Illinois 64, Michigan 52 (OT)

Submitted by Ace on February 12th, 2015 at 11:21 PM

Those moving pictures are the thousands of words you very much don't want to read about Michigan giving up a 21-2 run to close out yet another overtime loss. Worst of all, perhaps, is I couldn't lead off this post with Aubrey Dawkins taking Nnanna Ewgu for a ride on the BOFA Express.

This is apparently what happens when your only trusted inbounder is 5'10". I don't much like it.



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So i flew in to Champaign tonight for the game - man did the last 6 minutes of that game suck!  Totally ran out of gas to close the 2nd half.

I was also surprised how few Michigan fans there were - i only saw 15-20 people...


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In that I was like "Is it basketball season yet?" during the fall. Now, all I can think is "Is it football season yet?" Another tough loss, but another learning experience. All will be well in good time. Go Blue.


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Harbaugh is taking over a program in much better shape and with much worse competition than what Beilein inherited, so no, I would not be okay with that.  

It's pretty hard to take you seriously when you claim Beilein didn't walk into that bad of a situation.  Michigan basketball had been bad for over a decade, was just recovering from one of the worst scandals in the history of the sport, had absolutely no worthwhile returning players, and had to recruit with the worst facilities in the conference.

Stringer Bell

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Lower competition I don't agree with.  The Big Ten is clearly on the upswing in football, and it wasn't the great basketball conference of the past few years when Beilein first took over (in fact it was much closer to what it is this year).  Yeah sure the football program is in better shape but, like I said, Beilein inherited some good players his first couple of years here.  


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Do you honestly believe that Beilein had the same inherent advantages in building a basketball program that Harbaugh will have in rebuilding the football program?  It's not even close.  Michigan football has always recruited itself and has historically been the conference's best program with the best facilities. Basketball was awful when Beilein got here, and it had been awful for a long time.

Stringer Bell

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Football doesn't really recruit itself, not anymore.  You think these high school kids remember the last time Michigan had a great football team?  That was almost 10 years ago.  Harbaugh is being tasked with resurrecting a once proud but now dead program, and I'm willing to bet he won't take nearly as long to do it as Beilein did.  


What I see is a basketball program about to reenter the mediocrity of the Amaker and early Beilein years.  The past couple of seasons should have served as a jumping off point for a long and prosperous run, instead we're fighting to make the NIT and our recruiting continues to suffer.  I know we'd all like to think that Beilein can wave his magic wand and turn any 2 or 3 star prospect into an NBA lottery pick, but the fact is that he can't.  Guys like Burke and Caris are the exception, not the rule, no matter who the coach is, and frankly this disastrous season could've been avoided if he had hit on even one of the top recruits he was pursuing, even with all the injuries.


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Right. Football doesn't recruit itself, which is why after the RR debacle, an unknown coach from SDSU was hired and pulled in top-ten classes, and after his debacle, Harbaugh came in and grabbed four 4-stars in a month.  

I can't believe I'm actually responding to this nonsense.  Yes, Beilein's recruiting has been a little frustrating, but we are playing without our top 7 guys from last year and you're complaining about one NIT year after two consecutive elite eights and a trip to the National Title game.  Wtf man.


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What's wrong with an NIT year? I understand it's a little disappointing, given the recent success, but even UK has recently went to the NIT, and look at where they are now. And I realize we don't have the recruiting pipeline that they do, but it's not like we're ofer. There are still some bright spots even though they're being overshadowed by some pretty bad losses and untimely injuries.

Blue Bunny Friday

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85 vs 13... That's a big difference.  The amount of turnover makes it moreso.  BBall and FBall are inherently different.  BBall has a lot more ups and downs due to turnover.  There are very rare dynasties vs still rare FB where we've seen USC and Alabama recently. Amaker didn't develop anyone.  In football at least you mature physically.  Hoke had some decent position coaches.  This is tl;dr so Amaker was a really sh*tty coach and FB is different.


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There's also a difference in patience amongst the fan bases for each sport as well. CFB has more of a demand to win early on, which can be attributed to less games played and an instant gratification society. CBB is a more patient sport because of a multitude of reasons (shot clock, longer schedule, roster turnover, etc.)

Stringer Bell

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Well in that case I'd argue Hoke didn't develop anyone either.  Amaker left Beilein with a core of Manny Harris and Deshawn Sims, who essentially carried us to the tournament in 08-09.  So again, Beilein didn't walk into the worst situation.  Amaker dealt with the aftermath of the Ed Martin scandal and still was able to bring in some good players that made up the core of Beilein's first few teams.


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You're a fucking idiot if you think beilein walked into anything but an awful situation. He took us to our first tournament in 12 years. He didn't just get us to compete, he fucking win the B10. He promptly won a B10 championship by 3 games and took us to a championship game. Harbaugh and beilein have no basis for comparison because they aren't walking into anywhere near the same situation.


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Well, in one year we got Mitch, GRIII, Stauskas, LeVert and Albrecht.  Mitch and GRIII were 5 stars and Stauskas was a solid 4 star.  LeVert was MAC level (late growth spurt so unknown potential) but he was still a solid 3 star.  The only "unknown" was Albrecht.

I think this year, our wings have not been as good as they were for the past few years.  We really need to get some stud recruits like Langford, Towns, etc. 


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He was. And he's gone from being a freshman gunner into a sophomore slump with occasional bright spots. He, along with the rest of the roster, will need the offseason to relax, regroup, and come back with a vengeance. All of these disappointments can act as a fuel for a comeback fire.


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Yeah, I can't believe beilein can't get more than one five star guy per class who is an all big ten guy by his sophomore year. What an awful recruiter. Chatman can't play because he isn't good his freshman year and the 3 true freshmen starters we have don't live up to my standards, so I irrationally think we won't compete in the years to come. Good argument sir. If someone doesn't compeye by their sophomore year, they are a disappointment!


February 13th, 2015 at 9:23 AM ^

I'm not saying we won't compete in the years to come. I actually think the opposite. It's just right now we have a big name recruit who hasn't done anything with his increased playing time (KC) and another who is going through a sophomore slump (ZI). There are a lot of other bright spots on this team given the situation, Zak being one of them. He's had some great moments, and he's also learning along with the freshman. Zak is really reminding me of THJ right now, and we all know what he did his Junior year. Given time to take a step back and see what they've done, these guys will realize that they can be a whole lot more competitive with a full roster. It's just not plausible right now with the age and fatigue factors. They will come out of this year with a lot of experience and be able to apply it once everyone has had time to grasp the aspects of a Beilein offense. This team will have a big chip on their shoulders next year, with or without Caris. They'll come back with the knowledge of how to fight it out in games.