Hello: Tom Strobel

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Does that mean you loan Terrelle Pryor cars?

Tom reports that OH DE Tom Strobel has committed to Michigan. Strobel is a four-star to Scout and Rivals and on the edge of four at ESPN; he had an Ohio State offer in March; Tim will be filling you in shortly, this is just a placeholder.



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Yes, but 1) it's a really, really messed up thing to do, 2) Michigan is thankfully not a school that traditionally does it with any frequency, and most importantly, 3) Godin is going to be GOOD - he's not going anywhere.


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I agree with this - we have 2 SDEs now and only so many spots left. Strobel is a universally higher rated recruit than Wormley and we have Godin as well. Wormley might get the wait and see treatment from the coaches at this point, and I'm OK with that. He could have committed 6 months ago bit spots fill up.

Especially with guys like Washington and Pittman still out there, Wormley might get told to sit tight for a while.


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I hate to say I agree, but I do. I don't know what he was waiting for, but even before OSU got the Titanic treatment, Strobel was expressing interest, as were others. Unless Hoke told Chris he'd keep a seat warm, which strikes me as improbable with this coaching staff, he should have seen this as a definite risk. It's sad because he grew up a UofM fan and had the chance, but he who hesitates is lost. I really want Washington because, as much as anything, I want Stanford, but he's also the more highly regarded player.


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Wormley is rated higher by Scout, ESPN,  and 24/7.  Wormley is the #13 DE to Scout while Strobel is #24.  24/7 says Wormley is the #3 SDE and #57 overall, while Strobel is the #14 WDE and #169 overall.  ESPN says Wormley is the #16 DE while Strobel is #56.  Only Rivals prefers Strobel; Strobel is a 5.8 and #231 overall to Rivals, while Wormley is a 5.7 and not in the top 250.  


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From the way we are recruiting these defensive players, in two years we are only going to play defense. When our offense is supposed to be on the field, we'll just send our defense back out - the nose will snap the ball to any of the three linebackers who will have the option to either run, hand-off to a safety, or pass to a corner. 


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While I'm fully enjoying OSU's implosion, I just don't feel great about mixing this in with a "Hello" post.  This is a great recruit to land and it just feels wrong to use this as an opportunity to work in another OSU dig.  Please let me know if I am missing something obvious. 


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This comes from a lovely individual named Frank:

" Mich does have great academics but their football program is not very good. wish you could have gone to osu. have fun living with a bunch of hippies in ann arbor for the next four years. most liberal communist school in america often called moscow on the huron river "

God that's good, eat it fuckeyes