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What this is: We yoinked Joe Pichey from MMMGoBluBBQ to share his tailgating recipes and Stubb's offered to sponsor it. This is one of those things where we really liked their BBQ sauce, and they like this blog, and the blog likes Joe's recipes, and then suddenly we're at the store ordering cold cuts.



Trust me, you will love this one. You don't have to admit that you love it, but you will.  This always gets the most "Huh" & "Wha" looks, but disappears 5 minutes later. Don't forget your mustard, cheese and Texas Toast for this one. It makes a great sandwich. This is as easy and cheap as it gets and your guests will think you are a BBQ genius, so give it a go.


    3 - 5 lb Chub of Bologna
    Buffalo or BBQ Sauce

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Fire up the smoker or grill for indirect heat. We’re looking for a grill temp of 250-275 degrees. I added a few chunks of hickory wood for some tasty smoke.  Any wood will do as you won’t get a huge amount of smoke flavoring on this one.


Score the chub of bologna to add a little extra surface area for the spices. This will not only help hold our spices and sauce but create some much needed extra surface area that will hold some smoky goodness. These “previously cooked “ meats need all the help they can get. Its hard to see in the pics, but we scored the entire chub.


The rub and sauce will get down into those little cracks and add some great flavor. I'm not going to lie, it also adds a really cool look.  Cut into the meat about 1/4 of an inch. Add a little mustard to the surface so that your rub will stick. Now the fun part. Sprinkle some "rub on your chub" and place on the BBQ. This will go for about 3 hours, so relax and have a cold one.


All seasoned up with your favorite BBQ rub.


After about 45 - 60 minutes, a crust starts to form on the outside and the chub will start to open up a little. I included an old pic to show how this opens up after about an hour on the heat.


After 3 hours in the smoker, add a nice slathering of some Stubbs Spicy Buffalo Wing sauce or BBQ sauce of your choice. Let it go for another 30 minutes to get nice and gooey. In the end,  we have this beauty.


No need to let it rest. Once you pull it from the heat, it's time to slice. You will be amazed at how tender this is.


Slice in thick chunks or super thin, depending on your preference. Either way, it won't last long.


This is fantastic between 2 slices of Texas Toast bread along with some cheese and mustard or eaten by itself. Toss in the frying pan the next day for a great pan fried bologna sandwich.

Let me know how it turns out. Thanks for sending some great pics from your recent cooks. Keep em coming to [email protected].  Go Blue!



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My "stupid ass cat post" was in direct response to the plethora of stupid ass CC posts where it seemed like people did a google search under "ex college footall coaches" and then posted the results.  When saw a CC post suggesting Ron fucking Zook I knew we'd officially jumped the shark.   It was meant as satire and I was trying to get people to pump the brakes on the ridiculous CC postings through humor which, based on the feedback it got, was enjoyed by most people here (obviously not you however).

I'm pretty sure the title was a clear as hell though so it's not like I tricked you into reading it and once you opened the thread I'm also pretty sure nobody forced you to read it.


November 6th, 2014 at 2:23 PM ^

a stupid ass cat post. Just waters down the blog even more. If u want to know what I think is thread worthy then check my history or google it or something. There is a reason i have only posted once, ever. If everything on this board consisted of those types of things, or actual information, it would be a whole lot cooler. Like it used to be, before politics and reporting things on the front page on a hunch.


November 6th, 2014 at 10:59 AM ^

Seth rolled this out two months ago as a new regular front page feature during football season.  They're food recipes for tailgates.  Surely you can connect the dots from there to see the oblique relevance.


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I can think of is that the NC/mustard style bbq sauces are typically thinner than a Texas style sauce.  May have to keep basting it or something as it cooks. 

I also had a thought of maybe throwing a thick slice on a flat top to get a char on the bologna before serving.  I used to eat fried bologna sandwiches when I was younger...sooo good.


November 6th, 2014 at 9:20 PM ^

I'm with you on the mustard based sauces, and use them frequently to finish some smoked meats. just add some brown sugar or molasses to the sauce - this will help it caramelize on the meat. Don't add the sauce until the last 30 minutes or so of the cook (less if cooking above 200-225)


November 6th, 2014 at 9:47 AM ^

As I've grown older I've come to realize that many things viewed as "pedestrian" at best and "bad" at worst are actually descended from good things.  If you go back to the source for the "good" you'll be surprised.  Examples of this phenomenon are schnapps, oatmeal, steel bikes, knotted leaders for flyfising, and bologna.  If I knew how to surf I suspect a long board would also fit in.

Alternatively, some things are just extreme modernized versions of the old.  Still very cool, but not really comparable with the original..... ie telemark skiing and chuck 'n duck flyfising.

I digress.... severely


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This looks so diabolically good that I'm ashamed I didn't think of it myself.

And the 12-year-old in me thanks you for the phrase "rub on your chub."


November 6th, 2014 at 10:45 AM ^

Really appreciate you doing this series.  One of my favorite ongoing features on the board and I always look forward to seeing what you're coming up with next.

Might I put a request in for seafood?  I love to grill jumbo shrimp after marianting them in a jerk chicken sauce and they come out great. Swordfish too. I would love to see what you guys come up with for something like that.

Wolverine In Exile

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For a gas grill just use 1 of 2 burners and let the unlit side act as your indirect heat side. Helps to have a grill thermometer to monitor temp inside the box. For smoking, you can buy a 12" x4" smoker box at most major hardware stores like Menard's, or you can make your own out of those disposable tin baking pans and some aluminum foil with holes poked on top. Just put either of these contraptions over the direct heat side of the grill.


November 6th, 2014 at 11:03 AM ^

The first time I saw BBQ Bologna was in Tulsa and with all my travels, coast to coast and north to south, I have never seen it outside of Oklahoma.  So I find it interesting to find it on a menu south of the Red River.  Guess I'll have to hold my nose and drive over to Travis County.


November 6th, 2014 at 12:10 PM ^

Half of my problem with BBQ is that the preperation for some recipes can be so much work and that's not always my strong suit.  This looks simple so thanks for thowing out some stuff for us lazy folks.

Have you ever tried any different sauces besides buffalo or BBQ? 


November 6th, 2014 at 9:21 PM ^

I have a feeling I'm not too outside the norm on this:

When I heard about this weekly post, I was very skeptical.  I like to eat - don't care much for the cooking.  And then you started posting and I've been hooked.  The pictures are top quality and every dish I would kill for.  You've actually made me want to try these.  That's a remarkable feat.

And to make bologna look delicious?  A miracle.


November 7th, 2014 at 6:26 PM ^

There's a smoked meats place near me and thought it odd when I saw they had bologna until I had it.  It didnt look anywhere near as good as this but it was still really tasty.