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MGoPodcast 10.19: Frustrated But Not Upset Comment Count

Seth January 24th, 2019 at 7:09 AM

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1. Minnesota

starts at 1:00

Boners of the upper Midwest, beginning with the worst shooter allowed into a high major basketball game that we've ever seen. Sick of the step-backs. Not sick of Teske. Sick of sitting Teske sure.

2. Wisconsin

starts at 24:54

Speaking of boners. Don't know how the refs don't just murder Trice when he tries to make them look so bad. Inefficient offensive sets because they don't want to attack matchups they absolutely should attack. Iso once in awhile, John! It won't turn you into Bill Self.

3. Around the Big Ten, wsg Ace Anbender of Here

starts at 44:24

We lost a conference room, and not to a top 40 defense, weirdly. MSU-Maryland scares us—even without Langford they're a machine, and we have to respect how well they're using how defenses play Goins. Indiana's freefall—Romeo Langford just isn't a shooter, IU fans are Michigan football fans. Iowa's such an easy scout.

4. Inside the Crooked Blue Line, with Steve Lorenz of 247

starts at 1:08:17

Zach Charbonnet is not a five star: about five or six spots off. Trente Jones just outside the Top 100. Chris Hinton back to the top 50 after Army Game. Hinton: first time he went to a national competition. Mazi Smith also leapt 70 spots. Cornelius Johnson also up near the Top 150: fluid, two TD catches in the game. Karsen Barnhart: was Mr. 247 for a long time, moved up almost 100 spots. Rumler and Keegan both fell a few spots.

New coaches: Gattis is a 5-star recruiter. Campanile they think might be a star when he’s on a bigger stage. Harbaugh wanted guys who are passionate about recruiting.


  • "Theme to The Last Kingdom"
  • "Run Me Over"—The Babies
  • "Drops"—Jungle
  • “Across 110th Street”


I know my dad was a little bit abusive but he's better than my stepdad.



January 24th, 2019 at 7:48 AM ^

If this 2019 coaching staff comes together and the ceiling of this team-this class is realized Michigan could leap into the elite category of college football. This is too much to ask and expect but it is also a possibility. 


January 24th, 2019 at 8:30 PM ^

Everyone likes their name pronounced correctly, so I thought I would chime in.  I know a few people who are close to Mazi Smith ... here it is:

Mah-zee (mah as in Ma and Pa Kettle).