Hockey: Anecdote of interest

Submitted by Brian on May 5th, 2005 at 4:58 PM

I forgot to relate this yesterday, but the sun rose today so I have been given a second chance. I attended the Pistons-Sixers game 5--still not sure how the Pistons won since I don't remember anyone playing particularly well except Dalembert--on Tuesday with some friends. One of my friends has cerebral palsy, which means his legs don't work. Because of this genetic mishap, we generally ride the VIP elevator up to our nosebleed seats. We did this on Tuesday, and four familiar-looking guys came into the elevator after us.

Why would four people all look familiar to me? One, sure, probably some guy who I shared a class with or beat up in a drunken rage. Four? All here at the same time?

I then recognized one of the guys: Michigan backup goalie Noah Ruden. With a "Michigan hockey" context the other guys soon revealed themselves to be Jeff Tambellini, Andrew Ebbett, and Some Guy With His Back To Me. At essentially the same moment the doors of the elevator opened and ejected our twelve-dollar-ticket-possesing asses. The hockey guys continued their ascent to their luxury suite no doubt filled with Cristal, Bentleys, and more bricks than you can shake a ho at. (NCAA violations? Sorry, Spartan fans--Tambellini's dad is kind of vice president of the Canucks.)

As the doors closed, I immediately panicked. A missed opportuniy! I could have asked Ruden why Montoya decided to reside on Planet Suck this year, or badgered Tambellini about returning, or asked Ebbett... uh, something awesome. This was a chance for mgoblog to make it big! Uh... by talking to guys even someone as obsessive as me had a hard time recognizing. Never mind. Damn it.