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This blog was slightly occupied last Friday when Pahokee, FL, teammates Brandin Hawthorne and Vincent Smith committed to Michigan, but better late than never. Everything the internet can offer on Michigan’s newest electron-sized recruit follows, now with organization and stuff.


Scout Rivals ESPN
3*, #102 RB 3*, #60 RB 77, #60 RB

In a word: “meh,” but we are talking about a 5’7” player here who is a poor fit for a lot of offenses and doesn’t have much pro upside. ESPN scouting report($) clip:

Shows a second gear when he gets outside on the perimeter and can separate in the second level with good top-end speed. However, he does appear quicker than fast and is not the burner you hope for on film with his smaller size. Runs hard and is a tough, determined back, but yards after contact should diminish at the next level versus bigger more explosive defenders.

They say he could be a “productive change of pace back” in the spread, which is kind of damning him with faint praise.

His teammates and coach are a bit more positive, as you might imagine:

His production -- more than 1,000 yards rushing last season -- helped lead the Blue Devils to the 2B state championship and USA Today's No. 6 national ranking.

And then there's his build, which Thompson simply called ``that spread-offense body.'' …

''He can do a lot,'' Pahokee quarterback-to-be Nu'Keese Richardson said, ``as far as catching it out [of] the backfield, making guys miss and stuff like that.''

Added coach Blaze Thompson: ``When he goes to camps, he'll go from wide receiver to running back, wide receiver to running back.

"He runs great routes, and he's powerful.''

A slot move may be a possibility down the road.


Smith had two other major offers from Tennessee and Wisconsin. Minnesota, Iowa State, and Southern Miss also offered. In-state programs were not interested.

Okay, kind of meh too but it’s notable that Michigan’s offer went out fast:

''[When I got] my first offer from Michigan,'' Smith said, ``I knew then I was going to be good.''

He got it in early March, before Michigan offered a bunch of other high-profile guys. They IDed him early and had him high on their list.


Lot of yards, as per usual:

Smith, a running back, led Pahokee in rushing the past two seasons and rushed for 1,196 yards last year.

Sophomore numbers were impressive:

Just behind him [FL recruit Janoris Jenkins] is the "starting" tailback Vincent Smith. Smith, a sophomore who goes 5-9 and 174 pounds, has 85 carries for 925 yards (10.3 per carry) and 15 TDs.

Keep in mind that Pahokee plays at a small-school level in Florida and dominates the competition—they’re gearing up for a run at a fourth straight state championship—and the silly YPC above should be taken with a grain of salt.


Fake, fake, fake:

Indeed he is. Smith might come up short, height-wise (he lists himself at 5-9, although some have him at 5-7), but not in many other places.

His 40-yard dash time -- the high 4.3-range and dropping, he says -- is stellar.



This compilation of runs from last year’s state championship game—which they won 53-14— is uncommonly useful because it’s not a highlight reel; in it Smith looks A) tiny, B) shifty, and C) feisty.

And this has featured on the blog before, but here’s Smith narrated by Pat Summerall:

Pat Summerall, people! This kid is no joke.


If you want to argue this guy is a big deal, you’ve got Michigan’s lickety-split offer on your side. If you want to say “meh” you’ve got his other offers, the reaction of the instate schools, and the guru ratings. He’s obviously got a chance to be useful, but with four higher-rated guys in the last two classes, “useful” is a realistic upside.


Smith is Michigan’s third running back commit or second slot commit or third slot commit or something. To rephrase: Michigan now has four guys in the class who will play running back or slot receiver; they graduate no running backs or slot receivers. They’re done. There’s not even anyone on the radar anymore.

Etc.: Smith intends to enroll early; 108 yards against Vero Beach; Pahokee just blew a 47-20 lead by sitting out the starters… and a Smith fumble on a KO return.


big gay heart

September 2nd, 2008 at 2:49 PM ^

How firm is Richardson's verbal to Florida? Rivals lists it as "soft." Any chance he could possibly joing his current team mates and Odoms and head up to Michigan? He seems like the real deal.


September 2nd, 2008 at 3:15 PM ^

I love that we're so aggressively recruiting the South... i hate that it always seems to be guys that are not on the major southern schools radar--forget the star system if you like, but when in-state schools ignore you that says something.  Does RR know that he can recruit higher level guys at Michigan?

Ellipses Man

September 2nd, 2008 at 4:21 PM ^

I can hear the new dead shembechlers songs already.....titles such as,"You've got no line," Or,"Super fast/Knocked on your ass." I am going to now do a rain dance and pray for fricking OFFENSIVE LINEMAN RECRUITS. O'neil, Khoury, Mealer and the rest of you, go eat protein and lift until next year.

Rush N Attack

September 2nd, 2008 at 6:02 PM ^

I watched a replay of the Class B (whatever) Final on Foxsports. It's so damn hard to judge these kids. they all looked so small to me.

I was impressed with Martavious Odoms, Nu'Keese Richardson, and Vincent Smith. I didn't notice Hawthorne at all (except when he was kicking off).

The announcers were saying that they were the best team in the state of Florida, in ANY classification. And that they were ranked like number 6 in the country. I was shocked when they said that.

New Kid On The Blog

September 2nd, 2008 at 6:04 PM ^

...but was anyone else as upset as I was at RR's play calling at the end of the 1st half? You're down 5 (manageable margin) and your O is struggling. There's only a minute left. Surely you run the ball and get to the locker room, right? No, RR decides to throw the ball all around, leading to an interseption and a  12 point lead for Utah. That, I felt was the turning point of the game.


September 2nd, 2008 at 6:06 PM ^

He's just looking for every 3-star prospect UF isn't recruiting and trying to sign them.  Bum.  He doesn't know what conference he's in anymore. 

 I hate this Vincent Smith kid.  No offers from UF or LSU.  What a joke.

 amiright wolverine1987, you pretentious fuckup?

MC Hammer

September 2nd, 2008 at 6:25 PM ^

Overreacting a bit, are we Huss?


Rodriguez clearly feels that he needs more rb/slot types because we have Terrence Robinson, Odoms, McGuffie, and Shaw as of now.  I don't know how many he used to have on his roster at WVU, but I think he knows what he's doing


Offers from Tennessee and Wisky? Not bad for our LOWEST RATED RECRUIT.  He and Hawthorne are both rated 5.5 by Rivals, the two lowest of any commit so far.  If guys like Smith with other big time offers are our lowest rated players in a (nearly) full class, then I think the staff is doing a great job.



Ellipses Man

September 2nd, 2008 at 8:50 PM ^

The QB battle and SLOT position battles next year will be unreal. Sheridan, Threet, Beaver and now Forcier. Some say that only the last two count. If that is true whichever FROSH QB can handle the mental side of it will play. Will that be Forcier or Beaver? And what will become of Sheridan and Threet?

What about the slot competition??? So many guys at this position