Hockey: Ugh

Submitted by Brian on March 29th, 2005 at 2:12 AM

Well, I managed to see the final two periods of the CC game, and needless to say, I wish I hadn't. My posting was delayed by more stupid computer issues, but honestly I don't think I would have anything to say over the weekend anyway. Nothing other than my best Droopy Dog impression, anyway.

That one hurt, worse than any Michigan game I've ever watched except maybe the OT loss to Minnesota in the Frozen Four. Up 3-0 halfway through the second, playing extremely well for the second night in a row... and then it all fell apart, starting with Brandon Rogers' idiotic boarding penalty to put Michigan down two men. CC scored off a fluky bounce on the ensuing power play when Nystrom blocked a CC shot and the puck went right to the tape of Sertich and into the net and Michigan started pulling back. I won't detail what happened next in an effort to preserve my failing sanity. Read a recap if you like.

Anyway, a second night of absolutely atrocious refereeing from HE's Hansen did not help matters. Hansen, who is either a moron or a communist, missed a slew of obvious calls and absolutely cost Michigan the game when he allowed an obvious high-stick deflection to stand for a CC goal and then failed to explain it to the Michigan bench in any satisfactory way. They even reviewed the goal and for a second night screwed Michigan out of a goal. Why bother to even review goals if you're going to get it wrong anyway? If Red won't say it, I will: the state of refereeing in college hockey is absolutely unacceptable. Nearly every game is a disaster, even in the NCAA tournament.

That's not to take credit away from a very good CC team. They're talented and disciplined, but I think Michigan takes 7 of 10 from the Tiger, which is what makes the whole thing so awful. Michigan was looking like national champions.... and then... nothing. I had Michigan figured for Columbus about halfway through the game, but I suppose with all the miracle comebacks Michigan's foisted upon other teams throughout the years--96 North Dakota, 98 Denver, 99 Denver, etc, etc, etc--it was bound to come back and bite Michigan eventually.

In conclusion, bleah.