I should talk bouncy ball more

Submitted by Brian on January 6th, 2005 at 4:43 PM

So, right a big win last night against Iowa, and a major step towards an NCAA berth I would call shocking should it actually happen. At 8-5 OOC with not much in the way of quality wins and a home loss to BU, it will probably take 10-6 in the Big Ten to feel secure. I don't know if that's possible without Abram.

Looking at the schedule, though... two each against PSU, NW, and IU, and one each vs. PU and Minnesota. We can go 6-2 there. Then there's 2 vs. MSU and Wisconsin and one vs OSU, Illinois, and Iowa. Can we go 3-4 against that schedule? Maybe. Four are home games. I'm not getting my hopes too up. But it certainly looks way more feasible than it did yesterday.

I still think we'll be ruing that Arizona game at the end of the season.