Media Day Roundtable: Denard Robinson

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You don't want to know what I had to do to secure that seat

The media day roundtable session took place just a couple of hours before Denard Robinson delivered his keynote address at the Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon. This meant, unfortunately, that in my half-hour at Denard's table the majority of the questions related to the speech, how he prepared for the speech, his nerves before the speech, his pre-speech nerves compared to his pre-game nerves, Kirk Cousins's speech, and so on.* What follows is my best effort at collecting relevant, non-speech quotes, as the speech did a decent job of speaking for itself.


Was timing something that got sacrificed last year somewhat because you guys were learning a new offense?

I think that did hurt us. Us not having timing, that was a key issue. My footwork, I was thinking so much that my footwork was everywhere; throwing off my back foot was one of the things I messed up a lot on. That’s what I’m trying to change this year, I’ve been doing that [during the] offseason and working on that timing. Now we’re not thinking about the offense because we know the offense and we have confidence in ourselves. We know the offense and now we have the opportunity to have success in the offense.

Was the problem that you were thinking about too many other things last year, especially early?

Yeah, earlier in the season I was still learning the offense, trying to get the basis of the offense. Towards the end of the season, that’s when it started coming along, because I was in the offense enough to know the offense.

MGoQuestion: Compared to last year, now that you’re more comfortable in the offense, do you expect to have more input into the game plan? Will Coach Borges give you more input in terms of which plays to call?

I think so. I think Coach Borges, he’s always open-minded, he always asks, “what do you think about this?” That’s the kind of guy he is. If I don’t feel comfortable doing something, he would ask me if I feel comfortable doing it. That’s just Coach Borges, that’s just his personality, that’s the way he coaches.

MGoQuestion: The offense really seemed to evolve last year as you got more comfortable and as Coach Borges got more familiar with the personnel. How would you say the offense changed over the course of last year, and where are you guys today compared to where you were at before last season?

I think we’re way past what we were before [last season]. We’ve built this chemistry in the offense and we feel confident and comfortable with the offense. When it comes down to making the reads and making the right checks and getting us into the right play, I think we all know how to do it now.

MGoQuestion: Schematically, were there changes that Coach Borges made once he got more familiar with your game and the rest of the offense?

He made little tweaks, but I feel like he made game plans, and whatever he’d feel would be successful, that’s what he used.

MGoQuestion: Do you expect this year to be any more or less involved in the running game than you were last year?

I don’t know, you gotta ask Coach Borges. If you want me to run the ball a hundred-some times a game I’ll run it. Whatever it takes for us to win, that’s what I feel anybody on our team would do.


When you’re watching a defense—let’s say it’s Alabama—what do you look at? When you’re, as a quarterback, studying a defense just casually … what do you look at?

You look at the coverage. I’m a quarterback, so I look at the coverage first. You want to see little hints that they give you, like if there’s a safety coming down, how far is the linebacker up to the umpire, how close the safety is to the umpire—if the safety is right on the umpire he’s probably coming, or he’s got to cover somebody, stuff like that. You might see the corner bail before his time, so you can tell that’s probably a [cover] 3 or 4, something like that. Just looking at what kind of coverage they’re in, if the corner is flat-footed or is he on his toes, little things like that you want to look at.


Did you ever envision in your wildest dreams ending up where you’re at today?

Oh, man, to be honest with you I didn’t. I didn’t know how far I’d go. I was just telling Kovacs and Taylor last night, in high school I didn’t think I was a D-I athlete, so now I’m here and it’s like it’s all a dream.

You didn’t think you’d be a D-I athlete?

Yeah, in high school I really didn’t. I really didn’t think that until I got my first offer from Florida my junior year.

*I've unearthed exclusive footage of this portion of the roundtable.



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I always feel weird in a situation like this when a woman is standing and I'm sitting.  My mind is spinning: "Should I offer her my seat?  Does she want to sit?  That would be a nice thing to do ... but would she take offense to me offering a seat like she isn't fit to stand?  Is that anti-feminist?  What is the proper etiquette here?  AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"


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Who determines who has access to the Media events?  Is it harder to obtain access to these being part of a blog as opposed to newspaper or tv media?


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The Big Ten has jurisdiction over media days, but I'm pretty sure they just check with each school and allow any outlet that's credentialed. How each school handles blogs individually, I'm not sure; Michigan credentials several including us, MVictors, Maize & Blue Nation, UMGoBlog, and now Tremendous.

From what I could tell, UMGoBlog and Eleven Warriors were the other two blogs actually present at media days, though it's very possible that others were there as well.


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"He made little tweaks, but I feel like he made game plans, and whatever he’d feel would be successful, that’s what he used."

What a concept.  Making game plans!  I love this staff.

Such a relief as a fan to go watch an offense have a purpose and a strategy each game versus what we saw previously where the same 8 plays were ran with no rhyme or reason.

Denard is certainly becoming a better QB with this type of preparation for each game.

Feat of Clay

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Hey, I'm sorry, what did I miss?  After reading Denard's comment about running a hundred-some times a game, I got the vapors and lost consciousness for a few minutes.