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Brian March 21st, 2008 at 4:18 PM

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A Note on "Stars": These are my guesstimates. Players don't have stars associated with them yet. When the recruiting services add them I'll adjust my ratings. Half-stars appear to provide some additional accuracy. Generally a 4.5 star is a guy solidly in the top 100 on Scout/Rivals/ESPN and really highly rated by one. A 3.5 star is either a guy who is is a 3 on one site and a 4 on the other or a four-star that no one seems particularly excited about.

A Note on Premium Info: No illicit sharing of said material will appear on this site. Players are listed with interested schools in their profiles; this information is public. Commitments are by definition public. Any assertions as to schools in the mix, decision dates, or leaders I will back up with links to public information.

Projected Class Size:

As of right now: 14, with reasonable attrition bumping the number to 17 and a likely transfer or two plus a default level of knuckleheadedness getting Michigan to 20 or so. More detail on the scholarship situation can be found at the depth chart by class.

Names Count
Expired Eligibility Massey, Taylor, Johnson, Thompson, Harrison, Trent, Panter, Logan, Jamison, Dutch, Stewart 11
Transfer Boren, Patilla 1
Early Entry Possibilities: Graham, Butler. ~1
Unrenewed Fifth Possibilities: Savoy, Criswell ~1
Other Unused: 4. 4

Total: 19.

Anything not in the "expired eligibility" is a wild-ass guess from me; read nothing into it.

Update 6/16: Removed SC WR Alshon Jeffery(USC), MI OL Zac Mattias (Wisconsin).

Linked to articles on OH RB Fitzgerald Toussaint, MI DT Will Campbell, GA S Darren Myles. Videos (one two three four) of FL WR commit Jeremy Gallon (via).

Added TX K Anthony Fera, FL CB Angelo Hadley (via VB), SC OL Quinton Washington, PA OL Adam Gress ($, info in header), VA DE Will Hill, MI RB Zurlon Tipton, AR CB Darius Winston (info in header), SC S Damario Jeffery, LA LB Barkevious Mingo, TX S Rex Burkhead.

Update 6/23: Moved IL OL Michael Schofield to committed. More on Schofield from Varsity Blue and the Sun-Times. Linked to articles on NC S DJ Swearinger, SC OL Quinton Washington, IN OL Zach Martin, OK RB David Oku, PA OL Adam Gress, second on Gress, GA LB Devekeyan Lattimore.

Added TX WR Dwayne Peace.

Removed SC S Damario Jeffery, SC RB David Sims, MI OL Charles Chapman, also... are we out for Chris Watt? (via VB).

Also, I'm not sure what to do with "wingedathletics.tk" but it looks like there's some legit info there. Also, a roundup article from Kornblut has some useful info. Zac Mattias committed to Wisconsin; this might be why.

Update 6/30: Linked to articles on FL WR Rantavious Wooten, OK RB David Oku.

Removed NC CB Terry Shankle (dropped us, via VB), PA CB Corey Brown(not us),

The Board



Needs: Severe, desperate, desperately severe and desperate. David Cone apparently is not panning out, -- he was behind a walk-on last year -- which leaves Michigan with two freshmen and no one else. Michigan needs at least two dual-threat quarterbacks to run the Rodriguez system after picking up Justin Feagin last year, who's fast but may not be a QB.

Projected Commits: 2, with maybe another one or two guys being brought in at WR being promised a shot at QB.

Update: Michigan has two strong prospects in the fold and is unlikely to reel in another, but given strong interest from a couple good prospects I've kept them on the board until we're officially dropped.

Icon Name Meaning
Sad Josh The genre of player with unrequited interest in Michigan. Unlikely to receive offers; most will eventually fade off the list and go to Duke or Michigan State or something.
Nefarious Eduardo Player is a longshot. Either they've declared someone else a leader publicly or popular opinion holds that they're likely to go to another school.
Data Either no opinion or Michigan is one of a fairly even group of chasing schools. Players in this category maintain no leader or change their leader frequently. The default category for players that we don't know much about yet.
Happy Teeth Players who have Michigan in a small leading group or have Michigan as a tenuous favorite. Should be regarded as a good shot, not a slam dunk.
Mr. Blue Player is either a verbal or is expected to be one sooner or later. Players with this designation are 65%+ to be Michigan commits.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Kevin Newsome VA ****.5 Michigan BP thread. USA Today article. Local newspaper commit article. Track video, article. Rivals AMP piece.
Shavodrick Beaver TX **** Michigan Offer. ESPN note. MGoBlog on Beaver. Post-commit ESPN quote. Rivals AMP piece.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Tate Forcier CA **** PSU, M, Oregon, others Brother of former UM QB Jason. Offer. Many impressive early offers. Personal site; stats. ESPN note.
Mywan Jackson FL *** open Offered as an athlete/QB, probably will be given a shot and then moved if he ends up here. Video.

Running Back / Fullback
Needs: Minor. With Shaw and McGuffie and Cox in the last class, Michigan can afford to go light this year. They'll probably take one RB (Cass Tech's Teric Jones turned in the fastest 40 of anyone at the Army All-America camp), with a second slot being reserved only for a can't miss sort.

Fullbacks? Maybe one, actually. Michigan didn't take one a year ago and the Rodriguez system likes to have a pounding dive threat for its triple options a la Owen Schmitt. Ohioan Zach Boren, legendarily tearful at the idea his older brother Justin would go to Ohio State, is now a rising senior and probably fits best here, though he might have a place somewhere on D.

Projected Commits: 1-2 RB, 0-1 FB.

Running Back
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Teric Jones MI ***.5 Michigan Cass Tech (Cissoko, Campbell.) Fastest kid at Army combine. Video. MGoBlog on Jones. ATH WR.
Fitzgerald Toussaint OH **** Michigan Youngstown Liberty (Isaiah Bell). MGoBlog on Toussaint. Vindicator article.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
David Wilson VA **** M, VT, UVA, UNC, Clemson Offer. Roanoke.com article.
David Oku OK ****.5 M, FSU, Tenn lead Ill, Neb Rivals #20; video. Scout article; local news article. Interview; second. DetNews article.
Tavon Austin MD **** open Offer. Baltimore Sun article, second.
Vincent Smith FL *** open Offer. Pahokee (Martavious Odoms)
Jamaal Berry FL ****.5 OSU leads UF, othersong>
Offer. Video. Article. Scout article.
Ronnie Wingo MO ****.5 open Army All-Combine team. Highly rated, but we seem uninvolved.
Zurlon Tipton MI ** open major sleeper impressed at M one-day camp.
Hersey Jackson MI *** CMU, Cinci, others Video. After a lot of early hype now seems like he may not be Michigan caliber.

Wide Receiver
Needs: Moderate. Michigan did pick up four in the last class, including blue-chipper Darryl Stonum and a couple of exciting jitterbug sorts, but the spread demands at least three guys on the roster at all times and Rodriguez has shown a predilection for bringing in as many little speedy buggers as he can get his hands on no matter the situation.

Projected Commits: 3.

Wide Receiver
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Bryce McNeal MN **** Michigan Offer. Video. Scout article. GopherHole interviews: one, two. Down to two. Fluff. Detnews article. GBW article.
Jeremy Gallon FL ***.5 Michigan Offer. Slot waterbug. Single wing QB in HS. Rivals article. Apopka preseason #1. Profile. MGoBlog on Gallon. Video versus Edgewater, Lake Brantley, and Eustis. Postgame interview.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Marlon Brown TN ***** M one of 15 Hulking, high profile guy. Video.
Shaquelle Evans CA ****.5 UCLA leads LSU, ND, USC, others Offer. LA Times article, will visit.
Dion Sims MI **** M, MSU, OSU. Father an M employee. ATH TE, LB, DE... only tentatively here. Offer. Detnews article.
Cameron Gordon MI **** M, MSU, Minn ATH S. Rivals article, Scout interview.
Braxton Lane GA *** M, UF, USC, Aub, UGA Offer. Scout article.
Terrelle Mitchell GA *** M, SoCar, Florida, Rutgers, others Offer, M lead(?).
Todd Thomas PA *** M, Pitt, Miami, BC, WVU Offer. Basketball article. BP thread. PPG article, interview.
Jamal Patterson GA **** open Offer. AJC article, second.
Kenny Bell LA **** M, LSU, Miami, others Offer.
Rantavious Wooten FL *** LSU leads M, Miami, UGA, WVU Video. GatorCountry thread. Scout article.
Willie Haulstead SC *** M, LSU, Miami, UCF Rising player.
Dwayne Peace TX *** M leads Kansas, A&M Camp offer. ATH DB.
Jheranie Boyd NC **** Clemson leads M, SoCar, others. ESPN article, RP thread. Seems like a longshot.
Josh Gordon TX *** M leads big Houston Lamar. All-Army Combine team, impressive performance. Would commit if offered.
Steadman Bailey SC *** SoCar, Tenn, Auburn, M, others No offer yet... might not get one.
Shawne Kersey NJ *** M, Rutgers, BC, Wisc, WVU Also had an impressive performance at the Army combine.

Tight End
Needs: Minimal. Michigan will enter 2008 with six tight ends on the roster, only one of whom is a senior, just in time for Rich Rodriguez to bring a TE de-emphasizing spread to Ann Arbor. While Rodriguez will probably take advantage of the athletic abilities possessed by Butler, Moore, et al, he's probably not going to bring in any new guys here unless there's a couple positions switches from the existing group or he brings in a guy like Sims who might outgrow wide receiver.

Projected Commits: 0.

Tight End
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes

Offensive Line
Needs: Moderate. You always want to take at least three, IMO, even when you took six the year before, and since the class of 2007 has just two players, one of whom was a real flier, Michigan will again be looking for a lot of bodies here. Fortunately, there are somewhere between 2-4 instate linemen who are Michigan caliber.

Also lurking, at least as much as anyone his size can lurk, is Trotwood-Madison OL Chris Freeman. Michigan raided Trotwood for three players a year ago, of course, and might have the inside track on him. Freeman's very Michael Oher: enormous even for an OL (he's 6'9"!) and sushi raw, having played only four football games in his life.

Projected Commits: 3-4.

Offensive Line
Mike Schofield IL **** Michigan MGoBlog on Schofield. Sun-Times. Varsity Blue.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Marcus Hall OH **** OSU leads USC, Ill, 'Bama, M Cleveland Glenville. Scout, and again.
Chris Freeman OH **** open Offer. Trotwood-Madison (Shaw, Moore, Roundtree). BP thread, Scouting Ohio video. Bucknuts article. Daily Mail article.
Brennan Williams MA **** M, BC, PSU, Stan, UVA Offer. Childhood favorite.
Chris Watt IL **** M, Ill, ND, others Offer; guard prospect. Scout article. GoVols article.
Zach Martin IN **** M, UK, ND, Ill, Pur Offer. Father played at UK. Scout article.
Andrew Carter FL **** FSU leads M, SoCar, others. Plans visit.
Morgan Moses VA **** open Offer. RP Thread. Article. Crush blocks!
Adam Gress PA **** M, WVU lead PSU, UVA Offer. Scout article; second.
Quinton Washington SC *** Bama, Tenn, Clemson, SoCar, Miami, M "Also a factor." Article.
Everett Benyard CA **** M, ND, USC, UCLA Childhood M fan who claims M still #1. ESPN 150 watch list.
Nick Ash TX *** KU, Neb, M, TT, others BBQ visitor.
Jeff Fantuzzi MI *** open Junior day visitor; may or may not be offerable.
Blake Graham PA *** M, WVU, others No offer yet.
Khalil Wilkes NJ *** M, ND, PSU, others No offer yet.
Logan Massengagle TN *** MTSU, UGA, M No offer yet. Will camp.

Defensive Tackle
Needs: Moderate. Last year Michigan got a good prospect in Novi's Mike Martin and has three rising sophomores who saw playing time. An early commit from 2009 five-star Will Campbell helps a lot, but Campbell insists he's going to take all five official visits -- he's pretty soft. Michigan probably needs one more DT.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Will Campbell MI ***** Michigan (soft) Committed at M summer camp during his junior year, then dominated the Army Combine. Currently #23 overall to Rivals. Video interview. Detnews article.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Corey Adams AZ **** open Offer. RP thread.

Defensive End
Needs: Severe. One commit in the last two classes at a position with two starters is asking for trouble. Even if a linebacker or tight end moves here, Michigan still needs quantity and quality. So the lack of names below? Scary.

Projected Commits: 3.

Defensive Ends
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Chris Bonds SC **** M, USC, ND, Other USC Offer. Scout article. M in leading group of seven.
Craig Roh AZ **** M, USC, ND, UCLA, others USC lead; will visit. Article.
Sam Montgomery SC **** tentative USC, LSU, Miami lead Offer. Originally from Detroit, sort of. ESPN article.
Anthony LaLota NJ **** UVA, PSU, ND, UF, M Not recruiting much yet but seems interested. Scout article. Rivals article, Terry Bowden breaks down film(!).
Keenan Graham NV **** USC leads UCLA, M Done blowed up recently; offer, will visit.
Will Hill VA *** M, SoCar tenative lead Offer.
Jason Ankrah MD *** M, PSU, Tenn, VT Offer.
Tyrone Ezell PA *** M, Pitt, OSU, PSU No offer yet.
Josh Boyd MS *** M, most of SEC, USM Offer. Impressive set of early offers. Scout article.
Fletcher Cox MS *** M, most of SEC Scout article. ESPN profile.
Kadeem Custis PA *** M, WVU, others ATH OL, DT. Scout article.

Needs: With four players, all of them highly rated by one service or another, in last year's class and a returning starter with three more years of eligibility Michigan can afford to take it a little easy here.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Jelani Jenkins MD ***** open WaPo article. Video.
Frankie Telfort FL **** open Offer. ATH S.
Devekeyan Lattimore GA **** M, Clemson, Okie State, others Offer. Takkle profile. AJC article.
Jordan Barnes IN **** M leads Ill, Bama, Wisc Offer. Father played with ex-MSU HC Bobby Williams, now with 'Bama.
Barkevious Mingo LA **** open Offer. Scout interview.
AJ Fenton PA *** open Spring visitor.
David Conner MS *** MissSt, Miss, M, others Offer?
Brandin Hawthorne FL *** M leads USF, UL, UT, WVU Offer? Pahokee (Odoms).
Greg King TN *** open No offer yet.
Jeremy Gainer MI *** open possible camp offer.

Needs: Major. This might be a slice of MGoBlog paranoia, but with college football moving ever more strongly to the passing game it seems like you should regard the corner spot as the realm of three starters. Michigan has Donovan Warren returning, Boubacar Cissoko incoming, and then things get dodgy. The two-star running back recruit who's also 6'4"? The guy who came in at WR and is bouncing back and forth between the two positions as we speak? The unheralded legacy recruit? JT Floyd?

Man, that creeps me out.

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Justin Turner OH ****.5 Michigan Massillon (Shawn Crable). ATH CB. BP thread. MGoBlog on Turner. Commit article.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Dre Kirkpatrick AL ***** open Offer, plans M visit. Scout #1 CB.
Darius Winston AR ***** M leads Clemson, Texas, others Arkansas decommit. Rivals article. Video.
Gabe Lynn OK ****.5 open Offer. Negative note from ESPN.
Brandon McGee FL ***** OSU leads many ATH QB, WR. Offer.
Darrell Mason OH *** open BP Thread.
Angelo Hadley FL *** M, Aub, UGA, Clemson, UNC. Offer.
Marsalis Teague TN *** open Offer, ATH S, WR.
David Gordon OK *** OK, M, TTech Offer. Will visit.
Travis Hawkins MD **** open Offer. Video. WaPo article. RCMB thread.

Needs: Moderate. Jonas Mouton is an OLB and Jerimy Finch can't decide what he wants on his Big Mac, let alone which school he wants to go to, leaving Michigan with Steve Brown, Michael Williams, and Artis Chambers across the last two classes

Projected Commits: 2.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Isaiah Bell OH ***.5 Michigan Youngstown Liberty. MGoBlog on Bell. ATH OLB. Good combine performance. ESPN article.
Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Darren Myles GA **** open Offer; AJC article; second, ESPN hype. VolsExtra article.
Jonathan Scott FL **** M, LSU, FSU Offer. Normally a guy listing M in the top three would get a green, but not so much. Scout article.
Vladimir Emilien FL **** M, OSU, others Offer. BP thread.
DJ Swearinger SC **** Tenn leads Aub, UGA, others Offer. Teammate of SC DE Sam Montgomery. Scout article.
Mike Jones FL *** M, ND lead Wake, Aub Offer. Orlando Edgewater (Greg Mathews).
Rex Burkhead TX *** open Offer.
Dennis Thames MS *** Miss St leads M, LSU, M, others Nephew of Detroit Tiger Marcus Thames. Scout article; second article. Offer.

Needs: KC Lopata will be gone by the time this class arrives on campus and recruited K Bryan Wright has been relegated to kickoffs, so they might look for a kicker. Punter is covered by Zoltan Mesko for another two years.

Name State Stars Schools Y/N Notes
Anthony Fera TX *** M, Oregon, LSU, PSU, OSU Offer.

Projected Commits: 0, though if someone wants to walk on they'll take him.

A reminder: the Star Scale for Rumor Credibility.

  • 0-star: incoherent ravings.
  • 1-star: clearly biased speculation without backing.
  • 2-star: Some guy saying something on some board that claims insider info due to a chance occurence.
  • 3-star: Information from someone less established as an insider but a frequent poster who seems sane and useful.
  • 4-star: recognized insider-type person with no ax to grind who has established his bonafides on past recruits.
  • 5-star: actually verified by an article and a quote from the player, a family member, or a coach.

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Update 3/31: Added NJ DE Anthony LaLota, OH RB Fitzgerald Toussaint, AZ DE Craig Roh (offer, USC lead), CA OL Everett Benyard, CA WR Shaquelle Evans, SC QB Stephon Gilmore (article header), FL S Frankie Telfort.

Linked to video of MN WR Bryce McNeal, article on McNeal, article on TN WR Marlon Brown, article on IL OL Chris Watt. Moved MI RB Teric Jones, OH S Isaiah Bell, OH CB Justin Turner to committed.

Removed KS LB Jaydan Bird (OK), OH FB Zach Boren (just a feeling), TX S Craig Loston (dropped us).

Linked to a couple Sam Webb pieces in the Detroit News.

Update 4/21: Added FL RB Jamaal Berry, FL DT Antwan Lowry, FL QB Eugene Smith, and FL RB Vincent Smith based on this Sam Webb article in the Detnews. Added MD CB David Givens (though I think he's a longshot), OK CB Gabe Lynn, PA DE Kadeem Custis, GA WR Braxton Lane, IN OL Zach Martin($), TX QB Shavodrick (hur) Beaver($), PA LB AJ Fenton, AZ DT Corey Adams, TN OL Alex Bullard.

Removed FL WR Duron Carter, who we don't appear involved with, FL QB Aaron Murray (UGA), VA RB Damien Thigpen (Tenn), MD CB David Givens (OSU), PA RB Jordan Hall (OSU), PA LB Dorian Bell (uh... OSU).

Stuff lifted from Varsity Blue: not getting OH OL Marcus Hall (Glenville, no surprise), mildly informative item on SC S Devonte Holloman, piece with quote from FL DT Antwan Lowery, VA QB Kevin Newsome's myspace page... encouraging!

Linked to articles on MS S Rod Woodson (bump from red to yellow), MS S Dennis Thames.

Moved OH RB Fitzgerald Toussaint to committed.

Update 4/28: Various things on FL QB Eugene Smith, including a wild brawl and profile, 7-on-7 video. Linked to video of MI WR Hersey Jackson and OH OL Chris Freeman, articles on AZ DE Craig Roh (from VB), TX WR Josh Gordon, IN QB Morgan Newton, OK RB David Oku, MI WR James Jackson (plus OSU speculation), GA QB Donovan Tate, a couple interviews with MN WR Bryce McNeal, note on CA WR Shaquelle Evans. Moved VA QB Kevin Newsome to committed. Added NC WR Jheranie Boyd, SC DE Sam Montgomery (ESPN), NC OL Xavier Nixon, MI LB Jeremy Gainer.

Apparently we just offered OH OL Corey Linsley, but I'm not adding him because I'd need to make some sort of super-nefarious Eduardo if I did; ticketed to OSU. (Update: he committed.) Removed LA DT Chris Davenport (dropped us), MN WR Fritz Rock (no mutual interest).

There's also this ESPN article with notes on OK CB Gabe Lynn and TX QB Shavodrick Beaver, and a Free Press article on Spartan targets that references some Michigan targets.

Update 5/2: Moved TX QB Shavodrick Beaver to committed. Subsequently removed all QBs except for Tate Forcier and Eugene Smith, who are downgraded to red, and SC QB Stephen Gilmore, who was moved to safety.

Linked to video of FL RB Jamaal Berry, interview of MI WR Cameron Gordon, articles on MI WR Cameron Gordon, MS S Rod Woodson($, downgrade to red), OH OL Chris Freeman, VA RB David Wilson, TX QB commit Shavodrick Beaver, note on FL WR Steadman Bailey (downgrade to gray). old articles on NJ DE Anthony Lalota.

Added LA OL Chris Faulk, WI WR Kraig Appleton, FL S Vladimir Emilien. Linked to Sam Webb article on the QBs, and free Rivals AMP piece on them.

Removed SC S Stephen Gilmore (dropped us).

A couple old things on PA WR Todd Thomas: post-sophomore hype article, POW award with fluff article.

Update 5/12: Linked to articles on TN OL