Justin Turner to Transfer

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See? Grim.

That rumor metastasized quickly: Tim reports that Dave Ablauf has just read a statement that Justin Turner has asked for and received his release to transfer. I blame myself for suggesting that this offseason had been a relatively tranquil one when it came to things that mattered.

It sounds like the 11 pounds Turner put on in the offseason were not the good variety, and that he was never in a position where he was physically ready to play because of sheer lack of desire. Odd for that to happen with a corner—usually it's linemen battling to stay under 350 that wash out because they're not interested in keeping up with the work.

Impact on the team bit: losing Turner is a terrible blow to a secondary short on everything; beyond the starters at corner Michigan has three freshmen, one of them highly touted and the other two middling three-stars, and vagabond James Rogers. Corner's the worst spot on the team to suffer attrition. Turner was a near five-star coming out of high school who killed people at the Army game; his disappearance from Michigan without so much as playing a snap ranks up there with the most disappointing recruiting flameouts ever.


Other Chris

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Feat of Clay

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"Sir, you sound like an excellent candidate for one of our Football Angst Support Groups.  We've got groups meeting over the lunch hour at various locations on campus.

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Feat of Clay

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Christ, if they hung out a shingle for "depression and worry over U-M football" they'd drive benefits costs at the University to Zoltan-like heights.  

I'm pretty sure we're on our own.  

I'll stick with my original plan:  Clutch at my MGoBlog shirt and watch kitty videos all day, until such time as the news on MGoBlog changes.


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That cannot happen.  That cannot happen.  That cannot happen.  That cannot happen. That cannot happen.  That cannot happen.  That cannot happen.  That cannot happen. That cannot happen.  That better not fucking happen.  That cannot happen.  That cannot happen.


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sheesh - what a rotten way to start the first week of camp.  Bottom line - it'd be worse if he showed promise on the field in any capacity.  The fact that he's never been phsically viable as a corner might indicate he'll never live up to his recruiting hype.  All I say to this is...

Well, shit.


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It's disappointing and mystifying to me as much as anybody else, but I'll make a plea for people to avoid character assassination here. I think he deserves that much.

As always: Michigan isn't for everybody.


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Usually, when one of our players transfers, I comment with a "best of luck, hope you find success elsehwere."  In this case, I am not so sure. 

From everything posted here, the main issue with this kid was a lack of motivation.  Again, based purely on what I have read here, he put on bad weight and there were reports of him showing up out of shape.  If this is all true (and right now, we don't know), than I don't feel bad for this kid.  He was given a great opportunity and he didn't want to put in the work necessary to maximize it. 

If there are other reasons (bad fit, too far from home for him, family issues back home) that we do not know about, than I hope that he can work through those issues and succeed somewhere else, but if the issue was just that he was not willing to work hard, then he doesn't deserve our well wishes. 


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He was from Ohio so I don't think distance from home was a factor.

I believe this is just a simple case of lack of ambition, motivation or desire to get better. It happens all the time in real life and is not specific to sports only. A lot of smart and talented people suffer from this self-satisfaction. It's call complacency.

Anyway, good luck to you J. Turner! Too bad it didn't work out at Michigan.


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This is very disappointing news as we are losing depth and potential.  Even worse is this adds to the tin-foil hat's arsenal of half-truths saying that RichRod runs all the talent out of the program.  See Mallett, Ryan, Cissoko, B., to name a few. 


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I agree this hurts, but it hurt more to me when J.T. Floyd stepped in for Cissoko last year instead of Turner.  At that point I knew he was overrated as a recruit. 

Avery, Terrence, and Christian can hopefully fill the two-deep this year. 

That being said, I wish him all the best.  Hate to see guys leave Michigan.



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...but unclear as to why it happened. Ordinarily, Cornerback is a position where excellence in high school ought to translate fairly readily to excellence in college.


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Can I just have some good news? Once? Something positive? Someone with potential who grabs the team by the straps and becomes a great leader, guiding the team back from the void? Anything? Hello? Please?

might and main

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This news does suck, suCK, SUCK.  Effing A!  However, if there is any silver lining in it, at least we have a coach who demands his players give 100%. And holds them accountable.  If we can get over the hump and RR gets some security, I continue to believe he will bring greatness back to Michigan.