MGoCyber Monday Sale Comment Count

Seth November 27th, 2017 at 12:34 PM

Hello Internet,

As you probably are aware, there’s apparently a thing where on Monday after Thanksgiving people who sell things on the internet are supposed to give you a really good sale of some kind. Since we do happen to sell things on the internet, we decided we should do that.

How’s free shipping? That sound good? Okay free shipping. Here’s a code that will work anywhere on the MGoStore today:


…including, in particular, our newest HTTV, which hits shelves December 12:

Those of you who usually back the Kickstarter to get a book shipped to you for $15 out the door, this is your chance to get the same deal you always do. The book is a collection of historical articles from past HTTVs, mostly from the times before anyone knew about these. How did Michigan football start, who was Yost, how’d Michigan Stadium get built despite the school being dead set against it. It’s got Bennie and Benny, Harry Newman, Denard, and Kramer in it, and Harbaugh, and Bo, and the history of the 3-3-5 defense and the dime. If you roll the book up it fits in a stocking.


UPDATE: It’s free ground shipping, not free we’ll fly it to you in a private jet. If you select an option beyond UPS ground you’ll just get contacted by UGP who’ll nicely inform you it’s going UPS ground.