Michigan In Good Shape With Levonta Taylor

Submitted by Brandon Brown on June 14th, 2014 at 1:09 AM

Name: Levonta Taylor
Position: Cornerback
Ht/Wt: 5’11" / 178 lbs.
Location: Ocean Lakes - Virginia Beach, VA (2016)
Offers: Virginia, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Hawaii, LSU, Marshall, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, NC State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Old Dominion, Penn State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Wisconsin
Rating: ★★ .9805 (247 Composite)
Ranking: #44 NAT / #3 CB  (247 Composite)

Michigan has done well recruiting in Virginia plucking Derrick Green in 2013, Wilton Speight in 2014, and Garrett Taylor who is currently a verbal pledge from the 2015 class. With hopes of continuing that tradition, the Wolverines recently offered 2016 cornerback Levonta Taylor out of Virginia Beach.

Coach Roy Manning, who is the Virginia area recruiter as well as the cornerbacks coach, is heading up Taylor's recruitment and so far it is off to a great start.

I was at the Rivals 5-Star challenge getting registered for that and right when I first got there my coach just called me and told me that Michigan had offered. It was a great offer to get because I'm real cool with Coach Roy. He's the cornerbacks coach and it's good for me too because he's my area recruiter. That's a big plus for me that he's going to be recruiting me and would be my position coach too. 

Coach Manning isn't the only thing that Taylor likes about the Wolverines. One of the things that draws Taylor to Michigan has been there for almost 90 years and another hasn't been there at all yet.

Another thing that I love about Michigan is that they have the biggest stadium. I've always loved playing in front of a crowd. Plus they are going to have one of my favorite players from high school, Jabrill Peppers.

Taylor has taken notice of MIchigan's recruiting efforts but as a top 50 player many other schools are putting in work as well.

Virginia, Michigan State, and LSU are coming at me pretty hard. There's like a lot more that are coming at me but those two or three are coming at me the most. Clemson too.

As a rising junior, Taylor has two full seasons of high school football left but he already has a loose plan in place of how his recruitment will come to an end.

My parents want me to commit before or maybe during my senior season so I'll be coming out with a list probably after this upcoming season. I'm going to come with a top 10 and then probably two or three months after that release a top 5. Michigan will always be in my top group, no matter what. Whether it's 10 or 5, they'll be there.

Taylor says that a visit to Ann Arbor is definitely in his future plans but doesn't have anything on the calendar just yet. He has played in a 7 on 7 tournament before with his Virginia Thoroughbred's team in the state of Michigan, but has never been on campus. Taylor also mentioned his late aunt that graduated from Michigan and says he knows she'd love the idea of him sporting the maize and blue someday.


5 – Trending Blue
4 – Solidly in a top 2-3 
3 – Contender in a top 3-7 
2 – Among large (8-15) group under consideration
1 – Let’s see if he visits before we talk
0 – Passing interest or none

Just after Taylor and I spoke he was invited to The Opening, a big deal for a 2016 prospect. He mentioned that he was waiting for that invitation so he could plan out his summer a little bit better as a multi-day trip to Oregon tends to chop up the calendar a bit. I will be in touch with Levonta to see if a trip to Ann Arbor materializes but his relationship with Roy Manning and the connections that the staff has made in Virginia already seem to have gone a long way with him.



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need to add something. Recuiting prowess, as we all know, is the lifeblood of any program. He has suddenly emerged as the "top dog" in that respect so I predict far more for him than remaining a position coach in respect to Michigan football. We all are aware it takes time to become the head man on your side of the ball, but he has already added significantly to his initial duties when first hired. It's the type of thing you do in any business to determine how much responsibility an employee can handle.  I am not going to be surprised to watch his responsibility grow the longer his relationship with Michigan continues. Because it's a very competitive business in respect to landing your "coveted" job when you enter the coaching ranks, your immediate boss, in his case the DC and the HMFIC take a very keen interest as to which groups are responding well to their immediate coach.  Soon thereafter the "grooming" process begins and your coaching duties increase significantly for those that begin distancing themselves from their counterparts shortly after their hiring.  We know this has been the case in Regard to Coach Manning, and when one proves they've got the teaching thing down, obviously those that are able to repeatedly bring in clue chippers to make the entire staff's job easier the "fast track" becomes a hell of a lot faster.  Obviously the stand outs, not unlike the players become a hot commodity. I am certain, albeit his coaching stint here has really not been that long what he has been able to achieve both in player development and the REALLY BIG ONE, being instrumental in giving us the deepest, most talented defensive backfield for as long as I can recall the Big Guy is going to do everything in his power to make certain he does not get away.  Keep up the great work Coach. You will be rewarded. 


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Right now is an example of that. It is a minority program through the NFL but I don't think it's a coincidence that it was the Bears who invited him to train with Hoke's brother. It does a lot for Michigan to help him learn a position he doesn't have experience with and expands Manning a resume and adds loyalty to Hoke. Tremendous thing for everyone.

If things work out, it may be a Manning versus Nuss battle for head coach when Hoke leaves. It seems like Manning is being groomed for the position though.


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He could be a coordinator when Nuss or Mattison leave. As far as Nuss is concerned, if he is successful I can see us wanting him back if he would come and he would have head coach experience. Manning would have more time with the program. Lot of variables to consider before then but I can potentially see either being there under the right circumstances.


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It would be great to get and keep a foot in the door at the school that produced Eli Harold (UVa) and Derek Nnadi (FSU commit). Though 7-on-7 coaches are also really important down in that part of VA.


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cornor backs and I don't understand why. You can have the best CB's in the country and they will look average if there is no pass rush. I have not read of any high profile recruited pass rushers for Michigan. Without an outstanding pass rush, pass defenses usually fail.