Michigan After Grad Transfer OL Sunny Odogwu

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This is slightly unexpected after Michigan seemingly straight up passed on Cal transfer Aaron Cochran (who ended up at Oklahoma State) but Michigan threw its hat in the ring for this gent:

Odogwu is an enormous but injury-plagued dude who's started 14 games over the course of his career.

He was Miami's starting RT last year until injury hewed him down, and his late decision to transfer comes after he was held out of much of spring practice. His injury history is extensive

Odogwu’s broken lower-left leg was sustained on the first of back-to-back sack plays by FSU in the fourth quarter of the Oct. 8 Florida State at UM game last season. It looked severe when the Miami Herald reviewed replays from the ABC telecast. Defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi, a 6-1, 312-pound junior, got past UM center Nick Linder, made the sack, then fell on the back of Odogwu’s lower left leg and ankle —Linder falling with them and Odogwu’s ankle bending unnaturally.

Replacing Odogwu back then was 6-5, 305-pound sophomore Tyree St. Louis, who played a lot last season because Odogwu “has had some knee issues in the past,” Richt said back in October, specifically a torn MCL in his right knee that got surgically repaired in mid-December 2015.

When he's been on the field he's impressed. PFF gave him a very solid 70 in that Miami-FSU game, specifically noting the OL's performance against an FSU front four you may remember decimating the Michigan OL in the bowl game:

Miami’s offensive line kept the Seminoles’ excellent defensive front relatively quiet throughout the course of the game. DeMarcus Walker was largely anonymised by the Hurricanes’ veteran group.

Walker and Odogwu battled to a draw, something that Michigan really could have used last year. It's possible Michigan saw Cochran as just a guy and sees Odogwu as a potential upgrade if he can stay on the field. While that's clearly a major question mark, Michigan has a spare scholarship so the downside is nothing. Might as well take a shot.

Far more certain is Odogwu's ability to give a quote. Beat writers are currently praying to all available deities this comes off.

He refused to answer the first question from reporters, claiming he doesn’t speak English.

He was joking, which is something he does often.

Asked to describe his personality, he began with this:

“Sunny, Sunny Odogwu, the ultimate Sunny Odogwu, which is me. I’m Sunny Odogwu. That’s who I am.

“I hate the sunshine. I love midnight. At night, my energy comes out the most. That’s who I am. I’m Sunny. And I like riding bikes and doing stuff that people don’t normally do.”

Odogwu's next stop is UCLA; Webb asserts that it'll be one of the two schools.



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worth taking a shot at. If he stays healthy could be a decent upgrade at RT for us. If he ends up hurt, well nothing really lost and you go with what you have now.


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I think that's part of the sales pitch. If he can stay healthy, he could be a one year solution at LT. it boosts his resume for the draft and it allows us to move Mason Cole elsewhere.


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So Webb says it'll be one of Michigan or UCLA...and in the board thread someone said Webb believes Sunny would chose Michigan over UCLA...so Webb thinks he'll come here?

I'm just gonna assume he's gonna pick UCLA because Mora has had a surprising amount of recruitig sucfess ba us and this just seems like a nice thing we never get


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of 'good shape' is.  There are going to be bodies/players on the depth chart but for the most part they are going to be quite young and inexperienced.  It's pretty common to have inexperienced depth on the oline, but usually you're hoping it's players that have been in the program for at least a year or two, if not longer.  

It sounds like UM is going to be counting on one or more guys who will be arriving this summer/August to help fill out the oline depth chart, if not possibly see the playing field.  Getting a grad transfer who has seen the field at his previous school in a power 5 conference doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Yung Geezer

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“Sunny and I had a good conversation, and he informed me that he feels his best opportunity to get the most playing time would be at another school,” coach Mark Richt said in a statement released by the school. “Sunny has been a great teammate and leader for this program, and we will miss him.”


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This article has more info on Sonny's backstory. 

He was raised in rural Nigeria without running water, electricity, or a bed, and came to the US after being discovered for his basketball talent. The Miami coaches and players all loved his positive, infectious, and hard working attitude. I really hope we land him!


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I think you'll find UCLA quite unacceptable. Come to Michigan. You'll forget what the sun looks like.

Bonus: We have bike riding! It's crazy! 

Goggles Paisano

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I can actually relate to this.  I live in FL and I swear it is sunny almost every day.  Sometimes I just want a cloudy day...actually several of them in a row might be a nice change of pace around here.  I know this is hard to fathom for those living in the North, but many of us down here get tired of the heat.  

Michael Scarn

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As a Miami fan, I can confidently say Odugwu will make a ton of fans' favorite player list if he comes to Michigan, even if he never plays a down for the maize and blue.  Great story, even better kid.


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This is a good play either way.  You have the scholarship and he's a legit talent if he can stay healthy, so might as well see if you can find a place for him on a 2-deep that is pretty shallow.