The MGoBlog/DraftStreet 40k Tourney II Comment Count

Seth March 27th, 2014 at 5:56 PM

UPDATE 3/27: There's about 500 spots left in the 40k.

Last week we debuted our first 40k Tourney with DraftStreet. Fun was had, money was won, and you're all lucky I didn't take Adreian Payne (a steal at <$13k) out of pure rivalric spite because otherwise I'd be pocketing all of it. Since Michigan has advanced to another weekend, we figured we'd do the same with the game.

Let's roll again!


First we hail these victors. First to announce the actual winners. Not of the stupid moneycash, but the real prize: MGoBlog gear, and the chance to design the next round of it:

User League Points Wins
BlueintheLou 40k 194.00 Designs next MGoshirt +
Three free ones
jgeibig 40k 185.75 Free MGoShirt
kreegski 20k 185.50 Free MGoShirt
814EastU 40k 182.00 Free MGoShirt
Go_Blue2298 20k 176.75 Free MGoShirt

Those are the names they used on Draft Street. 814EastU you still need to send me your address for your shir…nevermind.

Moneycash. MGofantasy partner DraftStreet is letting us enter/run a mini-game within their $40,000 March Madness fantasy contest. The top 250 finishers, i.e. those who make it to the 4th and final round (there are max 2,000 entries in a pool so one in eight entries wins) will split the $40k in prize money, and those who enter through us also get a shot at designing the next MGoShirt or free MGoStore loot.

Place Prize
Champion $10,000
2nd $5,500
3rd $3,000
4th $2,000
5th $1,200
6th $800
7th $500
8th $400
9th-10th $300
11th-15th $200
16th-20th $150
21st-50th $100
51st-100th $75
101st-150th $60
151st-200th $50
201st-250th $40


Last week we filled the $40k tourney so they opened a $20k one with the same prizes and chance of winning (just with fewer people). I imagine if we fill again they'll do that again.

The Game Explained: For those of you who've rolled our games before you know the drill. For those who haven't, the way it works is you "draft" a team on a salary cap basis: every player has a pre-assigned value based on their production, and you get $100,000 to fit three forwards, three guards, and a pair of stretch players onto your roster.

The Contest: As with last week, it's a Survivor-style league so if you finish in the top half on the first day (and "survive") you move on to the next one and draft a team of players from that day, etc. The difference this time is it's three rounds (three days of tourney games) instead of four. It runs through the Sweet 16 and Elite 8, i.e. Friday 3/28 through Sunday 3/30.

After Friday's games the top 1,000 advance. After Saturday's games, the top 500 of those advance. Then the Elite 8 games will determine the top 250 finishers to split the cash.

The official name is the CBB $40,000 Blowout II. Your team(s) will be competing among up to 2,000 entries. There's a $22 entry fee, OR each day before it begins, if you can catch one, you can enter a side game for $2 or $5 and win your buy-in.

The MGoContest: Entries from MGoBlog get double-entered into our mini-pool, wherein the Top 5 finishers get to pick any shirt from the MGoStore. The champion gets to help us design the next MGoShirt (must keep to rules of propriety, licensed property, and NCAA rules, e.g. profiting from specific players). You come up with the concept and we'll turn in into a shirt, put it in the store, and send you three of them to give out to friends/family/enemies.

To be in our pool you don't have to do anything extra; just use the links from our site to get to the contest site and I'll track it. If the 40k one fills and we have to run a second pool again, you're all still in the same MGoPool.

Is there a button I should press or something?


Detail-like substances: You can't play if you're registering from from Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Vermont, or Puerto Rico, because of some anti-gambling internet laws in those places. Must be 18+. Amount of people advancing is predetermined so if <2,000 entries are in the league the top 1,000/500/250 still advance each day. DraftStreet is running the show under their rules.