An Interview With Dietrich Riley

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Tom's having computer problems so he forwarded this along to me. Don't be fooled by the name on it: it's his interview, as per usual.

Some background on Riley: he's got a wide array of impressive offers to play… somewhere. Michigan seems to like him best as a RB but he could play WR or DB or maybe LB in college. Conventional wisdom has USC the current leader.

Photo from the LA Times.

dietrich riley TOM: Tell me about Dietrich Riley as a football player. What should I know about you?

DIETRICH: I’m a team player. I’m not worried about the individual stats, and I don’t want the attention all on me. I want to compete and make my teammates better. I attack life every day. I go 110% on the field, and in whatever I do in life. I’ve got these scholarship offers, but it’s important to stay humble. Football wise, I can read plays on the field, and I can go both ways. Really my speed and size are my biggest assets.

TOM: You were just in Vegas for the 7 on 7 there. How did you and your team do?

DIETRICH: Our team had some great talent, and it was fun being on the field with those guys. We had Brennan Clay, DJ Morgan, Shaq Richardson, and a few other big name guys on our team. We lost in the first round to another California team. It was a bad call by the ref. They called pass interference on me when I intercepted a ball. It was more about having fun, learning, and getting to know each other though.

TOM: You’ve already got a number of big time scholarship offers. Which one were you most excited about?

DIETRICH: I got another one on Monday from Nebraska, so I’m at 10. Of course USC is up there, but Oklahoma and Tennessee was exciting. Competing in bowl games, championships, and the tradition those schools have is great. That just surprised me more than anything. It just shows the hard work is paying off. Not necessarily interest wise, but I was excited.

TOM: Which one were you most surprised by?

DIETRICH: Michigan. It’s the Big Ten. I wasn’t expecting that. They were sending me letters and everything. They told me about their players currently in the NFL. I was like wow; I can’t believe they offered me. Washington is also really catching my attention. The new staff up there is nice, and the graduation rate is 86%. That’s most important, my education.

TOM: What kind of offense does your team run now?

DIETRICH: We mix it around. Pro and spread, but it’s pretty balanced. Coach gave me some new plays to get me the ball this year. It’s going to be a whole different story. I’m bigger stronger and faster, and I’m just ready to go.

TOM: Would you like to find an offense similar to that, or will you adapt?

DIETRICH: I’ll adapt wherever I go. I like a mixed offense, with a little play action, and spread. Not too many teams in the NFL run the spread, so I like an offense that will prepare me. I do think Michigan’s offense would prepare me for the NFL. When looking at Pat White, he’s getting attention. My coach puts me in position to make things happen, and when I’m not, I make sure I pass block. I’m not selfish, and I want to do what’s best for the team.

TOM: What relationships have you built so far with coaches?

DIETRICH: The strongest relationship is with the USC coaches, we email every day or so. Second is Coach Morgan from Washington. He watched me grow up, and it’s a blessing to have him recruiting me. Coach Neuheisel from UCLA too. He was my coach’s quarterback coach when he played at UCLA.

TOM: Michigan recently offered you. What are they saying as far as where they want you to play, and how you fit in?

DIETRICH: They want me primarily as a running back, but also split me wide. They don’t have that complete back that can break the long run. I can either get out in space, or bust through and make room.

TOM: Being from California, what do you know about Michigan?

DIETRICH: I know that they’re on TV a lot, which is good. I’d be on TV all the time. They have a history of sending guys to the next level, getting guys their degree, great athletics, and the stadium is expanding. That’s pretty amazing. The weather, it’s cold, but I’ll get used to it. I’m going to have to someday.

TOM: You’re a bigger back already; do you plan on getting even bigger for college? Is that part of how you run?

DIETRICH: Coach Rodriguez told me they’re looking for the back with size and speed. I’m 6’ 1” and 195 pounds. I might be losing some of that weight. I don’t want to lose my speed and bulk up too much. I would like to stay around 205, no higher. I’m not really concerned about size though, just my playing ability, and keeping my lateral quickness.

TOM: Who are your leaders so far? Who are you still hoping to hear from?

DIETRICH: The schools I still want to hear from are Florida, Texas, LSU, and Alabama. I don’t really have a top list. All the schools that have offered so far I really like, and I’m honestly interested in. Once I take visits I’ll know more.

TOM: What camps and junior days will you be going to?

DIETRICH: Notre Dame’s in April. I've been saying I’ll go there for awhile. Oregon state, because my brother Kevin Walker goes there. The camps are definitely USC Rising star and FBU. I got invited to a 7 on 7 Academy at the Disney facilities, which is pretty cool. I’ve been talking with Markeith Ambles, and we’re going to try to set up some visits together. We’re friends, so it would make it easier to go through that together.

TOM: When are you planning on making your decision?

DIETRICH: National signing day. Depending on how many offers are on the table, maybe march. There’s going to be a lot of pressure, but I’m not worried about it. I’m already prepared for it. There’s going to be a lot of people in my ear about where to go, so I’ve got to develop a way to filter that out, and make my own decision.



March 19th, 2009 at 1:20 PM ^

This kid is going to be good. I doubt he'll come to Michigan, but I'd be excited if he did. Out of the running backs we've offered, I'd put him behind only Seastrunk and Mack Brown in talent level.

Elno Lewis

March 19th, 2009 at 1:32 PM ^

The kid has a great cliche' coach, that is for sure.

Glad he is attacking every day.

Stupid Ref called interference on his interception.

Doing interviews is a sure fire way to demonstrate how much he doesn't like attention.

Has he got a face of book yet? A twitter? What is his stance on night games, purple jerseys, unicorns and Zima?

Tom--any chance you'll be doing an interview with Nick Hill?