Ignas Brazdeikis Commits to Michigan

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We all got in our cars after the podcast and couldn’t figure out why the bar broke out into a spontaneous OOOOOOOH CAAAAAANDA! This is why. Six-eight Not-Just-A-Shooter Iggy Brazdeikis is in the class:

Informative update tomorrow: We stand on guard for thee.



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Go Blue.  Welcome Iggy!


(Looking at 247, I noticed that another highly ranked target is likely going to Maryland or Louisville.   How can any parent let their child go to Louisville at this point.  Coach was buying prostitutes for the recruits.  Unreal.   I'm glad Michigan is focusing on guys who want to play for the cleanest coach.)


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Said it before and I'll say it again. If you sign up to play any sport at Louisville you don't give a shit about academics, honesty or integrity, but especially so if you go to play hoops for a coach who banged a troll in a restaurant and runs a brothel out of a dorm.


September 23rd, 2017 at 11:53 AM ^

Hey man, some of us played school at Louisville. (Not that you're wrong).

Seriously though, I can't imagine Louisville's undergraduate program is any worse than, say, IU or Michigan State. Besides, how much of a committment to academics does a guy show when he commits to, say, Duke and then goes pro after one or two seasons?

Year of Revenge II

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Nobody in their right mind hates JB.  He has his critics, and he can be stubborn in the grandest tradition of German descent.

I think your comment is silly, but I upvoted it because it brings the issue to the surface.  JB was one of the best coaches we ever had, and he came at just the right time for us.  If there was one person who saved Michigan basketball (and it was many more than one), it would be JB.

Now, if every time he does something right, or has a victory, means to you (not just you, but the rhetorical you) that JB is above accountability or criticism, then you are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Iggy was a great get, and he will fit in here just fine, and if he proves to have Stauskus's talent, look out.  

One more real dude in that class, and we are ready to roll again.


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IIRC, there was a ruffle of concern about Moe Wagner's competence in English. Of course that concern turned out to be no problem. Will there be similar concern with Ignas's ability to speak American after all those years talking Canadian? How aboot it?



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this guy is good.  do yourself a favor and check out his film.  from what i saw, he basically played point-forward.  he is a lefty with a great handle.  can go coast to coast.  his height and handle creates nightmares at the top of the key.  he can shoot, drive and is also great at passing to guys cutting to the hoop or open on the perimiter.

awesome get!