dame and USC find it crucial. Big state universities use it to substantially increase national prestige and to foster hometown loyalties that translate into capturing a greater share of the in-state intellectual pool. The football program is the "front porch" of American universities. They establish the institutions as brands long before kids start looking at the educational side. I think if you polled the Michigan students and alumni on this board on why we chose to go to Michigan, our fandom for Michigan football as children admittedly played a large role.

My own applied-to list coming out of high school was Columbia, Princeton, Northwestern, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan State (accepted to the last 4, got as far as Phase 2 at NWern)-- five Big Ten schools and two of the oldest football programs in the country. Late in the game a good friend said she was looking at Washington University in St. Louis and I quickly applied there too, but before that I didn't know it even existed.


June 13th, 2012 at 12:01 PM ^

For schools which are essentially solvent, that makses sense. But you can't tell me that BGSU or Central Florida wouldn't benefit more by simply putting up giant billboards in the fifty biggest cities or by simply buying a commercial spot. As a marketing tool, I just don't understand how its worth 10 million dollars in student fees to have an athletic program.  Its funny-- in High School, I didn't know washington (Stl), either. Now? Grad school possibility. 


June 13th, 2012 at 12:39 PM ^

Because most programs aren't profitable. It varies year to year-


12% of college athletic programs are profitable


To 22 of 228 D1 programs made a profit-



But you're looking at maybe 2 conferences of teams after 5 years. Though that would solve the playoff problem. ("Welcome to the National Championship Game at the Rose Bowl, presented by....")


June 13th, 2012 at 4:07 PM ^

For example, at Virginia, all students can go to all sporting events for free. So for the student fee number to be comparable, all schools would have to include their student ticket revenue. It's still unfair to basically force your student body to pay for athletic tickets, but every athletic department is getting money from students in some form.


June 13th, 2012 at 12:56 PM ^

I think a lot of it has to do with how the schools fill out and categorize stuff. We now do our tv show through the marketing deal we have with IMG.  Before, when it was individually produced Michigan Replay it was probably outside revenue.  Now that it's done "in-house" things like that fall under the checks IMG write us, rather than outside media.

Likewise, I think not too long ago Michigan changed how coaches got paid outside of their salary. Hoke's base salary is $300k, but he gets all the rest of it from Adidas, tv show, etc.  


I think those used to be direct payments to the coach, but now for "propriety and appearance" I think those are paid to the University, the the U pays the coaches. It's defacto the same thing but makes them feel better about it. Like there's oversight or something. Where as at a lot of schools it's probably still the other way, so it might look like more is coming from the outside than at Michigan. (And, of course, I'm sure a coaching show in Alabama goes for more than in Michigan).

Donation-wise, if anything, it's probably up in this era of forced donations. Michigan Athletic donors have been historically and notoriously cheap.  We've ALWAYS ranked way behind other schools with big time programs. I bet if it was tracked, we've probably moved up the list. I'm sure part of it is we have big time donors who probably give a bigger percentage to the school than the AD, unlike a lot of lesser schools, but even so there's a reason it takes so long to get some of these things built...it takes forever to pull together enough donors.  Bo had a long haul getting the building that would be named after him built. Martin did different sections and sports one at a time because there wasn't enough donor money to do all at once.  We demand a lot, but haven't historically wanted to pay for it.


June 13th, 2012 at 1:26 PM ^

Does anyone else notice how closely Harvey Korman/Count de Monet resembles Rich Rodriguez?  For a while there I thought it was a photoshop.


June 15th, 2012 at 1:04 AM ^

Weirdly, Navy didn't report what Air Force and Army did. Ticket sales, student fees, contributions and donations, payments to coaches from 3rd parties, NCAA and conference payments, money from away games, media rights, royalties, payments to visiting teams, coaches' salaries, recruiting, team travel, game day expenses, fund raising/marketing expenses, and medical insurance were all itemized by Air Force and Army, but not reported by Navy. I don't think this is DoD classification or privacy. I think Navy asked what ND reported and reported that, and nobody FOIAed them because they could probably level ESPN headquarters with the U.S.S. Constitution, let alone the Nimitz. One of the most important rules you learn in Journalism school: never fuck with anyone who owns a carrier group.