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Submitted by Brian on November 5th, 2011 at 11:13 AM

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November 5th, 2011 at 4:46 PM ^


I can understand why the play stood as called, from a replay standpoint.  But that was clearly a TD, and the official on the field got it wrong.  He called him out of bounds without paying any attention to him knee being down.  On the last play of the game, the Iowa defender was ALL over Roundtree, officials weren't even watching the fucking play.  So I think Michigan got jobbed of a chance.


But that being said, we still needed a 2-point conversion and overtime.  Personally I believe Michigan didn't deserve to win, terrible play calling all day.  Obviously Robinson has never heard of scrambling.


November 5th, 2011 at 5:17 PM ^

Liveblog, per usual, adds color to my Michigan football viewing. Trying to find a balance between the moderators and submissions is difficult. Today's liveblog leaned too heavily on the mods, at times making it seem as if I was listening to a conversation between a half dozen buddies.

I thought a better cord was struck in the Northwestern liveblog--chaotic yet directed. Mods have a tough job, and are sacrificing watching the game to mod while sneaking peaks at the action. Hard, underappreicated job, those mods have. Having a play-by-play mod to corral comments adds necessary cohesion to the liveblog experience. This is enough direction to allow for wider comments, divergence into off-topic jokes, and banter between commentors. Keep working on this--if it is perfected as the rest of the site, mgoblog will rocket to futher heights.


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being able to put your finger on what/how it was done should be helpful to them down the road. i will note that one reason it may have seemed heavier in moderator comment was approved comments were more limited i think. so it may be that instead of 8000 user comments (with a lot of redundancy) and 300 moderator comments it was more like 2000 user comments and 300 moderator comments. i dunno. but you put this very well and i think you should be commended for that.


November 6th, 2011 at 11:18 AM ^

Borges to Hoke= Gerg to Rich Rod! So Michigan has some analytical junkies. Can anyone figure this out for Hoke. If he doesn't fire Borges soon his ass will be grass. I was at the Iowa game and had a group of dumb fucks laughing and thanking me for the play calls all game. It is like have Michael Jordan on your basketball team and having me shoot 3 game winners. It is unfuckingacceptable! Borges is a moron, and if Hoke is loyal to him then he will go down. I like Hoke, but we will soon see if he has any brains. He also may want to start working the refs a little bit instead of this we are Michigan and should overcome this bullshit. Fuck! I am still so mad I can't think straight, any I know unfuckingacceptable isn't a word, and yes commas and run on sentences suck. That is a precursor for all of the English inspectors (critics) on here.