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Via the Rubio Long Snapping Flickr

In a commitment that caught pretty much everyone off guard, Ottawa (IL) long snapper Scott Sypniewki has committed to Michigan on a full scholarship, as first announced by long-snapping guru Chris Rubio and confirmed by multiple outlets. Sypniewski is the 21st commit in the class of 2013 and (surprise!) the first long snapper. A bit more info on his commitment comes via Scout's Allen Trieu ($):

"They said they need one. They just lost their starter, Tom Pomarico. They have one guy who is going to be a senior and they were going to bring in two walk-ons. They've seen my film and knew I was good enough to start there and that's why they offered me a scholarship."

No further explanation is necessary, I'm sure.


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Sypniewski, unsurprisingly, is not rated by any of the recruiting services. Chris Rubio Long Snapping, however, specializes in this sort of thing, and they've got him as the #2 long snapper in the 2013 class (Taybor Pepper was 6th) and a five-star prospect. Sypniewski is listed at 6'1", 230.

The above link comprises almost all of the available scouting information on Sypniewski that a 15-minutes Google-stalk could turn up. It is, shall we say, laudatory:

Sypniewski is a man on a mission. Body is looking thick and muscular. He is moving well and snapping rockets. Attitude on this kid is amazing. Tell him to do something and consider it done. He has a good time but is full of rage when he is snapping. Love it. Ball is smooth, on target and crisp. He gets set and BOOM! the ball is in your hands. Very impressed with him and he is a no brainer scholarship kid!

Sypniewski is just flat out fantastic! Ball is like a missle yet very easy to catch. Movement is flawless and he is snapping with ease. Looks like he is not even trying but, before you blink, the ball is right on your hip. Accuracy, consistency and speed are all excellent. A tad lighter on his feet could bump him up and I am being picky. Sypniewski is terrific and is snapping with a TON of confidence. I am fully expecting him to stick his chest out and dominate in Vegas.  4/12

There's also this, er, juicy tidbit [emphasis mine]:

Excellent job by Sypniewski. Body is becoming athletic and thick. Huge legs and butt. Great for a Long Snapper. Ball, when he snaps the ball HARD, is absolutely fantastic. Blocks extremely well for his age when he gets back. Tremendous personality. Does a great job of improving every single time. Great worker and will be a great teammate to those around him.


The Wolverine's Andy Reid caught up with Rubio—who's been coaching Sypniewski since 2009—shortly after his commitment for additional insight ($):

Rubio said Sypniewski's strengths are his size and strength in the blocking game and, most importantly, the speed and fluidity of his snaps.

"He's fantastic," Rubio said. "His snap is just so smooth, but it's still a such a rapid movement. You almost think there's no way it could be coming this quick, because it's still so smooth. It's just boom, hits you."

"I would like to see him work on his footwork, continuing to get downfield after the snap. But, in all honesty, he really doesn't need much right now to make the step up to the next level."

Sounds like he could be an early contributor, as current snapper/folk hero Jareth Glanda will be a redshirt senior when Sypniewski gets on campus. I won't really attempt to add anything else to the scouting of a long snapper, especially since—as you'll see below—there's an astounding amount of film on the kid. He's got a 15-yard snap time of .69 seconds, [Ed-S: This is 44 miles per hour. Four FAKES out of FIVE!] which I imagine is very good but have zero context for saying so.

UPDATE: There are a couple of other long-snapper rankings out there, and it appears there are large disparities between the respective lists—if I had to guess, these rankings vary wildly depending on whose camps these prospects attend. Sypniewski comes in at #14 on Kohl's Professional Camps snapper rankings, and indeed, you must attend one of their camps to be included. Here's their writeup:

Scott has a solid frame with very good mechanics. His overall SS and LS accuracy is good and he is consistent with his snap speed. Scott finished with an average snap time of .74 seconds at the Midwest Showcase Camp in December of 2011 with his best snap time recorded at .70 seconds. Scott has good footwork and a quick ball release which allows him to get back into protection quickly. He has great lower body explosiveness with good ball rotation. Scott will be a good fit for any protection scheme.

Prokicker.com, meanwhile, doesn't have Sypniewski in their top 25 for the class of 2013, though if his reported snap times are close to accurate, he's should probably be in the top couple spots.

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Sypniewski's Scout profile, which probably was created 15 minutes ago, lists no other suitors besides Michigan.


Um, stats?


None listed, unfortunately. All of the FAKEs.


Yes, we've got highlights:

Oh, and it doesn't end there. For 15(!) more videos of Sypniewski snapping, click here.


When Sypniewski arrives on campus, Michigan will have Glanda as a redshirt senior at long snapper as well as 2012 preferred walk-on Tyler Tokarsky. Tokarsky, for what it's worth, says his plans to attend Michigan have not changed despite the news of Sypniewski's commitment. Sypniewski and Tokarsky should battle for the starting job in 2014, then hopefully we'll never hear from either again barring any improbable catches on fake field goals.

If you remember, Michigan did have a second preferred walk-on snapper lined up for the class of 2012, Taybor Pepper, but he chose to attend Michigan State when Mark Dantonio offered him a scholarship.


The Wolverines now sit at 21 commitments in a class that should reach 23-24, though one has to wonder if there's any concerns about extra attrition given the offer to a position normally filled by walk-ons or players who change positions. Michigan will likely still take a wide receiver—there's still a spot reserved for Laquon Treadwell, at least—and they could also add a cornerback, running back, or strongside defensive end.



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If we take all the collective football wisdom on this board (myself included) we won't match even  1% of what our coaching staff has. Let's keep that in perspective.

A while ago, a lot of people were clamoring about the scholarship offer to Kieth Heitzman. This past Spring game he pretty much nailed it. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1148816-michigan-football-top-5-surprise-players-from-the-spring-game/page/3

Now we have another head scratcher. A young man that can play multiple positions and is the #2 long snapper in the country. My guess is he'll be a Michigan Man that will do the program and the university proud. Go Blue!


June 6th, 2012 at 11:30 PM ^

Know those bullets you'll be firing back to the kicker will make the ST look like a well-oiled machine. Does BH plan on using you at guard also? Team 134 is going to need you despite all the negative remarks by the "true expurts" here on Mgoblog.


June 6th, 2012 at 11:32 PM ^

All this worrying that this takes up a spot that would be going to blue chip prospect is only because Hoke has set the bar fantastically high with the last two classes. I'm going to go ahead and trust his judgement. Taking the long view, Michigan invests a scholarship so they don't have to worry about long snaps for the next 4 years. Given the trajectory of this program, better do it this year than later, especially if the coaches feel it's a weakness now.
Welcome to the family Scott. Don't let the naysayers get you down.

death by trident

June 6th, 2012 at 11:42 PM ^


POS 2013 2012 2011
QB 1 0 1
RB 2 2 2
FB 0 1 0
WR 2 2 0
TE 2 2 1
OL 5 4 2
DE 1 3 4
DT 2 3 0
LB 2 4 4
DB 3 4 4
ST/ATH 1 0 1
K/P 0 0 1
  21 25 20

Disclaimer: added 2011 recruiting class even though it wasn't a full cycle.  I like this pick up when you look at the whole recruiting picture.


June 7th, 2012 at 12:17 AM ^

So I was the long snapper down in Houston for my vaunted HS team a 100 years ago. I broke my finger before the big Memorial High game. I assumed chaos, havoc and certain doom would ensue without my unique skill..they just spent the week teaching Lawrence Bismeyer how to do it and nobody gave a rat's ass that I couldn't play.


June 7th, 2012 at 2:15 AM ^

But I cannot long snap! May be the coaches know they only have a real chance at landing 2 or 3 more elite players and see a need at having a good LS. Though, I think a walk on or a backup OL could have been molded into a suitable LS. But, coach Hoke has done a great job recruiting so I will not doubt his judgement.


June 7th, 2012 at 5:41 AM ^

worthy of being Spartans only.

As posted in thread on the board - Another visit to the boards, another confirmation that the idiocracy is still in full force. I am positive that Hoke knows 100x more than all of you about the particulars of college football in this day and age, and about 1000x more than you all about the particulars of the Michigan football program in this day and age. Yet I visit here only to find that most everyone thinks they know more than Hoke and company. All the while passively, or as it seems here, actively, dissing our newest wolverine, a high school kid. I'm positve Hoke would be ashamed.


June 7th, 2012 at 9:56 AM ^

...disagreements on this board, but I can say with all honesty that I've never agreed with anyone's post more than this one.

People should understand the simple fact that the coaches have exact knowledge of what recruiting needs THEY have. The "this makes no sense" attitude that's exhibted by so many above is driven by the conventional wisdom that forms about how many recruits from this or that recruiting group are required - and that CW is built on such a thin veneer of understanding of what the coaches' real requirements are. Analyze all you want, but when your analysis proves to be lacking, don't turn that failure around and blame someone else for not understanding what's important. Because clearly, you don't understand what's important. Instead, take it as a learning moment.

So take a freaking chill pill and stop making yourselves look like asses to Michigan's players, its recruits, other fanbases, and most particularly -- to young Mr. Sypniewski. He deserves so much better than what he's received here.

I'm appalled and disgusted, but certainly not surprised.


June 7th, 2012 at 7:27 AM ^

If there ever came a time where Derrick Green or Laquon Treadwell begged to come to Michigan and were turned away, some of you might -- MIGHT -- have had a point. But that's not going to happen. Until that time comes, the people crapping on this kid really suck.

I just hope Scott didn't come to the site to read what Michigan blogs are saying about his commitment. He is, after all, a 17 year old kid who is very good at a unique skill and got a scholarship for it.


June 7th, 2012 at 1:37 PM ^

If on the off chance they ALL want to come here? This sounds all so familiar....oh wait, last year...where we spent months wondering where all the scholly's were going to come from, and then at the end how we couldn't close and should we bank the 'ships or get bodies? 

They're not all going to want to come. If we get a couple of them, it'll be nice. Odd are the coaches already know who they're longshot on.  We're going to have a spot left probably. This means we probably won't have a couple. 

I swear, people are so far up the butts of recruiting services, I think they'd all be happier if we had the #8 recruiting class, as long as all the 4 and 5 star guys signed on signing day, rather than have a top 3 class wrapped up 8 months earlier.

Kermits Blue Key

June 7th, 2012 at 8:32 AM ^

Wow, how the attitudes change.  One moment people are complaining how Hoke can't close and loses elite prospects.  The next moment people are complaining because they expected him to sign some combination of Green, Treadwell, Fuller, Bailey, or McQuay.  Signing four of those recruits would be unbelievable for almost any coach.  If Hoke even manages to add two of them to the current class he deserves nothing but our utmost respect and adulation.


June 7th, 2012 at 9:01 AM ^

I don't have an issue with this whatsoever. By all accounts this is a hard working kid with a great attitude who happens to excel at what he does. Sign me up. If we don't have to worry about this aspect of special teams for the next three or four years that is worth a scholarship. Congrats to Scott! Future Michigan Man.

oriental andrew

June 7th, 2012 at 9:36 AM ^

laughing at all the armchair coaches who show indignation at the LS offer.  I'm guessing Hoke and Co. know just a tad bit more about the team's needs, recruiting prospects, and talent evaluation than any of you. 

So seriously - get over it and welcome the kid to the Michigan family! 



June 7th, 2012 at 9:53 AM ^

Welcome to the team, Scott! Don't let some of my fellow MGoFans discourage you. Any chain is only as strong as the weakest link, so I'm quite happy to grab a high quality dude in an important, if somewhat overlooked, position.

Go Blue!


June 7th, 2012 at 11:28 AM ^

I have no idea how hard it is to long snap. I am just curious how hard it would be to have backup centers long snap. It doesn't seem to be too much harder than snapping shotgun. But maybe getting to 44 MPH takes years and years of practice. Or maybe long snapping takes reps away from offensive practice. Just curious if anyone knows.


June 7th, 2012 at 11:31 AM ^

That this was totally a shock. But also a position of need. Could we have maybe used the pick on a skill position. Absolutely. I trust hoke and company on what they are doing. The impact he has had already is tremendous. With only a few spots left it may be a slight strategy to get the remaining recruits to think about limited spots available and force them to rush their decision to join the number one recruiting class in the nation.

Blue Durham

June 7th, 2012 at 11:42 AM ^

one December 25 there was a very spoiled little boy who got virtally all he wanted for Christmas that morning.

Upon opening up his 21st gift, he got a nice little sweater and, in his extreme disappointment had a fit, exclaiming to his parents

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"Now where are my other 3 or 4 gifts.  Well they better be 5* gifts, I'm telling you.  And I better GET THEM SOON."


I know, I know, this was way off-topic.

Gorgeous Borges

June 7th, 2012 at 2:12 PM ^

I don't think that the Michigan fanbase's reaction is that shameful. The fact is, Michigan is really hot right now on the recruiting trail. Hoke knows more about football and recruiting than any of us, but that doesn't mean that he's always right. It's not shameful to say that we think using a scholarship on a long snapper might not be the best use of that scholarship. Long snapper is a position that walk-ons can often fill and do fine at. Furthermore, presumably if Michigan still needed to pick up a long snapper in say October, they could offer him a scholarship then. Walk-ons usually don't make good wide receivers or defensive backs (with the exception of Kovacs), however, and some people think those are also positions of need for this class.

No one here, I'm sure, thinks Hoke is a bad recruiter or has done an overall poor job of filling needs. His record on that so far speaks for itself.

I'm sure Scott Sypniewski is a fabulous long snapper. This is Michigan fergodsakes! No one has anything personally against Scott or his game. But using a scholarship in June on ANY longsnapper is something highly unusual. I don't think that it's shameful to say that you disagree with it.

I do disagree with it. I'm not under any illusions that we're going to get every one of Green, Treadwell, Mathis, and Fuller, but maybe we could have added more depth at some of those positions. Or we could have at least waited until later in the recruiting cycle to do this.

Congratulations to Scott. May he rack up more receiving yards than his predecessor.


June 7th, 2012 at 3:49 PM ^

Congratulations Scott and welcome aboard! Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but he's from the same town as Aaron Shea. Wasn't he Tom Brady's roommate? Only good things can come from this.


June 10th, 2012 at 1:09 AM ^

While it may not be ideal to put a LS on scholarship it is one of the most important positions on the field. A good or bad snap can win or lose games. Being a coach I've seen first hand the difference between a good and bad long snapper as last year our starter went out if the game late in a blowout. The backup came in, had a terrible snap that lead to a blocked punt and the other teams only points. This kid has great snap trajectory and speed with great consistency. It seems he takes great pride in long snapping and understands the importance of his role. Congrats to you Scott.