HTTV Release Party Photo Gallery

Submitted by Eric on July 1st, 2012 at 9:31 PM

I apologize for posting this so late. I meant to do it earlier, but my 2 year old daughter decided to do a swan dive off of the couch and break her arm. First haircut and first broken bone in the same day, not bad.  

Big thanks to Heiko for manning one of my cameras and taking the majority of the photos below. Enjoy!




Brian had to sign his name well over 400 times yesterday. This photo was approximately number 50. He was very excited!


Tacopants was in the house..He shot this photo.




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There's a big white space at the end of the post for me. Now I can click on the photo and get te link to the Flickr page, but I didn't see an embedded link. So I guess everyone who didn't know- there are a lot more pictures on the MGoBlog photo page.

Edit: The slide show doesn't show up on mobiles. But you can go to the flickr sight and scroll full screen through them. Go figure.

03 Blue 07

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I wasn't there, but I look like the people that were, and one thing that is glaringly obvious, guys: We are all a bunch of huge nerds. But that's okay.


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WTF is going on with Brian's shirt?    It looks like something Earle Bruce would have worn on a recruiting visit in 1985.   Wife must have picked it our for him.   I mean really... holy shit that is as scarlet and gray  as a shirt can get.

Section 1

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...because there were a few issues with the photographers.

I brought along the stuffed animal to rub on the MGoStaff's chins and fire them up.


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Though you're not showing your nails...

Heck, I can't remember you even have arms?!?!

Edit: If you scroll through it, the next pick is his arm moving down, so it looks like one of those flip books, and you're revealed.  Or, frankly more fun, go the other way, and he lifts his arm and covers your face with the mag.


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  • There was no punch and pie. There were plenty of smarties and Blow-Pops, however.
  • We received 15% off anything in the store that day. This triggered the impulse in my brain to immediately buy a shirt. Others reacted differently.
  • I intentionally tried to photobomb one of the pictures Heiko took. My face does not compare with Brian's or Lloyd Brady, which is my guess as to why it's not here.
  • After the party was supposed to end, UGP had a large section of Good Time Charley's reserved for those that still lingered. A few people bought rounds and the rest of the tab was picked up by Brian. Note that this is not an expectation for next year.
  • The bartender donated a round of shots to us that was her own creation. We named it unicorn piss. Hopefully it appears on the next version of the menu with that name.
  • Lots of football was discussed. It turns out most of the group agreed that OSU fans are the worst. </O RLY>

No spoilers on how people are in real life.


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I looked through the slideshow for the sole purpose of finding your photobomb pic.  I'm sad it isn't here.  I'm also trying to figure out how I managed to only get in one shot despite being there most of the time.  /ninja'd


July 2nd, 2012 at 6:18 PM ^

Man, am I glad the camera for the most part avoided me, although I am a handsome devil

It was a fun event. Still bummed I showed up 45 minutes late and missed getting intel on Section 1 and Blazefire. There are corners of the intertewbs that would pay good money for that info