Mailbag: Vintage Punt/Counterpunt, Hurst Bowl, Patterson Transfer, Getting Served

Submitted by Brian on December 8th, 2017 at 12:59 PM

UMvsOSU Program 1997 - Cover

Vintage Punt/Counterpunt.

I found my copy of the free game program from The Game 20 years ago in a box of old school stuff. Thought you guys might enjoy the Punt / Counterpunt column from that day.

Go Blue!

UMvsOSU Program 1997 - Punt-CP

Here's a zoomed in version.

UMvsOSU Program 1997 - Punt-CP

UMvsOSU Program 1997 - Punt-CP

Thanks to Nick and Ken for being a formative part of my fandom.

Hurst take.

If Hurst is worried about getting injured and the NFL draft. Lloyds of London will insure him for injury for the one game.

So you're asking Mo Hurst to literally pay for the privilege of playing in a football game that is mostly interesting because it will feature Ryan Nanni as a bloomin' onion? Nah.

I'd be vaguely upset if Hurst wasn't going to play in a New Year's Six game but more or less understand. The Outback Bowl? Hurst going in the top ten of the draft is probably more helpful to the program in the long term than whatever bonus chance he provides of beating South Carolina.

If you want players to compete in dink bowl games, there's an easy way to do so: pay them and sign them to a contract that says "you play in bowl games."

Recruiting is DISAPPOINT.

Is it fair to say, absent a change in trajectory, that '18 recruiting heads toward at best "unexciting", possibly even "disappointing"? I guess I have grown quite used to having a consensus top 100 'bell cow' (I loved it when K Jackson used to call FB players bell cows) at basically every position group, and a difference-maker (DPJ - Solomon) for each unit. Is that a reasonable standard, or is that Osu/Bama, which I don't think is realistic until we experience some playoff success and maybe never, given relative boundary-pushing of three programs. (Although the rush to Oxford has me questioning my prejudices.)    

Thanks, dirk

I'd say unexciting is about right. Michigan's sole composite top 100 prospect right now, Otis Reese, is pretty wobbly. That's a comedown from Harbaugh's first two full efforts, which delivered guys like Rashan Gary, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Aubrey Solomon, and Cesar Ruiz—amongst many others.

There are a lot of reasons for this: it's a severely down year in-state; Michigan had to hire yet another recruiting director; playing time is hard to sell when you return a zillion starters. And, yes, Michigan is working uphill for a lot of guys because they don't have a bagman network—at least that's what I've heard from guys close to the program for years. 

But the class is still 11th and should add a couple additional big fish to finish. Adding the three Ole Miss players also helps fill scholarships with talented players. And this looks like a blip. Michigan already has two five-star-ish DEs in the 2019 class plus top 100 guard Nolan Rumler and four-star LB Charles Thomas. I expect Michigan to bounce back to their previous level in 2019 now that they've got what looks like a solid recruiting infrastructure that isn't going to take a position coaching job next year.

Patterson feels.


I am sure if I posted this as a thread I would be down voted as a babe in the woods and comments of “this is what it takes to beat OSU and Alabama” would rain down from the heavens.  But i have to say, going after Peterson when you have two VERY good QBs that harbaugh recruited in the stable feels very unmichigan.  What say you?

Thank you again for all you do and next year, please think of adding Boston to your season preview tour.  We would love to host!


I don't think taking a transfer is a problem. Players at the same position as that guy might be a little cheesed off, but I'm sure Harbaugh didn't promise them they'd get to start. Because that's crazy. But that doesn't mean it's wrong. If Patterson does come in and start—which is not a foregone conclusion—because he's the best option, that's a negative for the other quarterbacks but a positive for the rest of the team.

Michigan doesn't take JUCOs because they can't get them through admissions, and I guess that's the reason taking a transfer seems weird? I find this take baffling. Recruiting kids in college isn't any different than recruiting them in high school. And if a school that was flagrantly buying guys out from under Michigan's nose suffers as a result, all the better.


So, as a lawyer I got to thinking, .Maybe a lawsuit for violating the Constitutions First Amendmenment protection of Free Speech is in order. Maybe Ill win maybe I wont Probably will) but even if not , it wont cost me one nickle. However you will need a battery of lawyers to deal the various and numerous motions I could file.  Hope you have deep pockets.

Expect to be served

Matt Mann

This gentleman was upset that I shut the comments down and has challenged me to a dance-off.




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Reminds me of when a Texas blog commenter threatened the owner with legal action. The owner's response was something like, "I've spent more on lawyers than you'll ever make, and it costs me literally nothing to post, permanently, every single thing you or your attorneys send me. Bring it and I hope you enjoy your search results forever."

Brian is higher class than that...but I kinda wish he wasn't. I want to see this Mr. Mann try it (btw, filing motions does in fact cost money)

BOX House

December 8th, 2017 at 1:40 PM ^

a quick google search shows the lawyer who wrote the email was suspended from practicing for 2 years (94-96), so yeah, probably a good one

edit: might be another matt mann. either way, i'm staying away from law services from any matt mann's. 


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I've been in the joint for the last decade, serving a sentence for sex trafficking of a minor. I also died in the towers on 9/11. Oh, and last year I bit my pregnant girlfriend and she called the cops.

My sister was once pulled over by an Arkansas trooper and forced out of her car at rifle-point because someone with her name was serving a life sentence and had escaped from the state prison there.


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For instance did you know that I'm a skilled neurosurgeon and also have a PHD in Electrical Engineering!  Ok not really, but I am a lawyer, or am I!  I actually am a lawyer though... but maybe I'm not!  No, seriously though I'm a law talking guy.




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I can find one Matt Mann licensed to practice law in Michigan.…


Either he is an attorney that has been practicing for two years and isn't much of a threat or he's out of state and would have to find in-state counsel which seems unlikely.


I think you're safe Brian.




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Actually, an inexperienced lawyer would be a larger theat.  An experienced lawyer would be unlikely to even think about filing such a case.  An inexperienced lawyer might actually do it.

03 Blue 07

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The Matt Mann you are referring to in that link has been a lawyer for about 10 years, actually. He moved to Michigan a couple years ago. And he 100%, without question, did not write this ridiculous and ignorant email. I can assure you of that. The MM I know is a Michigan grad, fergodsakes, and is not an idiot like this guy who wrote the email (clearly) is.