Huber Heights Wayne v. Cincinnati Princeton

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For round 2 of The Great Ohio Creeper Van Trip, Paul and I traveled to Dayton to consume part of the Skyline Chili™ Crosstown Showdown, wherein the Talbott brothers' Huber Heights Wayne team took on the Princeton Vikings of Cincinnati.

Terrence Talbott missed the game with an injury to his left leg or foot (he was on the sidelines in an aircast and crutches), but Terry was a full-go, and the defensive tackle performed well for the Warriors. Also playing for Wayne was 2011 QB prospect Braxton Miller, who impressed as well (don't hold your breath M fans, he's highly likely to end up a Buckeye).

The Warriors shot themselves in the foot many times, including on their first drive. A big kickoff return gave them possession well into Viking territory, but QB Braxton Miller fumbled a snap on the goal line, which Princeton recovered. The Vikings drove the ball past midfield on the ensuing possession, but a long pass was intercepted by Wayne at the 1-yard line. This didn't turn out so well for the Warriors, however, as the very next play resulted in a loss of yardage and a safety. Wayne was able to strike back before half, as a big Miller run on a speed option gave the team good field position, and he finished it off with a 20(ish)-yard touchdown pass.

After the half, Wayne struck again, as the Vikings fumbled the ball on the first play from scrimmage, which the Warriors recovered inside the 10-yard line. Miller ran the ball in on an option from about a yard out, giving the team a 14-2 advantage. As the game turned to the fourth quarter, the rain picked up, and the play became a little sloppy. As Wayne was trying to run out the clock, a shotgun snap over Miller's head went out the back of the endzone cutting the lead to 14-4. As Princeton started driving the field to bring the game within a single score, a fumble led to a scoop-and-score for the Warriors, providing the final 21-4 margin.


Talbott was the Warriors' defensive MVP, e-fact. He was constantly in the opposing backfield, whether he was lined up at tackle or end. He was a quick-penetrating type, and even when the Vikings started trying to counter against that (eventually), he was harassing QBs, forcing running backs into his teammates, and generally being a disruptive force. He doesn't have the biggest frame in the world, but there is certainly potential to add some mass and be a quick-penetrating "SEC-style" (ugh, shoot me) defensive tackle when he arrives in Ann Arbor. Trust me, he may be a little underrated because he's a tweener, but I think this kid is an absolute steal.

Miller had some struggles, be it from a wet field, first game jitters, or even just a bit of inexperience. That said, the dude can freakin' play. Though his dad says he doesn't want to play in a college offense where he'll have to run the ball much (note: Terrelle Pryor ran 139 times last year, and passed for 165 attempts), he is rather fast, and has super quickness and agility. Though he's likely to end up playing in Columbus, he's someone that Michigan should really try to sway for next year's class. Wayne was running a spread-zone offense, with a QB read much of the time, so it's not something he'd be unfamiliar with. He's a very good fit for Michigan's offense, and would allow for Cornelius Jones to switch positions if need be.

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Sgt. Wolverine

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Is anyone else having this problem?


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The level of coverage of Michigan sports and recruiting here since the VB merger is frankly unbelievable. It's been a fantastic amount of informative content and I am thoroughly impressed at the way this integration has been handled.

Is there any other blog out there that does reporting that is anything close to as in-depth for their team? Or are you guys really pioneering a new type of blog-based journalism-like substance?

Regardless, I love this kind of stuff. I DEMAND more coverage of sweaty high school boys banging against each other.

(That may not have come out right...)


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Great post guys. I hope you enjoyed the Ohio High School football scene.

Let me add a few things about Huber Heights Wayne:

1. Thats six straight wins by them with Braxton as QB. They were 5-0 when he went down with a season ending injury last year. They still made it as far as the second round of the tourney without him.

2. They play in the Uber tough Division 1, Region 4 in Ohio. That include heavyweights like Moeller and Elder in Cincy, Canton McKinley, Colerain, and on and on and on. Translation? Dont expect a deep tournament run, even though Wayne is a playoff regular. But, if they do pull off a stirring November run it will probably be because the Talbot brothers and Miller flat out star. That would obviously elevate any of their stocks.

3. Wayne always plays a great slate, so even though their conference situation isnt the best competition, there is more than enough meat on the schedule to test recruits, like last night's game vs Princeton. Next week, they travel to Canton McKinley. In two weeks on the 11th they host Teddy Gin Sr's Glenville Tarblodders, arguably the top ranked team in the state. Both games could be possible playoff previews.

4. Of course, the undertones for the Wayne/Glenville matchup are obvious. With the Talbots heading to Ann Arbor, Miller possibly to C-bus and the 2-3 future buckeyes somewhere in the Glenville lineup, the future of the UM/OSU will be somewhat on display in that one.

Better keep the MGoCreeperVan gased up for a possible trip right back down to Wayne for that one.