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Brian August 30th, 2009 at 2:06 PM

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Tom has talked with the parents of a couple guys on the team. Mike Forcier, whose two elder kids have been at Michigan, Stanford, and UCLA:

"I haven't read the article yet, but I also haven't heard anything about over practice, or anything like that.

"I've had three sons in college football now, and they've all gone through the same things so far. Tate has been doing the same things as his brothers were at UCLA and Stanford."

Mike Schofield, the somewhat confusingly-named father of freshman offensive lineman Michael Schofield:

Michael came home a couple times to visit, and there was no one chasing him home to get back to practice. He played games at the dorms, they went to hospitals for sick kids, camps for special needs children, and none of that was in the paper.

They went to study halls a lot, and none of that was in the paper.

My youngest son went to Michigan's sports camp in June, and I said to Michael, "here’s your brother who gets to see and workout with your coach, who you can't even see until August." There were no coaches in disguise monitoring the workouts. The timing of this is terrible.

The worst part of all of this is that the reporters targeted the freshman, with misleading questions they can get them to say anything. I’m a fire chief, and I deal with the media. I don’t let my men deal with the media, because they can get them to say anything. They could make us sound like the worst station out there if they wanted to.

Without names, this article means nothing to me.



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Transparency is the new black. I think he'd have people going 'omg what is Rich Rod doing behind closed doors' more often if he didn't have such open access... I really like his way of doing things, and he has a good personality for the position he is in. Let the kids talk to the media, give them a taste of what they will have to deal with later - they won't have to take the fall for what they say now.


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I have it on first hand authority that the Surgical and Medical Residents at the Univeristy of Michigan Hospital are far exceeding the 80 hour workweek guidelines as recommended by the Resident Review Committee. Exceeding these limitations can lead to penalities and loss of accreditation of the residency* Just who the F$&% do they think they are? I mean what excuse do they have for spending all that time learning?

I also have several friends who were Michigan State D.O.s and they said they always stayed well within the guidelines.

Someone call Rosenberg.

(No, seriously, its true)


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Too bad Mike Forcier didnt release a fact sheet. Some comic relief might have been nice.

Kidding aside, nice work by TomVH in getting this stuff on the record.


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this is getting ridiculous where u have guidelines that r designed to be circumnavigated.carr followed the guidelines probably to the t and michigan suffered for it, while usc,florida,ohio st., lsu,and 100% of the highly successful programs that have risen from the ashes benefited from aggressive strength and conditioning programs. this has steam coming out of my ears.now u have espn reporters soon to be followed by other national sports reporters looking for a story.


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This will turn into a whistleblower story about wow, student athletes do a lot for how little they get compensated, and it happens everywhere! Maybe we should pay them. I can seriously see that being the result of this by the end of the season.


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It is amazing to me how the average joe on the streets of Ann Arbor knows so little about football. It appears to me that someone is dangling RR to the alums. If the old guard at UM aren't patient they are going drive off a really good coach. He needs a chance to rebuild this program. If they drive him off who else is there to coach a team like this? Les Miles? Don't count on it. This is a smear campaign. Politicians wage war against each other through the media just like this. Wow! This not even an election year.