Jihad: Rodriguez Press Conference

Submitted by Brian on August 31st, 2009 at 10:57 AM

You are not looking LIVE at the Junge Champions center, but a bunch of guys with TV cameras, myself, the two authors of It, and various other assembled media are. What's below is an attempted CIL of the press conference. Answers will be paraphrased but as accurate as possible; user contributions will be heavily moderated to keep things on topic. If you've got a question to ask, suggest away.



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But I'm glad that Coach Rod came out and spoke personally about the issue and showed some emotion. It will make for a good counterpoint in news clips to the Free Press slam job...Again, I hate to put it this way, and I do NOT doubt Coach Rod's sincerity (in fact, I'm ready to run through a brick wall for the guy), but when you're in a PR war it's nice to be able to fight fire with fire, i.e., things that appeal to emotion with things that appeal to emotion.

Again, I am not doubting Coach Rod's sincerity. In fact, I wish I could suit up for him on Saturday and run down on the opening kick-off and blast somebody.


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Did you guys here the end of the video on MGoBlue? Someone was grilling Snyder and he said he didn't want to talk about it. They cut the camera off after a couple questions.


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I believe it was Brian who was grilling Snyder.

The two engaged in conversation were off camera, but Snyder was close enough to the mic to be hear responding in an irate manner that he wouldn't answer any questions from just like he would not to a competitive newspaper.

On camera, were two other journalists who, judging by their age, I presume were from the Daily. As Snyder went off on his little hissy-fit, the two guys looked at each other with the type of raised eyebrows one would make while watching a child throw a tantrum.

Just before the camera cut off, Brian entered the frame and was intercepted by the two Daily reporters who wanted to shake his hand.

I can't wait to hear Brian's report.


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Schad on ESPN just mentioned something RR supposedly brought up about the current team's spring GPA was very high. There's an angle not getting reported!


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i have given up all hope and
i have given up all hope and believe all allegations. RR pushed and forced his players into unfair schedules that are clear, concise and irrefutable. i owe this new, eye-opening perspective to the WLA telling me to lie down and accept my fate.

what a fucking joke. i gave them a read and don't plan on going back.
congrats on playing up the "tenacity" and then lying down as soon as rosenberg weaves a story of ambiguities.



even if it IS true, to flat out accept it is with zero corroborating, clear evidence and plenty of open vagueries and potential for player misconception? good god, stop writing a blog.