Hoops Hello: Kameron Chatman, Informatively Updated

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Michigan just landed OR SF Kameron Chatman according to various folks but most importantly Kameron Chatman. At 6'7", Chatman is either a 3 or 4 at Michigan and is a consensus top 50 player. He joins FL C Ricky Doyle in a 2014 class that will likely grow to four.


Scout Rivals ESPN 24/7 Sports
4*, #23 overall
#8 SF
4*, #29 overall 4*, #49 overall
#12 SF
4*, #36 overall
#9 SF

Chatman's ratings are in a tight, elite range with ESPN, the relative skeptic, still declaring him a top-50 player. Scout's the most optimistic, placing him one spot from a five star rating. Everyone rates him as a small forward, but at 6'7" with ostentatiously long arms, Chatman could easily play the 4 in Beilein's system if he fills out—he's currently 25 pounds short of Glenn Robinson III's 220.

Robinson's actually a good comparison in terms of profile, as Chatman shot up recruiting boards after an impressive AAU season as a rising junior. For example, he debuted in Scout's top 100 at #42 last July, and since then he's continued to rise incrementally. His rankings are only a few slots short of where Robinson's finished.

A growth spurt from 6'3" to his current 6'7" has a lot to do with that. That necessarily leaves him a skinny guy still adjusting from his previous guard role to more of a wing/post role. This creates an UPSIDE (but raw) theme in a lot of his evaluations. Rivals's generic profile eval is a good example:

Big wing is still developing and growing into his body. One of the top rebounding wings in the class of 2014 and a very alert playmaker off the dribble. A good mid range jump shooter who is extending his range. His toughness allows him to play as a skilled four in a small lineup.

ESPN's Dave Telep was gaga about the guy, but strictly as a developmental prospect:

5. Kameron Chatman, SF: I'm feeling out on a limb here with Chatman. When I watch him, I see a guy in need of a cheeseburger and a weight room but with the potential to be a pro someday. Others receive more attention, but to me, there's something about his overall skill set and lack of physical development that makes me his potential exciting. I'd have no problem taking a flier on him and labeling him as one of the best 25 prospects in the class.

Telep would later name him the guy most likely to track down his peers late in the recruiting process, citing his "monster ceiling"; ESPN's evaluation praises his "terrific frame with very long arms and overall great length."

What Chatman promises is a tantalizing combination of point forward skills…

What you have to love about the 6-foot-6 (and growing) Chatman is his versatility. At times, he brings the ball up the floor and initiates the offense, others he plays on the wing, and then he plays in the high post and the offense is run through him there.

as skilled as any player in the West, capable of playing any position from 1-4. …could end up closer to 6-foot-8 or taller by the time he hits a college court. His ball handling skills are fantastic for a player his size and he's a quality passer with point guard instincts.

a slick passer with excellent court vision who understands how to predict defensive movements. Both on the interior and at range, he alertly hits cutters and spots open teammates on the block.

very young-looking, and still pretty slender, but he’s one of the elite prospects in the west for 2014. He’s got a nice lefty stroke that’s good to about the stripe, a point guard’s feel for the game and excellent ball skills.

…Beilein-thrilling basketball IQ…

superbly skilled 6-foot-6 wing/forward is beginning to grow into his maturing body. His length, high basketball IQ and point guard mentality make him one of the more unique prospects in the west for 2014.

This kid just knows how to play the game. …basketball IQ is one of the best in his class out west. The versatile forward usually positions himself perfectly on the glass, which helps him corral rebounds on both ends and when he has the ball, he doesn’t take long to use his high level vision to make the right pass to a teammate.

…and excellent rebounding for a wing-ish guy.

He is also a way-above-average rebounder for a wing.

His rebounding stands out. Chatman is a conscientious boards-man on both ends, and he's especially dangerous on the offensive glass.

benefits handsomely from outstanding height and length. He's not only long, he plays big because he doesn't mind contact and has a knack for using his knees, hips and elbows to clear space. 

There are some downsides. His jumper is evaluated inconsistently—some guys say it's good, some say not so much. It can be a is a rainbow thing

he did connect on a couple of high arching mid-range jumpers Chatman struggled for the most part this weekend.

His jump shot can be hit or miss, but the southpaw wields a very high-arching shot that's difficult to block.

His mid-range jumper was falling and his three-point shot arches so high it looks like it might hit the rafters. When he's connecting from the outside it really opens up the rest of his game.

…that may indicate he's never going to be a Stauskas gunner. There is a trajectory that is the trajectory basketball has agreed upon is the right one, and if you deviate from that significantly you're either a savant or not a high-end shooter. A number of the evals do say he's got a good mid-range jumper and can extend out to the three point line. I'd guess he's going to be like GRIII in that department, at least to start: he'll take open threes and connect at a mediocre rate.

The other downsides are the usual with a kid who hit the late growth spurt that leaves him a jumbo guy with mad skills: he's skinny, and can be awkward at times. Scout sums him up:

Chatman may open his career as a highly regarded utility player, rather than someone who's ready to step in and become a first or second scoring option. He's still seeking a polished offensive identity, but while he's cultivating his scoring attack he'll nevertheless contribute in myriad other aspects.


Chatman's main suitors were Michigan, Arizona, Oregon, USC, and Connecticut. He also had offers from Memphis, UCLA, Washington, and a couple others.


Wait a minute, this is a basketball post.


There's very little out there, as Chatman missed his junior year after a transfer to California.


Chatman's a boom-or-bust type in the mold of a… uh. Sam Dekker? That's the best I've got in the current Big Ten. Dekker was a beanpole 6'7" recruit with excellent ballhandling skills for his size; Chatman is similar. Chatman is more of a rebounder, less of a shooter (Dekker was 39% from three in year one) and probably will have a similar impact as a freshman.

The ESPN guys compared him to Tayshawn Prince, which is another possibility if he extends his shooting range to three and grows another couple inches. Also, remember when you were sad that Keita Bates-Diop shocked people by picking Ohio State? Well, they cloned that dude and called him Kameron Chatman.

When Chatman enters next year Michigan will be down Jordan Morgan, Mitch McGary, and Glenn Robinson III. That'll probably pull Andrew Donnall towards the five, leaving most of the minutes at the four for Chatman, Zak Irvin, and whoever the second combo forward is in this class.


Chatman's commitment gives Michigan flexibility for the final two guys, as he could be considered a three or four for Beilein depending on whether they get more of a wing type or a post type with guy #4; #3 is going to be a shooting guard.

That leaves Donte Grantham, DJ Wilson, and Jonah Bolden in play. Grantham is deciding this week between Michigan and Clemson, and Wilson is a presumed lock if Grantham doesn't grab the last spot. Assuming one of the first two drops, Michigan will have to execute some contortions if it's going to add Bolden in the late signing period; he'll have to establish himself as just too good not to take in his year at Findlay Prep if Michigan is going to add him as a fifth guy in 2014.

Chatman had struck up a relationship with MS SG Devin Booker, FWIW, and that may help alleviate the Tyler Ulis pull at Kentucky. Michigan's pretty much stuck waiting for Booker or James Blackmon Jr to pick Kentucky and hoping to swoop in on the one still out there.



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Posting out of order, but...

When is the early signing period for basketball?  Is he signed or simply verballed?  I want to make a bad verballer pun, but am unsure where to fit it in.  I'll settle for using a fake word twice.


October 1st, 2013 at 11:39 PM ^

accepting Grantham or any other stretch 4.  Chatman can play PG, SG, SF and possibly PF.  He's that verstatile.  He's long, athletic, can handle the rock and has good vision. His weakness is shooting but looks to have good form so he'll improve on it IMO.

I'm assuming that GRIII and McGary will be gone after this season. There's 2 more spot open for scholarship.  Can still get Booker/Blackmon and one of the stretch 4 like Bolden, WIlson, and Grantham.  I think Michigan will land Blackmon and Grantham to round up the '14 class

That means '15 class will only have 2 spots available.  They're looking to land a PG for sure and another elite player whether if it's wing or big guy. Ideally, I want either Jalen Brunson or Jalen Coleman at PG with Stephen Zimmerman at C.


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He is versatile enough to play the 2 as well.  Great wing player for Michigan to get.  Pulling him from a pool of west coast finalists (including Arizona) is huge.


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John Beilein sees him as a PG/SG/SF with the ability to flex to PF if needed.  The fact that JB sees him as a PG is telling because it's a backup option just in case Walton unexpectedly declare for the draft early, continuing the 2 year trends of PG (which we'll take it if Walton becomes a stud for Michigan).  It'll give Michigan more depth at PG if needed.


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...Austin Hatch in Michigan's 2014 recruiting class.

Number 32 ranked overall, number 8 SF in 247's composite rankings. Bring on Grantham and either Booker or Blackmon.


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Hoops recruiting has been such a downer lately.  This is a great surprise.  I'd still love to add Booker or Blackmon but at least we have one super talented wing to go with Doyle and a likely stretch 4 in Grantham/Bolden/Wilson.


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I was really getting nervous about the 2014 class with talk of Booker to Kentucky, Chatman to Arizona, etc.  This is great news and hopefully creates some momentum.


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Add Booker or Blackmon to him with either Bolden/wilson or Grantham and we will have the talent to get back to the Final Four for the next 3 years. Awesome job recruitinf him from the Pac12 by Michigan!

Flying Dutchman

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This kid's videos remind me almost exactly of Todd Burgan from Detroit Pershing in 1993*, who had a nice career at Syracuse.  I played against him so I got some pretty good looks at Burgan's game.


If this kid pans out the same for Michigan as Burgan did for the Orange, this is a great get.

*I don't recall what happened to Burgan's true frosh season - IIRC it was a post-grad prep school year somewhere.