Jerry Montgomery Fills The Beyonce Spot

Submitted by Brian on February 1st, 2011 at 3:31 PM

This has been in the rumor file for a few days now and now it appears solid enough to report/link to since one of the Iowa Rivals guys is tweeting it:

Former Hawk Jerry Montgomery, who joined new IU staff, now appears headed to Ann Arbor to join Brady Hoke's staff. Tough break for Hoosiers.

The "tough break" bit is that Indiana hired him three weeks ago*.

Montgomery is a former Hawkeye defensive lineman who's only coached DL, was set to coach Indiana's line, and has no experience with DBs. It's safe to assume this is the guy who should stop in Ann Arbor only to drop off signed LOIs and if at all possible be Beyonce.

He's not Beyonce, but he played at Iowa recently enough to have a bio from his playing days on the internet and rocks a soul patch whether he's friendly or srs:

friendly! SRS.

In fact, he's a few months he's younger than I am. This is terrifying personally; from a program standpoint it checks off the "knows what Adult Swim is" and "isn't from Minnesota" boxes with a guy who's worked his way up the ladder quickly. In 2006 Montgomery was a grad assistant. In 2007 he got his first job as Northern Iowa's DL coach. From there he's moved from UNI to Wyoming to Indiana to Michigan in under five years. He's a tautological up-and-comer and hopefully someone we'll see referenced in recruiting articles every twenty seconds.

Michigan's got one more spot left for a DBs coach; the much-rumored name there is former Wolverine Chuck Heater. Heater was literally just announced as Steve Addazio's DC at Temple, though. If Michigan was going to yoink him chances are that would already be in the works and Temple wouldn't be making announcements soon to leave egg on their faces.

*[Insert "they'd KILL Rich Rodriguez for this" bit here.]



February 2nd, 2011 at 5:37 AM ^

Curt Mallory, son of former Indiana coach Bill Mallory, just got hired as Michigan's new secondary coach.  He played for U-M from '88-92, and has coached DB's in the past for a number of years at Illinois.  He left Illinois last year after getting demoted from co-defensive coordinator by Ron Zook, and subsequently took over the D-coordinator job at Akron.  Got a text yesterday from my neighbor who is Bill Mallory's daughter, Curt's sister.  Assume there will be an official announcement soon.


February 2nd, 2011 at 10:31 AM ^

Cant blame him for choosing to come to Michigan but the way he came here (20 days at Bloomington) does not speak well on the transition.  Question is why did we even recruit him to join our coaching staff knowing this?  I hope that there is some background to justify this - article is correct, RR would have been burnt on this