Jackson Hyperbole Is A Dominant Trait

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If you had 36 minutes in the "how long would it take a Jackson to wildly overstate the ability of Thomas Rawls*" pool, collect your winnings:

“Honestly, I did get a chance to watch Mark Ingram a few times,” [Fred Jackson Jr.] told The Flint Journal. “Mark is probably one of the best guys ever to come through here. Mark was great, but there’s something about this kid Thomas. If I was to compare them as high school backs, give me Thomas Rawls.”

He's like a Heisman trophy winner… except fast!

*[No offense intended to Rawls. All comments in this post reference the Jackson family's unique gift for shameless hyperbole and are not meant to reflect cynicism on the part of the author. The author legitimately enjoys this meme. He would find it sad if the Jackson family ever said a tailback was "okay." The author's life story was encapsulated in a Kids In The Hall sketch once. Hoke uber alles.]



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I heard that Fred Jackson once happened upon MGoBlog, and described Brian as "the most gifted writer ever.  He is like Hemmingway, but with better prose, and a better command of the English language.  He is more knowledgeable about Michigan football than John Bacon, with the love of the team that might, just might, surpass that of Bo."

I love me some Jackson family Hyperbole.


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I would love to say Rawls is the next Mike Hart and will give us four glorious years.  The only issues being we have a Senior Mike Shaw, who has a running style similar to the freshman Hoke coached at SDSU.  And then there's Hopkins, who showed signs of greatness as a freshman.  And the wildcard Cox.   And the oft injured Toussaint.  And the "maybe he just wasn't 100% last year" Smith. 


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Nobody is expecting Rawls to start this year.  In fact, given our insane depth, as well as a guy named Justice Hayes, my $$ would be on this kid being a holy lock to redshirt, so that he can focus on his grades while having another year to get even bigger and stronger.

In fact, given the depth at the position, I wouldn't expect him (or Hayes) to play significant time until 2013 unless one of them emerges as better than the existing talent.


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It would be very interesting to get Fred Jackson's perspective on the HCs he's worked for at Michigan, how intense the practices were, what kind of leaders they were, what they emphasized, etc.  However, if he was asked, all you'd end up getting is that they were all only slightly less wonderful than Jesus Christ.


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We'll hey if a little Jackson hyperbole is not your fancy you could always tune to Valenti who had the gull to just spit out that only two of Michigan's recruits could play for MSU.

I guess that sounds about right, only two of like 22 will have bad grades, binge drink, beat up students and be all round a-holes!

Go Blue


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I whole-heartedlly approve of the new mgoblog tag:
"fred jackson hyperbole tracker"
I was suprised to find out that this is the only post under it though.


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They should make Jackson family hyperbole toilet paper.   I'd love to take care of business in the morning and read quotes on the toilet paper.. "I've seen a lot of fine toilet work in my time, but nothing compares to what happened today.  The combination of size and speed won't be topped anytime soon.  I don't want to say best ever, but its looking possible."


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This is probably an answer to a question asking him to compare Ingram and Rawls. You can't really expect him to answer it any other way. He's basically saying, "I saw Mark play a few times in high school, but I'll take the guy I know."

Black Socks

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Oh man Fred Jr.  Can we just get him signed to replace Sr. when he retires?


I don't think TRawls is as good as Ingram but I am damn happy he is on board.  Welcome Thomas!