Louisville Liveblog

Submitted by Seth on March 19th, 2017 at 12:05 PM

For now Louisville gets to keep both Pitino and the title they were escorted to. I’d say we’re owed.


#NeverForget [Melanie Maxell/MLive]

Our Tourney Sponsor: Buying a home or refinancing in Michigan, Ohio, or Florida? Talk to HomeSure Lending. Unless we lose today in which case maybe wait and let him have the drive home to grumble. I’ve known Matt (and his siblings) a long time and remember when he was still at one of those big loan mills. While I learned Beilein’s offensive trees he was getting a first-hand look at how the loan mills save themselves time, money, and stress by putting all of that on you. He broke out by flipping that script and keeping a low overhead, and found enough clients like me who appreciate higher quality for less money.



New features this week: Twitter embeds now work—we’re gonna start with umichbball, marchmadness, Dylan, and some of our staff. We’ll uh work on the style another time. Also I’ve been re-using the same room all tournament so if you’ve leveled up you can leave the window open between games and still be a high level when you return.



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Messages cost more, the more active chat is. 
The red dudes on the side bar are lives remaining.

If you break the Board Rules, you lose a life. Lose three lives and you have to insert a quarter into your monitor. No no keep trying it, it’ll go in. As always, the Liveblog Chaos Mitigation Post is The Law.


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