Justin Turner Is In

Submitted by Brian on July 16th, 2009 at 12:21 PM

As you can tell from the message board, Justin Turner has proven the opposability of his thumbs and passed the Ohio MEAP equivalent. The epinion purveyors at Go Blue Michigan Wolverine were out front on this one, so congrats to them for breaking it.

That resolves the last eligibility question in Michigan's 2009 class; all have made it to campus. Divers alarums.



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No offense, Brian, but I'm utterly confused how anyone knows he's in when the results don't get reported until August.

Further, in their comment section, coachBT contradicts his own statement, saying that there is a difference between Turner "being enrolled" (what they 'reported') and being eligible. So again - what does this mean?


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Also, coachBT says this:

Difference between being enrolled in school and making through the NCAA clearinghouse.

Now, obviously the verbiage is a bit fucked up, but he's saying that Turner being enrolled is not the same thing as him passing the exam.


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From what I can decipher from GBMW's "post" on the topic, it sounds like their super reliable sources are saying that Turner is enrolled for fall classes. I'm willing to believe that.

But even coachBT in the comments admits that 'ENROLL not same as ELIGIBLE' (or something like that, who the hell can tell what cavemanBT is trying to say). He's correct. But then that means GBMW is simply taking a leap of faith that the athletic department wouldn't let Turner enroll if he wasn't going to be eligible. Frankly, that's a pretty big leap, IME, and I think it's unwise for Brian to take that leap. And Leaps of Faith =/= Confirmed e-Fact, so this is wrong on so many levels.

In the end, I imagine Turner will be eligible...but that doesn't mean that it's "confirmed" or "official" today.


July 16th, 2009 at 1:36 PM ^

See, I disagree with this. As a guy with very little computer language knowledge, I know what =/= means. A slash through an equal sign, makes sense. Until your post, I wouldn't have known was or != would mean. In fact, my intuition would tell me that != means "really equal to."


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Yeh this has me all confused. Some places say he has been cleared to play, some say we have to wait until August 2nd. I just want some damn clarity... Is that too much to ask for?


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...it's too bad these things are so public these days. I have to wonder how often this used to happen before the days of internet stalking and what-not, and we would just go about our ways, busying ourselves about our various concerns, never knowing what was actually happening to each player behind-the-scenes. I'm just glad there weren't thousands of people holding their breath waiting to find out if I got into a particular college.

Now having said that; hot-DAMN I'm so relieved!


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=/= is intended to represent ≠, for "does not equal".

is used in languages like SQL and also stands for does not equal.
!= is used in .NET and other languages and also stands for does not equal.

It's more of a culture clash thing, for engineers/programmers or != are immediately read as does not equal. =/= doesn't really read as anything, plus is one more key stroke. It's neither right or wrong to use =/=, we just had a long, stupid discussion about this a month ago on our site and I felt like giving Cfaller crap about it.

Blue Durham

July 16th, 2009 at 5:19 PM ^

Recall that GBMW reported rumors on May 31, 2009 that Justin Turner was not going to qualify. See also the reaction here on MGoBlog.

This is all spurious speculation. The first (May 31) was based on JT making plans contingent (looking into JC's or something equivalent) on not passing the test (I haven't found the post, but I will continue trying), the second (today's) based on his enrollment.

If Turner knew he passed, then he would have confirmed. The info has to go through him first. He hasn't denied or confirmed, because he can't.