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Seth February 27th, 2014 at 5:40 PM


Charity is good. Football is fun. Meeting former players is cool. One day before the Spring Game may be really cold, but that's not going to stop us from joining a heap of former Michigan players in a day of flag football and fun-having at Pioneer for charity. Wanna come?

The things of the goings on. The event will be a series of flag football games from 4-9 pm on Friday, April 4, between local kids' teams and two adult teams, each coached by a former Michigan player. Confirmed guys: Marlin Jackson (it's his event), Jason Avant, Jerome Jackson, Donovan Warren, Chris Perry, Cato June, Tim Massaquoi, Marcus Ray, Jeremy Gallon, Roy Manning, Brandon Williams, Jamar Adams, and Andy Mignery.

The adult game will be at halftime, after you've had some time to get coached up (and Heiko's had time to prepare his super-secret passing play for Gallon that he's been diagramming incessantly).

If you find yourself with any of these guys there's a 66.7% you can talk about stuff you read on MGoBlog.

After the games there will be an after-party for those who gave donations to hang out with the former players and collectively reminisce about Jason's catch against Iowa, or Jerome's 19-yard TD against Iowa, or Donovan's 3 PBU/1 INT performance against Iowa, etc.

The charity of the receiving. Marlin Jackson's Fight for Life Foundation is taking the same programming he's implemented so well in Indianapolis and launching it for Ann Arbor and environs. The programs give underprivileged kids access to critical educational opportunities. One's an SEL program for helping kids get and stay on track for their grade level in learning, reading, and communication skills. One's a program to give them access to artistic and self-actualization education (arts and music classes, basically). And one's a series of football camps so they can have access to things you get from team sports. Why we care.

The involvement of the you-like people. Want to be part of this? There are five sponsorship levels:

  • Heisman ($5,000) – Great for a business looking to be a lead sponsor.
  • All-American ($2,500) – Also great for a local business looking to be very visibly associated with this.
  • All-Big Ten ($1,000) – Stepped down version of above.

Ha, Python joke. Or typo. Or maybe there's two more for those who want to play in the adult game:

  • $250 – Gets you a roster spot
  • $1500 – Gets you and five friends roster spots; you can all fight over the signed jersey.

Any donation gets you in to watch. Or you could volunteer to help. If you've got a team you'd like to participate, sign them up here.


these wolverines

February 28th, 2014 at 12:47 PM ^

I want to play in this but im to competitive to pay 250 and lose and not be able to pick my squad lol. I will be there that weekend anyways for the spring game and the big house 5k so ill for sure stop by.