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Brian April 9th, 2011 at 5:08 PM

A brief set of links before the moment of truth.



Burlon will not play; line chart is the same as it's been all tournament.

Ten Things from Yost Built:

In reading up about Duluth, it sounds like they're scary offensively, but are largely a one-line team. Michigan will have last change in this game, which is a good sign as we can get Rust's line out there against the Connollys. The defensemen don't activate often, but Faulk is as good as it gets at both ends of the ice. He's got a killer shot on the power play, and that opens things up for the Connollys and Fontaine down low.

I forgot to put that some guy named Tim would look up "sieve" in whatever language was needed to communicate with a goalie who needed to be informed that he was one.

Hunwick hits the NYT:

“A year ago, I would have told you there was no chance this would be happening,” Berenson said. “And yet he nearly got us to the Frozen Four last year when he had to come in in the late season as an emergency. He had never started a Division I game.”

“And even this year, when he was competing for the starting job and Hogan was healthy, it looked like Hogan was going to take over. Then Hogan got hurt again, Hunwick came in, got a shot, and he’s played every game since. And here we are.”

His dad was puzzled by his decision:

"That's all he's ever done, is play goalie," his dad said. "I don't think he's probably ever played 12 games out. … I can't imagine why you'd want somebody to shoot the puck at you."

Red on Glendening, the other consistent member of the Annihilation Co:

“It seems like a lot of the younger generation, they feel entitled, and not as willing to work,” Berenson said to media before practice Friday. “But I tell you what, the kid sitting at the end of the table here, Luke Glendening, he came to Michigan like (senior goaltender) Shawn Hunwick — with no expectations. I didn’t know if he would ever play a game, and when I saw him on the ice, I realized that this kid has something special.“

Hagelin took the last one hard last night:

His postgame obligations complete, Carl Hagelin limped his way back down the hallway underneath the Xcel Energy Center on Thursday night and slowly made his way to the Michigan dressing room.

A large bag of ice was taped around his left ankle and foot, altering his gait.

Others: Spath on Red's legacy. Nesbitt drafted by to write on the final. Burns on seniors/team stuff that seems like the truth instead of a cliché this time around.

Let's go blue.


OMG Shirtless

April 9th, 2011 at 6:10 PM ^

Have you seen the amount of moderation needed to run a live blog around here?  It would be nearly impossible to approve comments and actually watch the game.  I don't blame him one bit.  If you go to the CoverItLive website, you can set one up yourself and post it here if you feel like moderating the chaos.


April 9th, 2011 at 5:34 PM ^

  •  Michigan's top three lines: 12 LW Hagelin, 29 C Caporusso, RW 10 Brown. 3 Vaughan, 11 Lynch, 21 Treais. 16 Winnett, 19 Rust, 23 Glendening
  •  Michigan 4th lineL 9 Moffatt, 22 Rohrkemper, 18 DeBlois. D Pairs: 24 Merrill, 7 Langlais. 4 Clare, 2 Pateryn. 13 Moffie, 37 Bennett
  •  UMD's lines: 22 M Connolly, 12 J Connolly, 37 Fontaine. 7 Schmidt, 11 Oleksuk, 23 Brown. 17 Seidel, 15 Hendrickson, 18 Basaraba
  • UMD 4th line: 14 Flaherty, 19 Tardy, 27 Grun. D Pairs: 25 Faulk, 24 Montgomery. 28 Bergman, 2 Lamb. 8 Olson, 5 Palm


April 9th, 2011 at 10:29 PM ^

That goal that we scored in the first period sure would be nice to have now... you know, the one that was in the net before the whistle was blown.  I'm so disappointed with the officiating in this game.  It sure would be nice to have a National Title game at Yost.  

Must be nice to have home ice for the National Title game.... not to mention home ice referees.  What was it, nine power plays to two???